Ugh… LSPL problems…

You guys know how I’ve suddenly started updating “But She’s my Little Sister… from my Past Life!”, right? I’ve already put out two chapters this week. I was saving 9 for Saturday night… but I just finished the 10th chapter!

So far, I think chapter 10’s the best one I’ve written for LSPL so far. Unlike the chapters before I changed the direction of Niko becoming a pirate, it has depth. Seriously, it has depth that “Let’s Go Devil King!” and “The Oracle and the Gunslinger” don’t have. That one chapter, I’ve put so much thought into as I wrote that it’s probably the best thing that I’ve written thus far.

I wanna talk more about it, but at the same time I wanna keep it a surprise. And I REALLY wanna post it for you all to read! Ugh… I can’t believe that I’m even being this way right now.

Should I just post 9 today… or do a double update on Saturday?

4 thoughts on “Ugh… LSPL problems…

  1. So your problem is… you wrote a chapter you were happy with. Man, I wish I had your problems… 😅

    I don’t have any advice about when you should release it, though. It’s not like you have a set schedule, so you should do whatever makes you happy? I guess? 🤔

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    1. Don’t forget, my set schedule was Saturdays before my dad passed away. But yeah, I actually wrote a chapter to that borderline incest title that I’m happy with. Normally I go for passable… but it’s rare when I read something that I wrote that I like. Like when I write “Kiss from a Rose” in LGDK, I never thought that I could write anything that could induce diabetes.

      Could it be that I’m still regretting LSPL chapter 6? I overdid it on the fourth wall breaking in that chapter. But yeah, I’m really debating on how I should go forward with this… while writing chapter 11 and waiting on my dentist appointment.


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