Possible Live Stream tonight…

Since it’s supposed to be my sister’s day off… I might be able to pull off a live stream at the usual time of 9:00 pm EST. However, we’re not in the clear yet.

I can tell you one thing… I hope Dark Jackel doesn’t pull off his post right before joining my stream again. I could probably use the info on the monsters in advanced.

One thought on “Possible Live Stream tonight…

  1. Sadly, it’s unlikely, since I’m over at my parents right now. I have my laptop so I can work on it here, but my daughter had dragged me down to the pool for a while… Oh, and I forgot I had Go club today, so I didn’t get to work on it this morning, either…

    Well, here’s the cliff notes version: T-Rex is dangerous, so build up your weapons and armor, practice evading and mounting monsters, carry a full suite of items (including a full stack of Mega potions and probably a few items to buff defense) and have a good meal at the canteen. Jurassic Park berserks early and often, so keep an eye on it’s icon on the mini map, and keep your distance when the eye is red. If you get set on fire, roll to put yourself out. Other than that, play it safe, and if the fight doesn’t seem to be going your way, run away and look for an opportunity to heal up and plot a new ambush.

    Good luck! 😄👍

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