I shall post before the weekend ends…

Hi peeps, sorry about no news for a while. Mom was hospitalized early this month. Not to mention… around that time I ended up with an exposed nerve on one of my two front teeth. Yeah… I can’t really keep a cigarette in my mouth for too long. So I’m busy being everyone’s chauffeur until mom gets back on her feet. She has cellulitis in her right leg. But she’s been long since released and we’re just happy to have her home.

As for what’s been preoccupying my time… there was GTA Online for most of the month. However, I haven’t touched the game in days due to finally discovering that Duel Links was given a Steam release months ago. Yeah… you all know that I’m an Yu-Gi-Oh addict. And as I’m a F2P (Free to Play) player, it’s been a grind trying to get a decent deck together. So far the game only goes as far as GX. Meaning that it’s gonna be a long wait to make a Blackwings deck. So far I’ve been running an Elemental HERO deck that I scrounged together from an in-game starter deck and the one that Jaden starts out with. Sadly I am not good at making a 20 card deck. Dang Speed Duels format… IT’S IRRITATING!!! Two less card zones and half the usual amount of cards allowed in the deck. 20 minimum and 30 max… THIS IS SADISM!!! And only 5 cards allowed in the extra deck. The bright side is that I can make an IRL speed duel deck out of my old GOAT-era deck. And yes, I’m still building on the Blackwings deck based after the one used in my Legacy of the Duelist live streams.

Anywho, I might do a review on Duel Links this weekend. I’d REALLY like to post a new chapter of anything, but we all know that writer’s block will stop me. I’ll still try though.

Now, I’ve been up all night to be sure to take my sister to work in the morning. I’ll take a nap when I get home and then work on something. But I can’t wait to read Dark Jackel’s review on AC: Syndicate that he said he’d do soon.

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