Live Stream tonight at 9:00 PM EST…

I know, I haven’t streamed for a while. However… I did get Monster Hunter World. And I WANNA STREAM IT!!! Whining aside, I don’t know if I will be able to pull off another stream this week. I’m mainly able to do it because I don’t have to pick up my sister from work tonight. She worked in the morning this time.

But yeah, Monster Hunter World. Who will I be using this time? After talking about it with Dark Jackel (the guy who’s been literally giving us a fun guide to weapons and monsters), we agreed that out of the two characters I use for my streams; only one of them would work. That’s right, I’m playing it as the Oracle. Lost Justice doesn’t really fit the feel of the game. I know you can argue the same with Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, but that one requires two creations thanks to the Pawn-system. And as female pawns are more popular, I had to go with Lost Justice as the Arisen. But this time around, it’s the Oracle. I haven’t exactly used her since the Destiny 1 live streams anyway.

But yeah, tonight at 9:00 EST. Be there or be square.

2 thoughts on “Live Stream tonight at 9:00 PM EST…

  1. Well, you start right around when we put my daughter to bed, so I won’t be there immediately, but I’ll definitely attend! Got to finish my Barroth write-up before then, I guess? 😅


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