LSPL Chapter 9 – Battle at Sea?

Author’s Note: I decided to post Chapter 9 anyway. 10 which is one of my best writings will be the Saturday chapter. And I’ll say it now, no live streams this week as I just had a tooth pulled like seven hours ago. Anywho, please enjoy?

LSPL Chapter 9 – Battle at Sea?

So far the battle isn’t going too well. Three of the Wintergreen vessels have already been sunk. I ordered the gunboats to retrieve those who went overboard. Those small vessels are meant for hit and run tactics, so they are not useful for straight on firefights. Since we are not a uniformed fleet, our armada is mixed with gunboats, schooners, brigs, frigates, and at least one galleon. And the galleon is trying to fire all it’s starboard Mana Cannons at the Kraken.

“Captain, the Behemoth might not last long!” (Clef)

That was the name of the galleon, Behemoth. It’s the most imposing ship in the armada. Normally the one in charge would be on board… but I can’t abandon the Cry of Freedom, it’s the ship that started it all. And right now, the Behemoth is being grappled by the Kraken.

“Shit, can we at least get some gunboats out there to distract it?”

“Most of the gunboats are trying to rescue the Wintergreen sailors!” (Clef)

Crap… that was a bad call. Schooners may be the second fastest ships we have, but they are easier targets for that damned Kraken. Not to mention that most of the other ships are fighting off the sea serpents.

“We’re going in!”

“Captain, have you lost your sanity!?” (Clef)

“Clef, there’s no time! We’re the only ship that’s not being attacked by the sea serpents!”

“Aye, captain! All mean, head for the Kraken!” (Clef)

Luckily for me, the crew is so loyal that if I ordered them to sail straight into a whirlpool they would do it. However, this is a Kraken we’re dealing with here. I waited until we got into range…

“Let’s see if it can handle this!”

I started shadow boxing, my way of rapid firing my Bullet Number Two. As the Kraken is a monster of the sea, it’s weak against lightning attacks. I started to fire a Bullet Number two barrage at the sea beast, and it started to stagger.

“Captain, it’s working!” (Clef)

Of course it is, I trained my attacks to have the force of a cannon. And unlike the Mana Cannons, there’s both mana and ki in those attacks. So it has a force and range similar to an actual cannon.

Sadly, a new threat was occurring. Something was climbing aboard.

“Captain, gill-men are climbing the ship!” (Clef)

Shit, they are trying to stop me from attacking the Kraken!

“All men, repel the gill-men! Teach those fish to not go aboard our ship!”

“You all heard the captain, get rid of the gill-men!” (Clef)

Gill-men, a humanoid fish monster. They are in no way demi-humans. Unlike Mermaids, these guys are viscous and hate all but their own race. They’re more like sea goblins, just about the size of a full-grown man. They use the claws on their webbed hands and feet for battle.

I stopped firing at the Kraken and started fighting them off with the rest of the crew. I couldn’t use Bullet Number Two because I could damage the Cry of Freedom. So I was stuck using Bullet Number One as it doesn’t fly. I was showing these damn fishes why other humans called me the “Silver-haired Wraith” as I burned them alive with each punch. It smelled like a fish fry on the ship.

“Captain, we need to hurry or else we will lose the Behemoth!” (Clef)


Seriously, we were in deep shit here. No matter how many of these fish bastards we killed, ten more took their place. Not to mention we’re about to lose our mightiest ship! Where’s a miracle when you need one!?

“Lightning Slash!” (Miyuki)

Wait… Miyuki!? When did she start to use the lightning attribute with her imitation of my Bullet Number Two!? And why his her Frigate so close to mine!?

“Niko!” (Ana)

“What, Princess!?”

“We noticed that you were in trouble! So Miyuki had us assist!” (Ana)

Why are they still treating me like a friend? Oh well, that Lightning Slash Miyuki used got the Kraken’s attention. It even sliced off a tentacle.

“I’m grateful for the help! But didn’t you just aggro the Kraken this way!?”

Seriously, it now focused on us. And the Behemoth may have been spared from Davy Jones’ Locker… but it’s not in fighting shape anymore. The mast is missing! It looks like it will fall apart if it even tried to fire it’s Mana Cannons!

“Don’t worry about that! We need to work together if we’re to kill that Kraken!” (Ana)

“Damn it! Remind me to kill you if we survive this!”

She then started to laugh. Wait… why is she laughing? Doesn’t she understand our situation!?

“Funny, I remember telling you the same thing with the Gore Grizzly!” (Ana)

That’s right… she did say that back then. Oh well, this time we’re against a creature that makes a Gore Grizzly look like a newborn cub. Hell, I’m about to laugh.

“We can reminisce later! Right now, let’s get rid of this thing!”

“Right!” (Ana)

We had finally got rid of enough gill-men to where I could get back to my Bullet Number Two Gatling. The Princess was using her more powerful lightning spells while Miyuki was using her Lightning Slashes. Normally, one magic user would have no chance against a Kraken. Let alone three. However… we had a very powerful mage, a hero with the Magic Swordsman job, and an abnormal Punching Wizard. It wasn’t too long before the Kraken was no more. Miyuki made sure to slice of it’s tentacles when they got too close. Sadly… poor Chloe and Clef could only deal with the Gill-men, but that allowed us to focus more on the Kraken. And when it was down, the remaining gill-men jumped overboard. Hell, even the remaining sea serpents fled.

“Alright me hearties, it’s Takiyaki tonight! Followed by roasted gill-men!”

““Hurrah!!”” (crew)

What? Roasted gill-men are actually good. Hell, this whole fight made me hungry due to the ki I used. Sadly… it wasn’t long before I heard an unfamiliar voice.

“So you managed to destroy my pet?” (??)

“What the hell!?”

I turned around to see an unfamiliar woman at the bow of the ship. She seemed tan with pure-white hair that reached pass her backside. She looked to be in her 20’s, with a nice curvy figure. Her eyes were as blue as the sea itself. But her attire… was two seashells to cover her breasts and a miniskirt. She had long blue gloves to match the skirt, but no footwear.

“Nice to meet you, ‘Silver-haired Wraith’. I am Diva of the Four Devas.” (Diva)


Oh shit, I didn’t wanna meet her.

“I can tell that you’re pretty powerful, oh Silver-haired Wraith. No, should I call you by your real name? Niko, your strength is comparable to the Hero’s.” (Dive)

“What are you doing aboard my ship!?”

I tried to act tough, despite the sweat coming down my back.

“Because it would take longer for the Hero to arrive. Someone has to pay for killing my pet, but I don’t want to stop her from reaching my fortress.” (Diva)

Oh shit… I think I know what she means, but I’m hoping that I’m wrong.


“Really. It’s too bad, you’re kind of cute.” (Diva)

Damn… that last line alone almost made me fall for her. But I had to set up an X-shaped block when she rushed my way. That speed… it was almost as fast as using a Bullet Number Three. But luckily for me, I’ve trained my reactions for higher speeds. The fin that grew from her forearm collided with my shackles. I’m glad that I didn’t remove them.

“Funny, I wanted to say the same to you.”

“Oh, a flatterer who is good enough to survive my attack?” (Diva)

“Miss Diva, I’m better than ya think.”

We then backed up from each other. I could see her smirk seductively.

“What’s your reason to fight?” (Diva)

“My cause is for all slavery to be abolished. All are born equal.”

She then laughed.

“Fufufu, it’s been a while since I met someone who’s cause wasn’t for either the side of demons or the humans. But not all are born equal.” (Diva)

“This is where I disagree. No one should be forced into servitude. No one should suffer for the amusement of others.”

“What you’re forgetting is the privilege of the strong.” (Diva)

“The privilege of the strong?”

“That’s right, it’s the privilege of the strong to take what they want while the weak gets what is theirs taken away. This includes their freedom and right to happiness.” (Diva)

Where did I hear the first part from? Wait… I remember! Sir Fredrick used that part when he slapped me after I begged for him not to take Chloe away. But it was different. He did say that those who are weak get things taken away from them. But the strong…

“The strong can protect what is theirs. And it is the strong that can take back what is theirs as well.”

She then looked at me in shock.

“So you know the privilege of the strong better than I thought. But the clever can manipulate the strong to do their bidding. So let’s see if you can use the privilege of the strong to battle the manipulation of the clever?” (Diva)

She then started singing… it was beautiful. I couldn’t make out the words… it was like I didn’t need to. However, I snapped out of it with my sense of danger. I raised my arm and my shackle blocked a… machete?


I noticed his eyes, it was as if he were in a trance. The rest of the crew then started to surround me. It was there that I figured out what was going on.

“Using your singing to get me slain by my own crew? Now that’s dirty!”

She was still singing as if she were an angel, and my crew were ready to slice me into a thousand pieces. This was not good.

“Guys… don’t hate me for this.”

I put some ki and mana into my fists. I set them to the lightning attribute. It was something I experimented with in my days as a bounty hunter. I figured that if I could control both ki and mana well enough, I could use my punches as an improvised taser. I remembered the effectiveness of a shock baton from my past life, some guy dressed like a cowboy used one against one of my cronies when we tried to mug him and a woman he was protecting. I also remember him kicking my ass. Then again, he was a trained bodyguard. Or… at least that’s what I thought at the time. It was in this life that I finally figured out what his eyes were, those of a killer with plenty of experience. I’m glad that he didn’t kill us, it was the same day that Miyuki was kidnapped by the bastard who would later run me down with a truck.

I dodged machetes and gave tasering gut punches to members of my crew. Clef was first, and I felt bad doing that to my quartermaster. However… I was have difficulties due to my hunger from using so much ki on the Kraken. My stamina was near it’s limit.

“Damn… it…”

This sucked badly. Can it get any worse?

Right as I thought that, there was a major tremble. Something hit my ship. And it caused everyone aboard to fall over, including Diva.

“Diva!” (Miyuki)

Right there I noticed what happened… their frigate hit mine! Are they trying to sink my ship!?

“The Hero Miyuki? I was sure that my song would keep you busy?” (Diva)

“It did… but we were already heading this way. So while we were fighting off the knights that you had under control, we only had to wait for the collision.” (Miyuki)

“Don’t say that with a proud face!”

I couldn’t even hold it in, they hit my precious ship!

“Niko, are you all right?” (Ana)

And now the princess is aboard as well?

“Let’s see… my crew tried to mince me and then you hit my ship. Do I seem all right to you!?”

“Are you that much of a fool to consider a ship worth more than your life!?”

She had me there. But…

“When you’re a captain, the ship is your life.”

“You fool…” (Ana)

“It’s better to be a fool with a ship than a fool without one.”

I finally made her give up. Then again… referring to myself as a fool always did that. We both looked at the bow and both Miyuki and Diva were fighting. Miyuki’s sword was actually a match for Diva’s fins.

“I see she’s improved.”

“She has… in combat.” (Ana)

“Whatever do you mean?”

“She’s been missing you as well. To her, things are not right when we’re all not together. And frankly… I agree with her.” (Ana)

That’s when I had to smirk.

“I see, you really did miss me.”

“Don’t get ahead of yourself, fool.” (Ana)

She’s back into her tsundere mode, that’s the Princess I remember.

“Tea?” (Chloe)

“Chloe? When did you get here? Better yet, when did you get this set up?”

She was next to us with a table that had a tray with some teacups, cubes of sugar, and a hot teapot.

“Because I’m a maid.” (Chloe)


“Well… a Maid Knight to be precise. I got the promotion when the princess and I decided to travel with the Hero Miyuki.” (Chloe)

That explains the armor added to her maid attire. But…

“Why are you two traveling with Miyuki anyway?”

“Simple, she didn’t like any of the adventures responded to father’s request.” (Ana)


“She didn’t like the fact that all of them thought of the prestige of traveling with the Hero over anything else. So Chloe and I decided to be her party. My brother tried to weasel his way in as the fourth member… but he hits on Miyuki to the point where he’s just a creep.” (Ana)

“He’s been hitting on Miyuki!?”

I know I try to suppress my rage as her older brother in my past life… but I can’t stand the thought of that asshat hitting on my little sister.

“He was doing it since before we went to the Summer Villa. Part of the reason that I suggested going there was to give her some peace of mind. And when we brought you to the palace, he hated the fact you were so much closer to her. Then again, that gives a motive for having you kidnapped and sold into slavery.” (Ana)

“That bastard…”

I tried to suppress my anger by drinking my tea with two lumps of sugar and focusing more on Miyuki’s fight with Diva. They appeared to be evenly matched.

“Not bad, Hero Miyuki” (Diva)

“I was about to say the same… you booby monster!” (Miyuki)

That caused me to spit out my tea. Did she really just say that!?

“I know you’re envious, but did you have to call me that?” (Diva)

“If it weren’t for those things, you would only have your singing.” (Miyuki)

“Meaning that you are extremely envious. I can’t help it if I’m just naturally this big.” (Diva)

“There are men out there who prefer compact you know.” (Miyuki)

“Then let’s ask a man?” (Diva)

“Good idea!” (Miyuki)

I had a bad feeling about this. Especially since they both walked my way. I looked around to realize… I was the only man standing. All of Diva’s victims on my ship passed out when she stopped singing. Oh fuck my life.

“Niko, you lust over breasts as fine as these, right?” (Diva)

“No, Miyuki’s sure you like them smaller and easier to grab like Miyuki’s!” (Miyuki)

I could feel glares coming from both Ana and Chloe as well. Why am I the one in hot water?

“That’s it!”

I gave them both an iron fist to the crowns of their head.

“Ow!” (Diva)

“Ouch!” (Miyuki)

“Are you two done yet?”

“But…” (Diva)

“Why?” (Miyuki)

All I could do was sigh.

“For starters… it’s not ladylike to talk that way! Especially walking up to a guy and asking what size breasts he likes! It’s not even the breasts that are important!”

“Then…” (Diva)

“What?” (Miyuki)

“It’s the woman they’re attached to! I like a woman with grace and a good personality.”

I could feel the glares from both Ana and Chloe die down. Man… I was sure that I would be roasted and skewered.

“I see… thanks Niko. You really are a good man.” (Diva)

“Thank you…”

“Next time, I will steal you. But for now, it’s back to my fortress.” (Diva)

Diva then blew a kiss before jumping overboard. I looked from the bow of the ship to see that her legs had changed into a fin. So that explains the miniskirt and no shoes? Wait… doesn’t that mean she doesn’t wear panties? All I knew is what Miyuki yelled in her direction caused me to drop it.

“Miyuki won’t let you steal Niko!” (Miyuki)


“Miyuki won’t let Niko go ever again!” (Miyuki)

She then wrapped her arms around me like she did in my past life. It felt nostalgic… but creepy at the same time.

“What did I say about talking in third person?”

“Miyuki don’t care, Miyuki finally found Niko! And Niko can’t hit Miyuki if Miyuki has his arms wrapped!” (Miyuki)

That brat… she’s trying to keep my arms from reaching her head. There was only one thing I could do, ask for help from Ana and Chloe.

“Um… help?”

“Fool… just let her have this? I’m surprised that she restrained herself this long.” (Ana)

“But we will be expecting our turns later.” (Chloe)

Really? What is this, a harem!? And don’t say that with a straight face, Chloe!

Before I could argue anymore, I remembered that they damaged my ship.

“Mind tugging my ship back to the island? I don’t think that it can make it back by itself right now.”

“It’s the least we can do, fool.” (Ana)

“Princess… Niko is not a fool.” (Chloe)

Oh boy… just hearing Chloe say that to the Princess does bring me back to the days at the villa.

Anyway, they tugged the Cry of Freedom back to Libertalia. In exchange, I offered repairs by my shipwrights for their surviving vessels. Both Libertalia and the Wintergreen Kingdom lost many good men at sea that day. As for ships… that Kraken pretty much destroyed over half of the blockade. As for my armada… we lost two frigates, three schooners, and the Behemoth was no longer fit for combat. It it was going to be scrapped to make houses and repair the other ships. Luckily, the gunboats that were mainly used for saving those who fell overboard survived. And yes, Miyuki eventually let me go.

“Niko, we are grateful that you rescued our sailors.” (Ana)

“Princess, it goes against the code of the sea to leave people to drown.”

“Apparently so. But we are grateful nonetheless.” (Ana)

“Whatever, that damn Kraken was a danger for all of us. We’re lucky that either side has any ships left to sail.”

It’s true, the damages were to the point that all of the ships could had been sunk today.

“But… we still need to get back to the negotiations.” (Ana)

“That’s right, the Kraken interrupted those.”

“Correct. But now my side has lost the ability to take Libertalia by force.” (Ana)

“And with the Behemoth out of commission… my side has lost it’s biggest war asset.”

“But we can do this without a war.” (Ana)

“I told you, we won’t just surrender Libertalia.”

“I know… but you can petition for a treaty.” (Ana)

“Petition for a treaty?”

“Yes, one between the Kingdom of Wintergreen and the Free Nation of Libertalia. Since father likes you, he will at least listen to what you have to say. And we can also get back at Issac while where at it. But all that’s if you are willing to come back to Wintergreen.” (Ana)

She had a point. King Victor seemed to like me to the point that he tried to marry his daughter off to me in the first place. So he might consider a treaty if I return as an envoy of Libertalia. Neither side could afford a war right now, that much is certain.

“Let me discuss this with the citizens? I’d rather hear their opinions first.”

“Fine by me.” (Ana)

I told Clef and Casey to tell everyone that I need to have a speech. They ran off to do their task, despite the fact that Casey had been mad because Miyuki had been embracing me when I returned. Yeah, Clef recovered from my taser punch from earlier. I then walked to the second floor of the tavern to the balcony where I normally gave speeches. Hey, it’s better than doing it from my own place. Anyway, everyone gathered in ten minutes. All I knew… was that it was time for a speech.

After Note: And that was chapter 9, peeps. And yes, the next chapter starts off with the speech. Anywho, Niko is actually in denial about the whole harem thing. Seriously, he’s the kind of MC that would rather avoid having a harem. But yeah… I think I do need to change the story’s summery somewhat as I never had intended on Niko becoming a pirate in the first place.

Anywho, look forward to the next chapter. It has ecchi… but it has something more important to a story than ecchi. I just wanted to warn you on that part.

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