GTA Online Thesis – Biker

Author’s Note: Sorry it’s not a new chapter. This short thesis is based on a show on YouTube called “GTA Geographic” by Sonny Evans. It’s a parody of National Geographic that shows the types of GTA Online players. Even though The Biker keeps getting mentioned, Sonny has yet to do an episode about The Biker. So I decided to do a thesis based from my GTA Online experience in a similar manner.

GTA Online Thesis – Biker

The Biker, one of the many variety of players you will find on GTA Online. The Biker either travels in packs of eight or less or by themselves on the streets of Los Santos or the roads of Blaine County. But what exactly is the Biker?

The Biker is the kind of GTA Online player that loves motorcycles. Very rarely do you see one travel in vehicles with four wheels. The Biker lives by the motorcycle, for the motorcycle. The only time they will not travel by motorcycle is when they are collecting supplies for their Business that requires them to bring the supplies by a vehicle that has four wheels.

You can spot a Biker by it’s attire as not all players who are seen on Motorcycles are Bikers. Bikers tend to wear leather jackets. They also roam the streets of Los Santos in either leather or denim cut-offs. Not all of them wear helmets, but they all wear stylish eye-wear.

The Biker can be categorized as either part of a pack or traveling alone. Bikers that normally travel in packs called Motorcycle Clubs are less likely to fall prey to the Tryhard, as the Tryhard will not risk its K/D. As for the Griefer or the Modder, they will attack a pack of Bikers as they are not Tryhards. But the main reason that Bikers will travel in packs is to show off their motorcycles to each other in “Bike Meets”.

The other variant of the Biker is the lone wolf. The lone wolf Biker does not travel in a pack and has many sub-variants.

The first sub-variant of the lone wolf Biker is the Grinder Biker. Similar the normal Grinder, they race all across Los Santos to collect supplies for their Businesses or Bunkers. Mainly the Grinder Biker will have a Cocaine Lockup active alongside their Bunker as it is the most profitable of the Biker Businesses. But unlike the other lone wolf Bikers, the Grinder Biker will occasionally call upon it’s Biker brethren to assist in the sale of it’s MC Business stock when selling it all is too much to do alone. But unlike other Motorcycle Clubs, one filled with Grinder Bikers will change it’s MC President so all of them can sell their stock. But take note, only when it comes to selling will the Grinder Biker form a Motorcycle Club. So under normal circumstances, it’s a lone wolf.

The next sub-variant is the Griefer Biker. Despite being a Biker, it is the enemy of the other Bikers as well as all other players. All the Griefer Biker cares about is causing trouble like the normal Griefer. The Griefer Biker is only a Biker so it can summon a fresh Oppressor if their current one runs out of missiles or is too far away. Though the Griefer Biker that’s normally seen on an Oppressor is commonly called an “Oppressor Griefer”, there are some who will switch to a normal motorcycle so they can use their beloved Sticky Bombs on unsuspecting victims. This sub-variant is the bane to any kind of Grinder.

The third sub-variant is the Racer Biker. This biker only spends it’s time in Motorcycle Races. Unlike other Bikers, the Racer Biker rarely rides a chopper due to sports bikes being faster. The Racer Biker doesn’t really care how their motorcycle looks, only how it performs. You will occasionally see them in Off-Road races on dirt bikes. But mainly you will see them in Motorcycle Races.

The final sub-variant is just a standard lone wolf. It doesn’t really do much compared to the Grinder Biker, the Griefer Biker, or even the Racer Biker. The standard lone wolf Biker just loves to roam the streets on it’s custom motorcycle, showing it off to the masses.

Despite the many sub-variants, a Biker is still a Biker. They will ride their motorcycles and be proud of it while shunning the players who drive cars and other vehicles with four or more wheels. No one knows why they are this way. All we do know is that they will always ride motorcycles.

After Note: And that my peeps is my thesis on The Biker. As I wrote it, the words were spoken in the voice of the GTA Geographic narrator in my head. Even if you don’t like GTA Online, I still recommend watching GTA Geographic. It’s funny whether you play the game or not.

In a sense, this is sort of a GTA Geographic fan fiction. As Sonny Evens has yet to do an episode on The Biker, I can actually say that I did it first. However, I won’t gloat about it when he finally does. Okay… maybe a little. But I will never say that he copied me. But if he happens across this before posting a GTA Geographic on the Biker and uses some of my material for it, it would be more of an honor than an insult.

I will try to get back to writing my novels soon.

2 thoughts on “GTA Online Thesis – Biker

  1. I… honestly have no idea. But ok, it’s an interesting concept. I can see doing something similar with enemy behaviors in various games — though of course, those behaviors are by design, not emergent like GTAO players. 🤔

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    1. Thus why I try to find at least near-empty lobbies when I earn that GTA$. Seriously, I’m always trying to get through the tryhards and griefers in GTA Online when I need money. I even had a duo in an APC (it’s better to just look it up in the GTA Wiki) destroy my supplies and then hunt me down because they felt like it. There’s times when I think that I’m through with that game… and then a new car that I REALLY want comes out.

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