No, I’m not saying “Happy Holidays” or “X-mas”. It’s December 25th and we all know that it’s Christmas. It’s how I roll.

Anywho, sorry for lack of content. Hell, there’s no holiday special this year. Then again… I did a good job last year. But mainly due to how busy I am with GTA Online. If they didn’t include a DeLoreon, I wouldn’t even have come back. But it’s so expensive. Oh damn my love for Back to the Future, it’s gotten in the way of everything. But yeah, I’m sorry that I haven’t had anything for you guys to read.

As for gifts so far… I got socks. I also got body wash and new house shoes. And both a $25 PSN money card and a year subscription to PS+. Hey, I REALLY needed that last one… and the socks. And the house shoes, mine were all torn up. It wasn’t a big Christmas. But it was merry.

Anyways, I hope all of you had a Merry Christmas or whatever you’re celebrating. See ya all next year.

2 thoughts on “MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  1. Merry Christmas to you too! I was going to make a Christmas post today as well, but… well, my wife got me a nice little toy to play with. Hint: the name rhymes with “Zintendo Qwitch”. 😝

    So, priorities, y’know? 😉

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