Well… I just became an editor…

Yeah… I’m an editor for a web novel again. As you can see, I finally changed the “Reigokai: Isekai Translations” page into… well, just “Translations”. Even though I was never officially fired by Reigokai, I think it’s obvious by now. But how did this happen? Let me tell you guys a little story…

Last night, one of my favorite novels Evil God had updated. The TL doesn’t really update that often as they’re busy with school. However… the chapter was atrocious. Normally I don’t mind unedited chapters (especially when the TL warns us), but there were things that the mtl had let through. I added the fact that I was resisting to offer my services to my comment. Someone asked why, and I mentioned my current novels that I’ve been trying to get some work on. Anyway, it caused me to think about it. And… I ended up offering my services.

Before anyone mentions how far behind I am at updating my novels, let me remind you yet again that Evil God’s TL doesn’t do constant updates like Reigokai used to. So it really isn’t affecting my writing. And I just updated the chapter that caused me to offer my services.

Evil God’s not a bad read. Though it’s on it’s third translator. The first one was on Daily-Dallying, which we all know all the TLs on that site gave up a long time ago. And then Caffeine Addict took over after a long time, but real life got in the way. The current TL isn’t that bad of a person, they even emailed Caffeine Addict before taking over. And yes, Caffeine Addict gave their blessing. I like Evil God, it’s one of the ones where the MC doesn’t get too close to the harem because he pusses out. It’s because… well, he’s an evil god and not human like them. Not to mention I think that the ecchi is well contained, it’s more focused on his relationships with the girls instead of it. Overall, it’s a good read. So please, check it out?

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