Lookie what I picked up…

Yes, I actually got a new game… when it’s still new. Dark Jackel’s been doing posts about it. Well… it’s more of a guide on weapons and monsters. I’ve been curious about it. My sister (the one whom ruined my birthday and made up for it the day after) was also interested in the game. So she said she’d spot me the money if I paid her back at the end of  the month. And because she works at Target, she got it with an employee discount. So I don’t have to pay her the same price if I had paid for it myself.

I do plan on live streaming it. But for now, I gotta check it out. I just started MGS V: The Phantom Pain and the remaster of AC: Rogue comes out in less than a week as well. So yeah… I’m gonna be busy gaming. I will try to get some chapters out though. But for now, I gotta game.

One thought on “Lookie what I picked up…

  1. Cool, you can tell me about the multiplayer environment. It’s kind of a big deal, but I don’t have the right kind of Internet… 😥

    Hope you enjoy it, though! I certainly do, as my playtime will attest (I think I’m past 70 hours now). I should really go finish today’s article, though… 😅


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