Live Stream Tonight after all…

Well… my sister had the day off and it looks like she’s not getting called in to work. You know what this means? If you’re guessing Taco Tuesday, you’re a day late. This means a live stream at 9:00 pm EST. And yes, more Monster Hunter World. I REALLY need to make a thumbnail for those streams… but that can wait. I plan on getting back to the Fallout 4 ones eventually.

This kinda stinks because I got Assassin’s Creed: Rogue Remastered. I’ve played a lot of it last night. And yes, I bought all the outfits from the Ubisoft Club. I’m telling you know… only get the free stuff. Though Edward’s comes with pirate pistols and Arno’s comes with swords, you can buy ones with the same states. Not to mention only the outfits you can get in the game itself allow you to have the hood down. The ones from the Ubisoft Club keep the hood up all the time… except for Jacob’s outfit. It has his top hat on all the time. But yeah, the ones you actually buy from the Ubisoft Club are a waste of Points. And if you buy all the stuff from the Ubisoft Club, you’re out 10 points even if you complete all the challenges the reward them. Though I like to dress up as Edward Kenway as he’s my favorite protagonist of the series (I did a lot of Syndicate with Jacob dressed up as him), I hate that the hood doesn’t go down. The main praise I can give is Jacob’s outfit as they made it so Shay’s weapon straps are part of the belt on the outfit.

Anywho, I gotta put MHW’s disc back in the PS4, Overwatch had an update so I popped it in to discover that they finally added Bridgette into the game. For those of you unfamiliar with the game… she’s the knight guy’s squire and the daughter of that dude who looks like a dwarf but is just a REALLY short Norwegian. Hey, knight guy and short Norwegian are actually best friends, knight guy’s actually her godfather. But yeah, I popped in Overwatch to realize that it wasn’t anything big.

Anywho, Live Stream tonight at 9 EST. If possible, be there.

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