A chapter of LSPL is complete…

It’s an announcement before I go to bed. I FINALLY finished the next chapter of LSPL. However, I’m not posting it just yet. I wanna get the next chapter of The Oracle and the Gunslinger out before I do that. But I just wanted everyone to know that I have not given up on my novels. To be honest… I’m trying to resist starting up a fourth one right now.

Again to be honest, I’ve had it up to my head with isekai. It’s a good genre, but it’s over-saturated. Hell, there’s a few popular contests in Japan for new novels that have a ban on isekai, especially if it has a teenage male protagonist. Look it up, I’m not yanking your chain.

What I wanna get into is regular fantasy. Like what Dark Jackel writes, it’s pure fantasy. No protagonist from another world, no harems, just unadulterated fantasy. A huge factor that separates our works other than the fact he’s a better writer is that he writes fantasy while I do Isekai.

I will admit, The Oracle and the Gunslinger can be considered both. Most isekai works are fantasy, but it’s not pure fantasy. TOG isn’t in just one world, there’s many of them. Though the Oracle teases Lost Justice, it’s not a romance. As we all know, he’s happily married to a yandere. So no, he would not cheat on his wife with the Oracle. Actually, the lack of romance is one of the better parts.

If I do start a fourth, it’s gonna be a short series. It would be pure fantasy. Yeah, there’s probably gonna be fan service. But it wouldn’t be the main focus. Actually, what I have in mind is a non-romance shojo-ai. A female protagonist who is older than she looks trying to avoid a girl who isn’t in love with her, but wants to be possessive of her. I’d give more details, but then I’d ruin it if I actually do it.

As for LGDK, I plan on updating that soon. As it’s my first novel and far from over, I wanna get back to work on it. Having three novels out was a mistake, but all of them were ideas that I couldn’t resist. LSPL had a premise that I was thinking about doing when I started LGDK, but didn’t do it. TOG was something that I couldn’t resist as it stars the characters I use for my Live Streams. But LSPL will not be as long as LGDK, I wanna actually end it in less than 20 more chapters. It’s overly in the categories that I’ve grown to hate. Though I like how I redid Niko, I need less to focus on.

I’ll try to balance it all between running people around, donating plasma, and of course playing Duel Links. A new box was released and it has the Gishki cards. It’s a proto-Nekroz archetype that mainly focuses on Ritual Summoning. I’ve been playing with Gladiator Beasts lately because trying to build a decent Cyber Angel deck is a pain in the butt. I still need the three Senju of the Thousand Hands and at least one more Safria, Queen of the Dragons. Both are Ultra Rare cards that are sold in different boxes, and all boxes have one of each UR card. So that’s expensive as heck. I’m better off changing to Gishkis. Though I’m not bad with GBs, it’s still not my style.

Until next time, OhMarioWV out.

3 thoughts on “A chapter of LSPL is complete…

  1. Sadly, I get it. It’s depressingly easy to get burnt out on a mechanic or setting when everyone seems to be using it. I admit I do have a couple of “Isekai” story beginnings (I might have shared them at one point, actually. I forget.) One of them has a stranger twist than usual, in my opinion: the story is actually the character’s *second* world transfer, and the first transfer was *to* modern Earth, not away. I’m not even sure that that character would be the true MC, since at least at first the main viewpoint character would be the female elf that finds him…

    Yeah, but come to think of it, most of my stories have the *possibility* of moving between worlds, but most of them have no connection to Earth at all. So I guess it’s fair to say that my stories are more straight fantasy? Although I have gathered my tropes from other, better authors… ^^;

    Anyway, I’ll look forward to whatever you choose to release. Have fun! 😀


    1. I decided that I will do the sort series, but not right now. Heck, I might make it a one-shot. But yeah, it’s easy to get burnt out on isekai. I do remember that you had a few possible isekai prologues out, they seemed interesting. But I’m tired of OP protagonists that get either transferred or reincarnated from Earth with harems. The reason I made Coy’s “gift” the “Strength he needs” was so that he’s not over powered, just powered enough.

      Also, thanks again for that info in the email, I’m getting started on the next TOG chapter right now.

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