It was my birthday…

Yesteryday, I had officially turned 31. Yeah, I’m definitely middle-aged in some countries. I did the usual, thanking translators I follow for posting on my birthday, joking about manga translations being birthday presents. As for presents… I really didn’t get anything. The most I have was the change from when mom handed me a $20 to buy my birthday dinner. And… it wasn’t really a good birthday.

My sister Amanda accepted when Target called and asked if she could come in. Thanks to the time she had to go in… my plans were scrapped. I was gonna work on mom’s car as the weather was supposed to be good, but I didn’t get to do that as it was snowing when I got back. And even though I needed to go to the BMV (Bureau of Motor Vehicles) to get a sticker for my plates, I didn’t even do that. When I went to the bank to deposit my money, the systems were down so I had to deposit at an ATM (my bank’s ATMs actually can do that). So I couldn’t deposit my pocket change. When I did take Amanda to work, I also had to stop and get food for the bunny and a ton of things for mom’s birds. You would had thought it was the birds’ birthday? After I picked Amanda up from work, I had to go get the pizzas. And when I got to Little Caesars, they were waiting for more of their Hot-and-Ready Pizzas to get done cooking. So I went to my usual gas station to pick up the pop. They were out of Cherry RC, which is my favorite. I was lucky that the Coke products were 99 cents a two-liter if you bought two. So I settled for Cherry Coke. I didn’t have to wait too long when I went back to Little Caesars to pick up the pizzas. But when I got home… they were cut properly and our pizza cutter was in the sink needing to be washed. When I got my two slices out of the first box, the tips broke off. I tell Amanda that I will get them after she gets her two slices, and you know what she does? She takes the parts from my slices that I was waiting to retrieve because “one of her slices wasn’t that big”. She picked those slices herself, yet she stole part of my food on my birthday.

I mean, she already ruined it by accepting to go into work on a day off. She wasn’t given too many hours this week, so I should forgive her. But yesterday was supposed to be the best day all week when it comes to weather, so I planned to work on the car which needs worked on. Thanks to her, I missed my chance. And then she steals part of my food? Especially after I told her that I was gonna retrieve it after she got hers? And it was part of my birthday meal? That just did it for me, I’m still holding a bit of a grudge.

I will admit, there are worse birthdays to have. Actually, I’ve had a few. And I’m sure that you all had worse than yesterday as well.

Now to the positives. I managed to get a new chapter of TOG out yesterday, a present from me to you. And I got a lot of good birthday wishes, from friends, family, and even people I don’t know. That within itself made me happy.

Oh, I finally fixed some things. For example, some of the errors and confusion with LSPL. I fixed the typo with the first chapter, especially it’s title. It’s now properly “A Day in the Life in Evergreen Village”. I left “Wintergreen” in there, but it’s striked out so people know it was an error from back when I started writing it. I also fixed some things with chapter 10, like when I put “rouge mage” instead of “rogue mage”. And when I put “Gore Grizzle” instead of “Gore Grizzly”. And I noticed that the chapter link in chapter 9 for chapter 10 was missing, so I added it. As for TOG… I fixed that one typo that Dark Jackel pointed out in yesterday’s release.

I NEED to get back to writing, but I got other things to do as well. Anywho, thanks for taking your time.

4 thoughts on “It was my birthday…

    1. I did before you commented. Anywho, thanks a lot man. That button on my wordpress is no longer just a decoration. Sadly, a $1.46 fee was tacked on to it, but you’ve REALLY helped me. With my end of the month bonus from selling my plasma, I’ll see about getting MHW and try to live stream it. But this week, I gotta renew my car plates and pay my phone. Not to mention, I gotta pay the internet.

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