Rant: Two of my current favorite novels are getting dropped…

It’s rant time. What is the target? Again, it’s Novel Planet. A sister site to both Kiss Manga and Kiss Anime. What does it have to do with the title? Everything!

There’s been a couple of Chinese novels that I’ve been reading, Taming of the Yandere and What’s Wrong with Liking my Busty Adopted Daughter. Don’t judge until you read them. Anyway, they’re getting dropped because the site that hosts them, Asian Hobbyist… isn’t getting enough readers and ad revenue from them.

I remember when I first started reading Taming of the Yandere, it was on Novel Planet. But one day the TL replied to one of my comments asking why I wasn’t reading on Asian Hobbyist. My reply was… damn, I already forgot. Anyway, I started reading it on AH and things weren’t bad… with the exception of having to shut down my adblock. And then I found that other one on NP. Turns out, the same translator from the same site. I apologized after explaining that I always read new novels I find on there before reading them from the TL’s site.

Well, recently the TL made the announcement. I was shocked. They also translate “Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter”, so read that when you get the chance. Anywho, they explained the reasons and that they were currently gonna mainly focus on Duke’s Daughter.

Still, I’m mad. Novel Planet is a pirate site. Like KM and KA, they steal content with bots. A lot of the time it actually backfires. But the main point is that it steals content from the TLs. I will admit that it has it’s good side. Like with novels being taken down due to J-Novel Club taking them over with permission from the publishing companies, it allows people to read previous chapters that are no longer available.

I try to mainly keep reading novels on the TL’s sites. If they have the option to follow on WordPress, I follow them. Other times I use NP to tell me when a chapter updates on a site that doesn’t have a mailing list. But mainly, I try support the TLs by going to the sites.

But now, it’s gone too far. NP caused AH to drop two novels that I loved. So yeah, I’m not just mad at them. I’m mad at the people who don’t even dare to go to the TL’s sites. I will admit, it makes me a hypocrite because I do read novels on there. But there’s TLs out there like Thy Unsuspicious who post their chapters on private pages and actually like people going on NP. No, I’m not going to bash that person. It’s how they want it, so that’s how it is. But mainly, I go to the TL’s sites as the ad-rev gives them money to keep doing it. You don’t know how many sites that I set my adbocks to not run on.

Pirate sites will never go away. I’m well known under my Maou Sadao persona on both KM and NP. I’m only somewhat known on KA though. Point being, I’m everywhere. Just kidding, that ain’t the point. The real point is that Pirate Sites will always be there and they will attract people like myself due to the fact it’s easier to go on them to find manga.

The only defenses I have for Novel Planet is that they at least say what site’s translating the novels. Even if all it does is google the site’s name. And that NP has allowed me to find many good novels. Other than that, it’s a site for scum. I know it makes me scum by going there, but hey. Always try to at least check out the TL’s sites.

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