T.O.G Ch. 5 – How to kill a Ghost?

Author’s Note: Hey peeps, I finally got an update out. It’s my birthday, so I wanted to give you the readers a present. Anywho, please enjoy?

The Oracle and the Gunslinger Ch. 5 – How to kill a Ghost?

The first thing was first… we needed information. So far all I knew was that Tobias Gray was a rogue mage. He was powerful and cruel. He sacrificed a whole village just to summon a being from another world. And what he summoned… was my son. That’s right, Tobias Gray managed to summon my boy. That alone gives him the death penalty. But according to the Oracle, my son was summoned when he was ten years of age. For me, it was only a few months ago that he was the baby I held in my arms. Of course the Oracle reminded me about the time differences between worlds. But it was hard to hear that my child had aged by nine years since I last seen him.

“I’m still having a hard time believing it.”

“Lost, you don’t have to believe it. It’s what happened.” (Oracle)

“I know. But… did I manage to get him and Fuko back before it happened?”

“My dear gunslinger, I thought you didn’t want to know your destiny?” (Oracle)

“I know… but–”

“No buts. If I were to tell you, then you would alter your actions. It would affect our contract as well.” (Oracle)

She had a point. If I were to know, then why would I still travel with her? Though I do think that I’d have been better off refusing her offer in the first place… I probably would have still been suffering regardless. I failed at stopping Ryunosuke. I don’t know what the Deity had planned… but I sure as hell think that taking my kids away when they were still infants wasn’t necessary.

“Fine. But how does the story end?”

“Too much information would be spoiling. So I’ll just say that your son was returned. And the price was my identity.” (Oracle)

“Wait… what?”

“Gods don’t like things being taken from them. Your son is not of this world, and the Deity was furious that one of it’s world’s residents were taken away. This world does not have a resident god, just the spirits that govern over it. So there’s no way that they could protect this place from an other worldly god. Lost, I was once destined to become the queen of this kingdom. The night of the engagement celebration, we… had our wedding night too early. But not even a month later, the Kingdom of Stonefall threatened Wintergreen into a trade agreement. The deal was to be sealed with a marriage between the then Prince Victor Wintergreen and one of Stonefall’s princesses. So our engagement got canceled. However, I was with child. My father helped broker a deal with the royal family that if they took in my daughter, I would become the kingdom’s oracle for the spirits. Even though I couldn’t raise her myself, I could still at least see my daughter grow. However, my fate was altered again thanks to Tobias Gray. The Summoner’s Ruins only work one way. So in order to return your child, I had to become what I am now.” (Oracle)


“Ya never talked this much about yer-self before.”

“It’s because I normally don’t deem my personal history important enough to talk about. However, we weren’t supposed to come here either. But our running into that Melchine and then the Kr-oh altered this world’s fate. This world was never supposed to have encountered any of the other upstarts, let alone their technology. However, there’s still time to fix things. Even though some people’s destinies will be altered… we can at least keep the world itself on track.” (Oracle)

I see.

“Well, ya are the boss. But before we do anything… I gotta say something.”

“What is it, my dear gunslinger?” (Oracle)

“Thanks for helping my boy. Even though… it did cost ya.”

“Lost, it’s far too late for me to regret my decisions. And even if it wasn’t, I don’t regret helping your child.” (Oracle)

And right there I gained a whole new respect for her. If I had known she helped my boy years from when I met her, I probably would had said yes to working for her in the first place? Either way, it’s too late now.

“So… what’s the plan?”

“I’ve gotten the details from the spirits. Lost, do you remember that boy we met back in Japan?” (Oracle)

I do… but what was his name again…


She then snorted a little in laughter.

“It was Katsu. It’s at least eighteen years since he was reincarnated into this world. It looks like the Melchine tech altered his fate. The poor boy… he was sold into slavery. But he managed to get out of it. Still… I’m surprised he’s become a pirate.” (Oracle)

“Wait… a pirate?”

“He did take over the slave ship he was on. Apparently he created an island nation and named it after a pirate colony in Earth’s history. The Free Nation of Libertalia, or at least that’s what the residents call it. Wow… he’s been REALLY busy. But he’s currently on his way back to Wintergreen’s palace. Ugh… I hate when the Spirits give me information in real time. Oh… oh no.” (Oracle)

“What was that ‘oh no’ about?”

“Prince Issac’s about ready to throw a coup.” (Oracle)

“As in a car or a coup d’état?”

“Did you really have to ask that?” (Oracle)

“I thought I’d lighten up the mood a little?”

Of course I know the difference. Other than the pronunciation, I’ve participated in five of Boromarl’s revolutions. You would be surprised how many idiots would throw a coup d’état right after a revolution’s finished because they wanted control. To be honest, there’s been at least two coups in the three years I spent as a mercenary in Boromarl. Both were failures that I wasn’t even involved in. And despite that… the people I worked for always tried to kill me the day after a successful revolution. I’ve always wondered if they feared that I’d try to start one? Then again… I only worked as a mercenary so that I wouldn’t be involved in government affairs.

“Lost… I thank you, but I do not think it’s the time. Anyway, you must rescue Sir Fredrick before saving everyone.” (Oracle)

“Wait… what? Ain’t ya gonna help?”

“Sorry, but I cannot do it this time. My daughter is among the people that will be in danger. It’s not time for me to meet her. Lost, I know it goes against your rules… but please, save them?” (Oracle)

She has a point, doing this is against the rules I live by. I never do more than what I’m being paid to do nor do I do anything that goes against my beliefs. And as she can’t come, I can’t use the same loophole I used with Igor. But… there’s something I can use to justify my hypocrisy.

“Boss, this one’s on the house. Ya done gave up everything ya had left to return my boy back to my world. Even if it was to protect yer own world as well, I still owe ya.”

“Lost…” (Oracle)

Oh don’t ya start crying now! I prefer the always playful yet annoying boss!

“Just tell me what I need to do.”

“Right. First, Sir Fredrick’s being held in the basement of a curio store in the residential district. They most-likely bribed the owner. I know subtle is not your strong suit, but you’re going to have to break him out before confronting Tobias Gray.” (Oracle)

“Any good methods to deal with Mr. Gray? Other than a bullet between the eyes?”

“Tobias Gray is a ghost right now.” (Oracle)

“Wait… what?”

How the hell am I gonna fight a ghost? I’m from the Old World, I can’t use magic!

“It turns out that he’s been carrying on his research by possessing goblins.” (Oracle)

“Wait… possessing goblins?”

“Believe it or not, it’s hard for ghosts to possess intelligent life forms. It would normally take one thirty years to possess a human. But monsters like goblins on the other hand do not have the same intelligence as humans do. They are crafty, yet dumb. And since orcs would be too conspicuous, possessing a goblin would be a better move as they can at least hide.” (Oracle)

“Makes sense.”

“However, ghosts can look through the memories of those they possess as well. Apparently the goblin that he’s currently possessing managed to somehow figure out how to work that Melchine’s bracelet.” (Oracle)

“Wait a moment… ain’t that like a monkey figuring out how to launch a nuke from a computer?”

“Lost, I couldn’t figure out a better way to put it. When it comes to Melchine tech, it would take a human of the highest intelligence most of their life to figure out how to work it. So with the goblin, it had to be a fluke.” (Oracle)

“So… I should just deal with the goblin?”

“We can deal with Tobias Gray after the goblin. Lost, Tobias Gray is a dangerous man. Especially since he’s a reincarnated like Katsu.” (Oracle)

“Wait… what?”

“I knew that you would say your catchphrase again. Anyway, he was a researcher with the Waffen SS, and especially close to Adolf Hitler. After he died, Pauline allowed him one chance to redeem himself. However, he gave that up when he figured out how the reincarnation to this world works. His goal is to figure out how to go between worlds and alter his original fate so the Nazis didn’t lost Earth’s second world war. But when he died for his transgression, he somehow managed to not pass on. And since he cannot pass on, he’s going to keep trying until he succeeds.” (Oracle)

Just… wow.

“I don’t know who or what you’re talking about, but I can tell it’s all bad news.”

“Lost, it’s extremely bad. Especially with that piece of Melchine tech he’s discovered. After you kill the goblin and take back the Melchine tech, we’re going to have to deal with Tobias Gray once and for all.” (Oracle)

“Okay… how are we gonna do that?”

“The Kr-oh gave you a way.” (Oracle)

I then thought about it and then remembered what they gave me. She explained the knife to me, and all I could do was give a sadistic smile… under my bandanna.

As there was no way to get to the castle town via her abilities due to risks, I had to find another way. I found the road to the village and walked around. The locals seemed scared of me. Then again… I couldn’t blame them. All I knew was that I had until tomorrow to get everything done. My first order of business was to find a guard called Pete. It was easy as he was the only guard with a black comb-over and a nine o’clock shadow.

“Hey, ya Pete?”

“I am. What’s your business, stranger?” (Pete)

Been a long time since someone called me that.

“The Oracle sent me.”

“The Oracle? No way, she hasn’t been around for years.” (Pete)

All I could do was sigh before showing him the badge that the Oracle handed me before leaving.

“Here’s the proof.”

“Wait… that’s the seal of the Earl Willow House!?” (Pete)

So her family name was Willow?

“Look, I don’t got much time.”

“Sir, how can this humble sentry be of service?” (Pete)

Talk about a change in attitude?

“I need a fast horse, one that can get me to the castle as fast as possible.”

“On it!” (Pete)

He then rushed to the stables and came out pulling a black stallion by the reigns. It even had it’s saddle on.

“This horse is called Sylo. He’s one of the Royal Guard’s mounts. The guard left him here on the way to the Castle because they needed a fresh horse yesterday. As I haven’t been able to send one of the local sentries to return him, you would be doing me a favor.” (Pete)

Figures, he’s using me to be an errand boy. The again, I got a job to do.


I mounted the horse and kicked. As for it’s speed… faster than I thought. I’ve rode many good horses in Boromarl, but this one puts them to shame. Anyway, it was near time for the gates to close when I arrived. And the line is long. Oh well, time to make use of that badge again.

“Halt, who goes there?” (Guard)

“Pete from Evergreen Village sent me to return this horse.”

“My word… it’s Sylo. Dismount, we can take it from here.” (Guard)

“I need to get in town.”

“Don’t make me laugh, you could easily be mistaken for a bandit.” (Guard)

“The Oracle sent me.”

I then showed him the badge,.

“My word… that’s the seal of the Earl Willow House! You may pass.” (Guard)


I said with a tip of my hat.

The guard let me through. I gotta ask her about the Willow family later, but for now I gotta get to that curio shop. I can’t read this world’s language, but I do know that it has a sign with a cracked vase. I walk through the narrow streets and find it, and it’s closed.

“Well, guess I either break down the door or knock?”

As this world is basically the middle ages, most store owners live in their buildings. I bang on the door, hearing some swearing and shouting that they’re closed. It ain’t gonna stop me, so I keep banging until finally someone answers the door. And go figure, the guy’s a mob character that has an easy to forget face.

“I said we’re bloody closed!” (mob)

I punch him in the face, causing him to fall back. I walk in and close the door.

“Look pal, I will kill ya if ya scream.”

“HELP!” (mob)

What an idiot. Two guys wearing chainmail under tunics… again, mob characters without anything too defining about them enter from a trap door. As I haven’t had much time using it and using my revolvers would be too conspicuous… it’s time to use Diplomacy.

“Is he some form of Magic Swordsman?” (mob 2)

“I never seen a Magic Swordsman job that uses axes.” (mob 3)

“But he summoned it out of thin air!?” (mob 2)

Before they could pull their swords, I hit one with Diplomacy. That ax’s power is stronger than I thought, I cut his arm off! I then decapitate his dumbfounded friend.

“Bloody hell!” (mob)

I didn’t even do anything fancy for the guy I punched, I just lodge Diplomacy into his skull. With those three mobs taken care of, I put away Diplomacy and go down to the basement via the trap door. What I find is an old man wearing some kind of military uniform decorated with medals tied and gagged. In a sense… he reminds me of old Jeeves, my butler back in the old world. I remove his gag.

“Are ya Freddy?”

“No, I am Sir Fredrick, King Victor Wintergreen’s adviser.” (Fredrick)

“Whatever, the Oracle sent me.”

“Wait… she’s returned?” (Fredrick)

The first person who believed me when I said that.

“She’s kinda my boss.”

“Where is she?” (Fredrick)

“No point asking me. If she wanted to be found, she’d have come herself.”

“You make a fair argument. Anyway, I must return to the King’s side.” (Fredrick)

“Sorry Freddy, but ya can’t go waltzing in there with an impostor taking yer place.”

“What? I thought it was weird that it’s taken them months to rescue me.” (Fredrick)

“Look, we don’t got much time. That brat Issac’s getting ready to throw a coup and Tobias Gray’s involved.”

“That monster has return!? Better yet, Prince Issac’s about to betray his majesty!?” (Fredrick)

“Nice to see that ya have yer priorities straight. Anyway, we gotta get moving.”

After we left the basement, Freddy gave me a look of scorn after seeing the mess. All I could do is sigh as we rush to the castle. It turns out that there’s a secret entrance via the graveyard. Well… it’s supposed to be an escape tunnel, but it’s our ticket in. After getting into the castle’s larder, we took some more secret passages. One of them led us to a peephole behind a painting in the waiting room. I see four people having tea. One of them is a girl in a lavender dress with green hair. Given the hair and her facial features, she has to be the boss’s daughter. Another was a maid with red hair and golden eyes. The third girl looks like she’s from Yamato* (the Old World’s version of Japan), black eyes, hair, but a pathetic bust. And the fourth character is a guy dressed somewhat like a pirate and wearing a skull-designed mask. I could only assume that he’s the boy from Japan who underestimated me. And the black-haired girl has to be his little sister… from his past life.

Freddy then spoke in a low voice.

“What is Hero Miyuki’s party doing here?” (Fredrick)

So that’s the black-haired girl’s name? Wait… the Oracle did tell me that when we were in Japan. Right?

“Apparently you’ve been away too long. According to the boss, they’re here because of some pirate nation.”

“I’ve heard rumors of piracy increasing, but I can’t believe that things have gone this far?” (Fredrick)

“How long have ya been missing anyway?”

“It’s only been a month, but Princess Ana and Hero Miyuki were supposed to get the people of Libertalia to accept annexation.” (Fredrick)

Great… this feels like it was back during the final great war. Both Libertonia and Communistan were annexing other countries back and fourth trying to get ahead of each other.

“Apparently that guy’s Libertalia’s head honcho. Then again, ya should know him.”

“I know a few people with silver hair… wait, it can’t be the Count of Evergreen? He’s been missing for half a year.” (Fredrick)

“Whatever, all of ‘em are in danger.”

“In that case, we must make haste.” (Fredrick)

We then got to the end of the secret tunnels. They led to a room near the thrown room. We could hear what was going on while still in the tunnels, it’s gotten to the point where an older man of high authority was yelling back and fourth some some idiot. I can only assume that it’s the king and the brat trying to pull off the coup. But it wasn’t time yet… we had to wait until it started.

After a bit, I finally heard everything get to a good point. The silver-haired brat was denying his status as a reincarnated. I had to hold back my snicker at that. Oh wait… Freddy’s impostor is betraying the betrayer. The real problem’s the chandelier? And now Freddy’s impostor is talking about transvering worlds. Time to make my entrance. I open the doors to the throne room and shoot the chandelier.

“Lost Justice?” (silver-haired boy)

So he does remember me?

“It’s been a while, kid.”

I then holster my revolver to the holster on my right.

“Wait… Niko knows a cowboy?” (Miyuki)

Cowboy? That’s an insult towards cattlemen, though I’m just a gunslinger. Anyway…

“Oh, that’s his name in this life? It’s easier to remember than that last one he had. All I know is that I kept feeling like saying ‘ketchup’ instead.”

I had to enjoy the look on the boy’s face.

“But… why are you here?” (Niko)

“Oh, the green-haired girl’s mom sent me.”

“My… mother?” (Ana)

“Yeah… she’s kinda my boss.”

She then ran up to me and grabbed my shoulders.

“Where is she!?” (Ana)

This brat… did she forget about the current situation? There’s a coup going on for Freeda’s sake!

“Kid… let go.”

She complied with what I said.

“I’m sorry!” (Ana)

And now she looks like she might cry. Everyone seems to be too scared to even go comfort her, am I really that scary? I was only trying to be a little strict.

“It’s okay… look, I’ll talk about it later. Right now… I got some business with Mr. Gray.”

Everyone got out of my way. I was glaring at Freddy’s impostor.

“So… the Oracle’s lackey has business with me. What is it, Schwein-hund?” (Tobias)

I’m gonna have to ask the Oracle what that means later, all I know is that it has to be an insult.

“She wants ya to leave that body. Actually… ya ain’t even supposed to exist anymore?”

“Oh please, I am a mage among mages. Not even a dummkopf like you can see my greatness.” (Tobias)

“Look… if ya don’t leave that body, then I gotta force ya.”

“Oh really? Tell me Schwein-hund, how are you going to do that?” (Tobias)

Bad idea, I’m mad. But I gotta keep my cool. He’s only a ghost right now, possessing a goblin with a piece of advanced hardware. So, it’s time for my modus operandi. I quick-drew my revolver and fired a round between his eyes.

“That’s how.”

Everyone seemed to be frozen in place. Oh… this world doesn’t have regular guns. Just something called Mana Pistols. So yeah… I’d be scared if I haven’t seen an actual gun either, let alone the sound it makes when fired.

“That was quite the show.” (Fredrick)

So he finally made his entrance? Meh, the continued shocks are starting to annoy me.

“Oh please, I hate this kind of acting.”

I then look at the goblin’s corpse and see that it turned back to it’s true form. The kid quickly commented on it.

“What the hell?” (Niko)

“That wasn’t Freddy in the first place. Ya see, Tobias didn’t use his words in the right way. So it was misleading enough to make ya think it’s a possession. In reality, he was possessing a goblin and made it look like Freddy.”

“I wish you wouldn’t call me that.” (Fredrick)

“Whatever, I only came to get this.”

I walk towards the goblin’s corpse and remove the Melchine tech.

“What is that bracelet?” (Niko)

“That will be explained later, as the boss says. Right now… shouldn’t y’all be getting out of the mess you’re in right now?”

After Note: And that’s Chapter five, peeps. I tried to change up the wring style to match most novel translations unconsciously. However… I couldn’t make the whole chapter match too well with LSPL’s corresponding chapters. Especially since I couldn’t fit everything into ten pages like I normally try. This chapter would had been REALLY long if I did.

I’m just glad that the Melchine tech’s almost outta my works. I mainly used it for a plot device to give both the Oracle and Lost Justice a reason to go to that world. And to properly explain the changed direction of LSPL.

Anywho, the crossover will end soon. And then both LSPL and TOG will go back to their natural states. Still, I hope you guys enjoyed it.

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  1. Yeah, I did enjoy it. I noticed one error, but my phone isn’t letting me copy the sentence. Hang on… “If I had known she had helped my by years from when…” by –> boy. 😉

    …Wait, the *goblin* worked out how to use the bracelet, not the dead human? The goblin!? Somewhere, the Melcine Thought-Councils are collectively crying bitter tears…. 🤣

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