YGO mini-Rant: Monster Reborn is back!?

It was something that I just found out today, the new Yu-Gi-Oh ban list came out for the TCG. And… well… I was hooked up to a machine drawing my blood because I was donating plasma. I decided to watch YouTube on my phone and saw a vid on the new ban list. I decide to watch because I thought the thumbnail was click bait. And… it wasn’t. They brought back the card that gave me hell during my Legacy of the Duelist live stream. That’s right… they brought back Monster Reborn.

I couldn’t believe it, Monster Reborn has been banned in both the TCG and OCG since like 2004. Hell, it was even in my original GOAT-era deck… wait, that was Change of Heart. Meh, both were banned. Anywho, I remember during my Legacy of the Duelist live streams that I mainly had problems in the Duel Monsters campaign due to Kaiba using it against me. Yeah, he screwed the rules because he has money.

Monster Reborn was the most OP card ever. It didn’t just special summon a monster from your own graveyard, it also could special summon one from your opponent’s graveyard as well (which is how Kaiba kept using it against me). Even when limited to one, it’s still powerful.

Ever since Link Summoning came out and changed the Yu-Gi-Oh landscape (again since Pendulum Summoning came out), things had became slightly messy. Like moving the Pendulum Zones to the far left and right Spell/Trap Zones (which should had been done in the first place), making the new Extra Deck Monster Zones, forcing you to have Link Monsters if you want more Extra Deck monsters out on the field, etc. I’m on the boat that Link Summoning saved the game by slowing it down a little. But bringing it back along with Solemn Judgement… things are getting chaotic.

Watch a video, YugiNoNo even done it. Hell, a lot of the limited cards got brought back from limited to unlimited. They did ban some cards due to everyone having them because they could be in any deck. Like Dandy Lion, that was a good card for most decks. This was the most insane Ban List since… the one Stratos got banned. And no, Stratos ain’t freed yet.

Other than the new ban list… you guys know Flying Orca? They used to be Truck-kun on Reigokai’s WordPress, the entity that transports Japanese teens to other words (and the bane of Spoiler-san). They added me to Duel Links and spammed the duel invites. I knew my Cyber Angels/Cyber Girls hybrid deck was trash, but man do Ninjas need hit again. That Ninjutsu Art of Shadow Sealing needs to be at least semi-limited. In a format that only gives three monster and spell/trap zones, being unlimited is too OP. When I did that last duel and used my over-filled HERO deck, I ended up totally locked out of my monster zones. So yeah… I wish Konami would just learn of what to allow. It sucks that Semi-limited is different in Duel Links than the TCG, you can only have like two separate cards with that status in Duel Links. That’s why I only have one Cyber Angel Dakini and one Machine Angel Ritual in my deck.

Orca, I will take your advice about Deck Building after I get the rest of the cards I need to get rid of the Cyber Girls and have it a pure Ritual Deck. But no offense, it’s kind of hard for me to grind and get the gems and stuff needed to make the deck when you keep spamming the invites. I don’t mind dueling you, I didn’t even mind the losses against you. But I can’t even get past Silver Rank 2 in Ranked right now. So yeah, let’s duel again after I finish my deck.

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