Unfinished Prologue: The Seven Wanderers.

Author’s Note: Well… it’s as it says; unfinished. I originally was gonna write something else… but I had too much of TOG on my mind. Anywho, please read?

The Seven Wanderers Prologue?

You know how groups of seven are not nothing new? The Seven Samurai, The Magnificent Seven, The Seven Warlords*, The Band of Seven*, etc. Even the list of the deadliest sins is seven. However… there was once a group of individuals different from those groups. It’s true that members of those groups come from different backgrounds, but this group’s members were from different worlds. This friends, is the tale of the Seven Wanderers.

First is Faye Ironblood, a female dwarf. Saved from slavers thanks to a wandering swordsman, she followed him to become his disciple. From a standard medieval RPG-setting world, she wields a zweihander longer than the height of most men. Due to her dwarven strength, she can manage it, keeping it in her wrist-mounted item box when not in use. Despite her age, she looks like a human pre-teen. She wears a high-leg leotard and a few pieces of armor like a half breast plate. Currently, the strongest in her world. When she enters a room, it’s easy to spot the little girl lovers.

Second is Raltz Seiger, a swordsman from a world where magicians are highly valued. Born in a small village, he and his childhood sweetheart vowed to be married. But as she had high mana and magical affinity, she entered a Magic School in her teens. When she returned, she broke the vow because she decided to marry a fellow student who was a noble so that their child would be almost guaranteed to be a magician. Heartbroken, Raltz left on a journey to find himself. What he found was the way of the eastern blade and became a hero. After defeating the demon king, his requested reward was a duel to the death with the noble who stole his first love. Though reluctant, the king allowed it. The duel ended with the noble losing his head. The last words that Raltz left for his weeping former sweetheart were “serves you right”.

Third is Leona, a female gladiator. Originally the daughter of a knight household, she grew up learning the sword. However during the war, her family’s mansion was attacked by invaders. She tried to fend them off, but she was eventually over powered by them. The only thing that saved her from rape was the chastity belt she was wearing. Unable to remove it, her would be rapists forced her into an iron mask. She then fell into slavery and was sold to a gladiator troupe. Her first match was against a beast. Despite supposing to be a sacrifice to please the spectators, she surprised them all by defeating it. The troupe’s owner then saw potential in the young woman and she ended up becoming his best gladiator. But due to the law, she was freed after winning one hundred consecutive victories. She later found work as a mercenary and became known as “the masked goddess of victory”.

Fourth is Victoria de Pierce, a mechanist from a world resembling Victorian England. Despite the existence of magic, steampunk technology is abundant. Born from a human father and an elven mother, Victoria grew up suffering ridicule from her peers due to her mixed heritage. Deciding to forgo magic, she studied engineering and became so well renown that she was granted the title of chevalier. Her creations of iron soldiers won the empire many battles. However, her fame made the ridicule even worse. Eventually, one of her rivals stole the plans sold them to an enemy nation. As punishment, she was forced to relinquish control of her factory to the empire’s army. But in her private workshop, she developed an iron giant out of hatred. Instead of her more artful baroque designs, the new iron soldiers were built rather plainly. So she set out on the iron giant and rode it’s shoulder to the enemy nation to destroy their factory. Despite her rogue deed, the emperor was pleased and gave her a reward of any one request she desired… minus his throne. Her request was to end the usage of iron soldiers on the battlefield. She had seen the destructive power of the iron giant, and finally felt the guilt from her creations’ destructive power.

As for the other three… they will be revealed in the future. But these first four, they were all people who should never have met. However… they did. And now, no one knows what’s going to happen.

After Note: Yeah, it’s short. Then again… it’s unfinished. But I’ll state some facts right now.

Faye was actually the protagonist for that one fantasy idea I had. The problem is that I couldn’t figure out how to write a whole story on it. It was more comedy that anything.

Raltz is one of the MC ideas I had a long time ago. Similar to Shiro who’s had a brief appearance in LGDK, an MC who had his luck reach rock bottom. Raltz was inspired by Wazu from “Sono mono… no chi ne”. However, Wazu was a big let down to a lot of readers. He was also inspired by “Gun-ota”, there was a story that Lute heard about a boy who was sworn to his childhood friend to get married… but she returned home to renege on the promise because she wanted her child to also be a magician. Even though it was a minor part, I always felt bad for the guy in the story. Besides… vengeful is the best. His first name came from a Yu-Gi-Oh! card.

Leona is actually a gender bend of an MC idea I had in the past. Remember that I liked Vengeful MCs? Well… it was from another isekai idea I had where the MC was summoned with his class but sold by a bully into slavery after forcing an iron mask on him so no one would know his identity. He would had eventually been freed and gone out to kill everyone. Well… only the iron mask and gladiator ideas were thrown into Leona. Originally I was gonna have her face be scared because the would be rapists were angry and her wear the mask to hide her scars. But… I didn’t like it after thinking. The mask was forced on as an irony from her attackers. Since her chastity was unscathed and would never be given, her beauty was forcefully hidden to match.

Victoria was just something different. She was based on a DC Comics fan character I came up with years ago, a supporting character to an anti-hero I came up with. The Character was Victoria Steampunk, a woman with high intellect and a lover of steampunk. She created many steampunk inspired inventions, including a steam-powered exoskeleton. Victoria de Pierce is similar, though she mainly opts for clock-work powered inventions. Though the iron giant is actually steam-powered because she couldn’t build a clock engine strong enough to power it. Her mechanical soldiers were heavily inspired by the “Ancient Gear” monster archetype in Yu-Gi-Oh.

As for the three unmentioned characters… I haven’t created them yet. But I will soon.

As usual, I’d appreciate some feedback and other ideas… please?

2 thoughts on “Unfinished Prologue: The Seven Wanderers.

    1. Did you forget that I satire Japanese media? So of course they were gonna be cliched. The one thing they all have in common other than being from different worlds is that none of them were Japanese High School students. So no trucks!


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