L.S.P.L! Chapter 12 – Found Out?

Author’s Note: Hey peeps, that long awaited chapter of LSPL is here. Now… let the crossover with a crossover commence.

Chapter 12 – Found Out?

I could not believe my eyes. In front of my was the one opponent that I could not defeat in my past life, Lost Justice. Or Abel Mechana as he introduced himself as. Anyway, how can he be here right now? I met him back in Japan. And that was in two-thousand and six… I think? Either way, this just wasn’t physically possible. Even if it’s a plot device.

“It’s been a while, kid.” (Lost)

He said that before putting the gun in the holster on his right. Other than the brown gun belt that held two guns, he was wearing the same brown cowboy hat from when we first met. The same red bandanna, the same black trench coat with silver lining, the same black gloves, pants and boots, and even the same silver scarf. Hell, it didn’t look like he aged a day.

“Wait… Niko knows a cowboy?” (Miyuki)

“Oh, that’s his name in this life? It’s easier to remember than that last one he had. All I know is that I kept feeling like saying ‘ketchup’ instead.” (Lost)

That’s just… embarrassing. My Japanese name meant “Victory” ya know!

“But… why are you here?”

“Oh, the green-haired girl’s mom sent me.” (Lost)

Wait… so was that woman in the portrait in Ana’s locket really the Oracle?

“My… mother?” (Ana)

Finally… some life seemed to return to her.

“Yeah… she’s kinda my boss.” (Lost)

“Where is she!?” (Ana)

Ana ran up to him and grabbed his shoulders. I don’t know why… but that felt like a bad idea.

“Kid… let go.” (Lost)

By that tone… he’s more strict than angry. Ana obeyed Lost Justice’s command and backed up. It was probably those green eyes of his? Even I can tell that he’s taken more than a few lives by looking at them.

“I’m sorry!” (Ana)

And now she looks like she might cry. Everyone seems to be too scared to even go comfort her, Lost Justice seems to have that fearsome of an aura.

“It’s okay… look, I’ll talk about it later. Right now… I got some business with Mr. Gray.” (Lost)

Everyone got out of the way of Lost Justice. He looked right at Sir Fredrick, whom Tobias Gray was possessing.

“So… the Oracle’s lackey has business with me. What is it, Schwein-hund?” (Tobias)

My German is kinda rusty… what little bit I do even know. But did he just call Lost Justice a “pig-dog”?

“She wants ya to leave that body. Actually… ya ain’t even supposed to exist anymore?” (Lost)

“Oh please, I am a mage among mages. Not even a dummkopf like you can see my greatness.” (Tobias)

“Look… if ya don’t leave that body, then I gotta force ya.” (Lost)

“Oh really? Tell me Schwein-hund, how are you going to do that?” (Tobias)

I don’t think calling Lost that would count as a good idea. And it was proven. He had drew his gun so fast, I couldn’t keep track of it. And… he fired a round off in Sir Fredrick’s head.

“That’s how.” (Lost)

Why… am I so scared to speak? I’m much stronger than I was the last time I met him. Just… why can’t I do anything. Actually… why can’t anyone move!? He just killed Sir Fredrick!

“That was quite the show.” (??)

I looked to the doors of the throne room to see… Sir Fredrick!? What the hell is going on!?

“Oh please, I hate this kind of acting.” (Lost)

I then looked back to the Sir Fredrick that Lost shot. But… there’s a goblin corpse there!?

“What the hell?”

“That wasn’t Freddy in the first place. Ya see, Tobias didn’t use his words in the right way. So it was misleading enough to make ya think it’s a possession. In reality, he was possessing a goblin and made it look like Freddy.” (Lost)

“I wish you wouldn’t call me that.” (Fredrick)

“Whatever, I only came to get this.” (Lost)

Lost then walked to the corpse and removed a bracelet on it’s left arm. I have never seen anything like it, it looked like it was made out of some sort of crystal.

“What is that bracelet?”

“That will be explained later, as the boss says. Right now… shouldn’t y’all be getting out of the mess you’re in right now?” (Lost)

He has a point… he did destroy the part of the chandelier that was stopping us from using our abilities. We all took a fighting stance… only for Issac’s goons to back off? What the hell!?

“Why aren’t you guys suppressing them!?” (Issac)

“You’re highness… we’re out matched.” (Pietro)

“How, we number them almost ten to one?” (Issac)

“That was when Tobias’ chandelier was still in effect. However… now that it’s out of commission, the Hero and the others can use their abilities again. Not to mention that the cowboy was outside of our calculations. We cannot win.” (Pietro)

“Boy, ya better listen to yer friend.” (Lost)

And now Lost Justice is giving advice? Just… why?

“No, I refuse to accept failure! The fate of the kingdom is at stake!” (Issac)

“Prince Issac, you’re little revolt is over. When this strange man rescued me, I made a stop on the way.” (Fredrick)

And now the real Sir Fredrick snapped his fingers. More Royal Guards entered the throne room. And… they subdued Issac’s goons. And now they were focusing on Issac and Pietro.

“You dare lay hands on the Prince of Wintergreen!?” (Issac)

“Son, you are no longer the Prince of Wintergreen!” (King)

And now his majesty finally speaks?

“Father… you can’t do this to me!?” (Issac)

“Issac, I am the King of Wintergreen! And I have lost all patience with you! Do you not learn from your failures? Well, it’s time I started to be strict. I hereby relieve you of your title and family name.” (King)

“Father… please!?” (Issac)

“No. I am still your father, so I will make sure you are cared for. I banish you to the furthest territory on the opposite side of Stonefall. But I will give you a plot of land and an annual allowance.” (King)

“But… Stonefall will not stay silent for you sentencing the son of one of their princesses!” (Issac)

“Even Stonefall cannot speak out about this matter. This is between the Wintergreen royal family. And you tried to usurp the throne. If they do complain, it would be a declaration of war as they would be thought to have been involved. Things were different before you were born, but now they cannot afford to go to war with us.” (King)

“No… THIS HAS TO BE A NIGHTMARE!? NOTHING BUT A DREAM! Any moment now, I will wake up from this. Yes, I will wake up in my bed soon!” (Issac)

“Guards, take my delusional son for an overnight stay in the dungeon.” (King)

Right there, two guards took the manic Issac away.

“Now… as for you.” (King)

He then looked to Pietro. I wonder how this is going to go?

“Yes, your majesty.” (Pietro)

“Duke Sycamore is an old friend of mine. Not to mention one of this kingdom’s most loyal retainers. However, he probably does not know of your actions. Am I correct?” (King)

“It is true, I acted without the knowledge of my family.” (Pietro)

“As he does not know, I will let him deal with you after an overnight stay in the dungeon. Morally I cannot punish the Sycamore family for the actions of one rogue member.” (King)

“Thank you, your majesty.” (Pietro)

Pietro and the rest of Issac’s goons were then sent to the dungeon. As there was almost twenty of them… I hope it does not get cramped in there.

“Now as for you…” (King)

The King then looked to Lost Justice. Please don’t piss him off!?

“Yeah?” (Lost)

At least try to act like you’re in front of a king!?

“I must thank you for saving us. Even though that noise did cause a ringing in my ear…” (King)

“I’m just doing my job. Saving ya just happened to coincide with it.” (Lost)

“But… how is she?” (King)

“Oh, ya mean the boss? She’s fine. However, she did leave a message for ya.” (Lost)

“A message?” (King)

“Yeah, she said she forgives ya for everything.” (Lost)

“I see… thank you.” (King)

“Whatever.” (Lost)

Has he always been that disrespectful? I know that the king doesn’t mind… but what kind of person is the Oracle that a king would forgive these actions. And now… he’s walking this way. Wait… why is is going in front of Ana?

“Yes?” (Ana)

“Yer mother has a couple for ya too. First, she’s proud of the woman ya have grown into so far. Second, she wants ya to move on. Not just about her, but about the boy as well.” (Lost)

“But…” (Ana)

“It’s her request. Look, yer mother cares about ya.” (Lost)

“Then why isn’t she the one to tell me!?” (Ana)

Lost only looked to his feet when she screamed that before looking into her eyes.

“She said that it’s not time for ya to meet her yet. I don’t know how it works, but she can’t meet ya in person just yet.” (Lost)

“But… did the boy return safely?” (Ana)

“Yeah, he did. He’s tougher than ya think.” (Lost)

“I see… thank you.” (Ana)

Hey… don’t get all teary-eyed because some boy you met when you were a kid is all right! And why is Lost Justice now looking at me?

“And… I got one for you.” (Lost)


Why am I stuttering?

“Things are gonna get a little more hectic now that ya have been exposed. Then again, it wasn’t supposed to happen so soon. But this wasn’t supposed to be here either.” (Lost)

He then held up the crystal bracelet.

“What is that thing?”

“Advanced tech of another race. It ain’t even supposed to exist in this world. But… thanks to some feather brains, it ended up here. But still, that bastard somehow figured it out. Kinda like a monkey on a computer can sometimes access nuclear launch codes and destroy a small country.” (Lost)

As curious as I am about everything… why do I have the feeling that I’m better off not knowing?

“Let’s just leave it at that?”

“Good idea, kid. Anyway, I gotta go deal with Tobias Gray. That bastard’s affected a lot more than the Wintergreen royal family.” (Lost)

I can sense just a little blood lust coming from him. And… why is he holding a stiletto with an obsidian blade? I’d hate to be Tobias Gray right now.

“I see…”

“Oh, there was one more for ya. Apparently you will be at conflict with yer-self soon. But for better details… ya might wanna consult that last guy who was taken away.” (Lost)


“Trust me, I don’t know. Then again, I always try to keep my nose outta things that don’t really concern me.” (Lost)

The gunslinger then left. Just… who is Lost Justice? And why would he also have a grudge against Tobias Gray? Maybe some things are just better off left alone? Yeah, let’s just leave it at that.

Finally, the king spoke.

“Now that Issac’s little… rebellion is out of the way, we can finally get back to business?” (King)


Did the unneeded bit of drama really cause me to forget for a second? I mean… yeah, I was originally here for Libertalia!

“But seeing that so much has happened… may I suggest that we continue the talks anew tomorrow?” (King)

Yeah… that unneeded drama was too much for today. Even I have grown a little tired.

“Your majesty, your wisdom is not to be argued with.”

“It’s settled. I’ll have a maid show you to a guest room. And I do expect to see you at dinner.” (King)

“Yes, your majesty.”

A maid then guided me to a guest room. I didn’t really get to enjoy it before… I was drugged the last time I had dinner here and then sold into slavery. Anyway, the bed was very comfortable. I felt like I could pass out at any moment… but that was disrupted by a knock at the door.

“Come in.”

I should had refused them. Ana, Chloe, and Miyuki all entered. Damn my luck…

“Niko, it has come to our attention that you have been hiding something from us.” (Ana)

“Wait… can’t this wait?”

“No, it cannot. Were the words of Tobias Gray and Pietro Sycamore true?” (Ana)

Damn my luck!!! This is a situation where tactics number one and two were useless. And all three girls were staring me down. I guess it’s time to partially come clean?

“Well… yes. I am indeed a reincarnated.”

“I see… but who were you?” (Ana)

“Does that even matter?”

It was just good timing for tactic number one… me and my habits.

“Well…” (Ana)

“Niko, I am disappointed in you. How could you keep a secret like this from me?” (Chloe)

And just as I feared, Chloe might come to hate me and think of me as an old creep.

“It’s because I’m sure you would had thought I was crazy.”

Well… that managed to work. At least she had nothing to say about it.

“Miyuki wants to know, who were you? I mean, you understood my words and you didn’t look too confused when that cowboy talked about a computer. Including the look on your face when I would talk about certain foods, it seemed to be the face of someone longing for home. Even at Libertalia, you seemed to have introduced takoyaki. Were you Japanese?” (Miyuki)

Crap… she was able to narrow down that much? Why did I have to miss the taste of takoyaki so much!?

“Yeah, I was Japanese in my past life. However, who I was doesn’t matter. The past is the past. Right now, I am Niko. It’s what I’ve decided on.”

They all gave me looks of curiosity. Was I some animal on display at a freak show?

“All right.” (Ana)

“Good enough.” (Chloe)

Well, at least Ana and Chloe were convinced. However… Miyuki is staring at me.

“Niko, Miyuki figured it out.” (Miyuki)

Crap, it’s time for tactic number two.

“What did I say about referring to yourself in third person?”

“Don’t change the subject. Doing that and answering a question with another question. There’s the way you carry yourself as well. That fighting stance, the way you argue about tomatoes, and even the way you treat Miyuki. It’s a long shot, but Miyuki’s always considered the possibility. What that Tobias guy and the creepy prince’s goon said… only cemented it. Miyuki knows who you are.” (Miyuki)

Crap… where’s a smoke bomb when you need one? My worst fear is about to be realized. Please, someone, anyone! The Spirits! Even Lost Justice!!! Please, help me!?

“Your silence isn’t good for you. To believe… Miyuki’s… no, I’ve found you after all these years?” (Miyuki)

She then jump at me and hugged me in tears. I didn’t even have the time to dodge!

“Onii-chan!!!” (Miyuki)

“Wait… you don’t me to tell me that…” (Ana)

“Niko was that guy Miyuki was so obsessed with?” (Chloe)

You two didn’t need to finish each others sentences! I don’t know what’s worse, Miyuki knowing the truth or their words stabbing me again!?

“Miyuki will never let you go again! I love you, onii-chan!” (Miyuki)

“Get off!”

“Never! Now that Miyuki’s found you again, we can finally get married!” (Miyuki)

Crap… I was afraid of this. Oh Pauline, the judge, juror, and executioner of the dead, why didn’t you just let me pass on to the afterlife!?

“Hero Miyuki, I’m afraid I cannot let you do that.” (Chloe)

Wait… is this a life line? I could REALLY use one about now! Thank you, Chloe.

“And why not?” (Miyuki)

“Because… I am currently with his child.” (Chloe)


““What!?”” (Ana and Miyuki)

“We had intercourse while in Libertalia.” (Chloe)

Just why did she have to say that!? Miyuki had let me go and Ana gave me a glare before looking at Chloe.

“Chloe… how could you?” (Ana)

“I am sorry, your highness. It was something I wanted as a woman. I may be your personal maid knight, but I still am a woman.” (Chloe)

No, no, no, NO! What about what you said about being Ana’s maid first!?

“But… why him?” (Ana)

“Princess, it’s about time for you to be honest with yourself.” (Ana)

“What?” (Ana)

“I know about why you act like you do around Niko. But now that you know that your mother wants you to move on, it’s time for you to tell him how you really feel.” (Chloe)

Are you trying to get me stabbed to death. And… are you really pregnant with my child?

“Chloe… you have been a loyal maid for many years. However… I will not lose to you.” (Ana)

Wait… don’t tell me that this is what I think it is?

“Are you two forgetting about Miyuki?” (Miyuki)

“Oh no, I’m not forgetting about you. Hero Miyuki, Chloe… the real battle starts here. (Ana)

No, this cannot be happening. Now this is a genre that I was hoping to avoid. I don’t mind that it’s isekai… but not this one too. I DON’T WANT A HAREM!!!

Miyuki had let me go, so this was the best chance I had. I formed mana and qi into both of my hands. Fire mana on the right and water on the left. When I clapped my hands, steam was the result. It wasn’t an actual smoke bomb, but it was enough. After steaming up the room, I ran past the girls and made my exit.

“““Oh no you don’t!””” (Ana, Chloe, and Miyuki)

For once in my life… I felt like a real scoundrel. I had three women chasing me while yelling. THIS IS GOING TO HURT MY IMAGE, YA KNOW!!!

It was basically hide and go seek mixed with tag. However… there was Miyuki’s “onii-chan radar”, so she had the general idea on where I was hiding. But I barely managed to give them the slip by getting into Sir Fredrick’s office. He was sitting there, smoking a cigar.

“Well, looks like the cat’s out of the bag?” (Fredrick)

“Oh don’t you even start.”

“It was only a matter of time anyway. Besides, I could use a break from all the paperwork I’m behind on no thanks to Tobias Gray.” (Fredrick)

I could see mountains on papers… and the piles on the floor are perfectly matching the piles on his desk. How long has he been out of commission?

“Look, I’m having a rough day. Right now, there’s three girls after me.”

“Maybe you should had just married the Princess?” (Fredrick)

“Because I hate feeling used.”

I had to be blunt about it.

“But if you had done that, you could had been king. Therefore, you could just marry all three of them.” (Fredrick)

“Not happening.”

“The more you try to fight it, the more things are going to be awkward.” (Fredrick)

“But I was only here to petition for Libertalia?”

“You mean that island country you illegally started?” (Fredrick)

Wait… did he just say what I thought he said?


“As you are Wintergreen nobility, you committed what is legally considered treachery when you started Libertalia. As you founded it, it is legally the property of Wintergreen. And as you founded it without permission of the crown… you get the idea.” (Fredrick)

He’s right, what I’ve done could get me a reserved spot at the gallows. Forget the harem, this could end my current life! Wait a moment… that will work.

“Freddy, I got that covered.”

As for how I got this covered… tune in next time.

After Note: And that was it, peeps. I couldn’t post this even if I wanted to without the recently posted chapter of T.O.G first. Dark Jackel only knew that the bracelet would be a plot device, but not how. And yes, it was the goblin that Tobias Gray possessed that figured out the bracelet. More details will be in the next T.O.G chapter.

Yeah, I know the development feels rushed. However, that’s how it is. Poor Niko… he has to deal with one of the worst isekai cliches, harems. I just hope that I didn’t have him break the fourth wall too much.

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