Happy Lunar New Year!!!

Or as some people know it as, the Chinese New Year. As an Sicilian-American, of course I don’t celebrate it. But there’s plenty of people in the world that do. So this was to those of you who celebrate it.

As for me, I’ve been grinding in Duel Links. Now I’m trying to make a Gladiator Beasts deck, as they’re easier to make than Cyber Angels. But I need to buy more cards via grinding in-game currency as the deck I’ve made ain’t very good at the opening hand. And don’t get me started on how bad it is when I Auto-Duel NPCs, the stupid AI uses cards that can be used regardless. Like when I have two good GB cards in an opening hand with a Gladiator Beast’s Respite, the damn AI will uses the Respite. The card effect for Respite is that you can send two Gladiator Beast cards back into the deck to draw three cards, which the damn AI will use no matter how good the hand is. So yeah… it’s better to use my CA deck for Auto-Duels.

As for writing, I’ve been coming up with new ideas. Problem is still putting them to paper. But I have not abandoned my novels. I will try to get a chapter or two out on them before my birthday.

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