Rant: Bethesda’s “Creation Club” and Mods…

This is a rant that I must do. Before I say anything, I don’t hate mod authors. I only hate modders when they use mods in a game’s multi-player mode. But when it comes to single player, it’s okay. But before I talk about them… let’s talk about Bethesda’s Creation Club.

It’s a paid mod service Bethesda created for both Fallout 4 and Skyrim Special Edition. I know what you’re thinking, paying for mods is stupid. Well… it is and it isn’t. The thing about the Creation Club is that the mods sold are approved and verified by Bethesda. Creation Club mods do not wreck the game or corrupt your save files. Nor do they disable Achievements/Trophies. I’m not an Achievement Hunter, but I don’t like it when I can’t earn a Trophy because of a mod. Though I don’t use mods in the first place because I’m scared of corrupting my save data. But Creation Club is tempting.

I will admit that there’s a lot of dumb things about it. First of all, I don’t know how to remove Creation Club Content from my PS4. Once it’s installed, it stays there. Which is stupid because you can uninstall the actual DLC if you wanted. Speaking of which, only some things are free for a limited time. I was one of the many who paid for a season pass. So… shouldn’t I be getting this stuff for free to begin with? Nothing irks me more than DLC that’s not included with the season pass. Both Assassin’s Creed Black Flag and Syndicate have a piece of DLC that was exclusive to the PS4 (and surprisingly PC) that wasn’t on the Xbox One and wasn’t free for season pass owners. Even if it was like five bucks, it’s still wrong in my opinion for it not to be free. I paid my money for the season pass or the version of the game that it comes included, so I want what I paid for.

I for one do see some things wrong with Creation Club content. Starters, the Hellfire Power Armor. You get it from a stupid quest that’s not even lore friendly where you have to kill a Forged member named Pyro and her… associates to get it. I don’t mind having to do quests for items, it makes it so you have extra stuff to do. However, how was it lore friendly? The Hellfire Power Armor was from Fallout 3 and was used by the Enclave. People who know their Fallout lore know that the Enclave were descendants of the remnants of the US Government who took refuge on an oil rig when the bombs dropped and were the main villains of both Fallout 2 and 3. So how does a member of the Forged (a Raider gang) end up with tech from the biggest baddies who met their end in the Capitol Wasteland 10 years before? Was she a former Enclave soldier who escaped the Brotherhood of Steel when the Enclave fell and ended up a Raider? We don’t know, there’s nothing implying anything. The only good thing about this is that you can use all of the vanilla game paints on the armor. Liked being the General of the Minute men or a member of the Brotherhood of Steel but hated that you couldn’t wear your colors on the X-01 Power Armor because your faction paints were locked to certain models of power armor? Then the Hellfire Power Armor is for you. Only 500 credits (or $5 USD) and it’s yours.

Next gripe, the stuff from other games like Morgan’s Space Suit from Prey or the Classic Marine Armor and BFG from Doom. None of it’s lore friendly at all. The attires like the space suit and Doom classic armor are both automatically deposited into your inventory. So if you ever start a new game, you start out with mid-game gear. Before anyone can argue that it’s possibly the same game universe, it’s not. Fallout takes place in the “Divergence”, it’s an alternate timeline from our own starting from when the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Hell, the military hasn’t really changed from the 1940’s with the exception of tech. So they don’t belong. And the Doom Classic Marine Armor… it’s ripped on the stomach and in one of the thighs. I know they were trying to mimic the Doom Guy in the classic box art from 1993, but come on. And both have decent rad resistance? How does something with rips in it actually protect you from radiation? The worse part about both of them is that you can’t even add Ballistic Weave or modify them at all. Actually, you can’t really modify any of the “clothing” from the Creation Club from what I know. And then there’s the Doom BFG. How the hell does the BFG even exist in the Fallout Universe? It makes less sense than… the Thomas the Tank Engine mods in Skyrim. Let alone the quest to get it, called “From Hell”. You get it by killing a rogue Child of Atom who “uncovered an experimental weapon of unknown origin and plans to use it against the people of the Commonwealth” at the Red Rocket truck stop in the Glowing Sea. At least come up with a plausible story on why any of this stuff is here, Bethesda? And yes, it was Bethesda themselves who created these ones and the Hellfire Power Armor.

Okay, now for some positive stuff. The Chinese Stealth Armor. Unlike the set from Fallout 3, you can’t wear a hat with it. Nor can you modify it at an armor workbench. However, it’s at a Military Checkpoint where there’s a terminal that talks about arresting a Chinese Family in fear that they could be spies. At least they talk about the possibility on how it might have ended up there, a member of that family might have had it? We don’t know, but it’s less of a dumb story than why a Raider had Enclave Power Armor. At least this seems more lore friendly. And I laughed at the mission name, “Can you see me?”.

Another one which is both infuriating yet lore friendly is the Horse Power Armor. By the name, you can tell that Bethesda was trying to make a crack at themselves because of the whole “Horse Armor” scandal with Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. But the Mission “Giddyup!” is amusing to say the least. You find it at the Wilson Atomatoys Corporate HQ next to the body of a dead Raider named Scabby (after clearing the building of Super Mutants). He has a holotape explaining why he added a bunch of Giddyup Buttercup parts to a set of Raider Power Armor. He fell in love with the toys that were originally meant to be used for scrap and even named a blue one “Betty Buttercup”. He tried to delay the scrapping by saying he was using the parts to fix their power armor. They found out about Betty and broke her. So in a rage and his own psychosis, he started attaching parts from other Giddyup Buttercups to his own Power Armor to kill them for what they done. As that was the last part of the Holotape, we can only assume that the Super Mutants killed the whole Raider crew. The good thing about this Power Armor was that you can add a jetpack to it. Normally, you can’t add a jetpack or paint Raider Power Armor. Even though I hate the design, I like the customization you can do it to. The Horse Power Armor and the Chinese Stealth Suit are both Bethesda creations for the Creation Club.

The final thing made by Bethesda for the Creation Club I’m talking about other than all the dogs so far and the Arcade Workshop pack is the Prototype Gauss Rifle. It’s based on the one from the earlier games and New Vegas. It takes the same rounds as the one in the vanilla game, but fires more like the Laser Musket. Personally, I wouldn’t get this one despite the lore friendliness. It has a quest where you kill some Gunners for it, but it’s not worth the 200 credits (or $2 USD) for it in my opinion. Still, that’s all for the Bethesda created ones.

There’s other stuff created by other people, like the Homemade Shotgun and the Modular Military Backpack. Both are automatically in your inventory (meaning if you start a new game, you start out with them). The Homemade Shotgun by asXas was based on concept art that didn’t make it into the game. It’s lore friendly as the only pipe weapon the game was missing was a shotgun. As for the Modular Military Backpack by fadingsignal… it’s one of the things I’m most conflicted on. Remember my talk about the Divergence? Well… it’s more or less designed like one of today’s military backpacks, which isn’t really that lore friendly because even in old images soldiers still used the WWII era rucksacks. However… it’s extremely customizable and even adds carry weight. And adds extra depending on the way you modify it at an armor workbench. Not to mention you can change the color and add all kinds of patches, including ones for the NCR (which wouldn’t be canon for Fallout 4 as the New California Republic is at the other side of the country). Personally, this is the one thing from the Creation Club I’d want to get. Fading Signal also does packs for settlement building… but I don’t want to get into those.

The last thing I wanna get into is the “Tunnel Snakes Rule” add-on by Adam “the Rizzler” Ridsdale. It adds a new mission called “Tunnel Snakes Rule” based on the gang of Vault Dwellers from Fallout 3. It also introduces the “Tunnel Snakes outfit” to Fallout 4 (which sadly can’t be modified at an Armor Workbench) and the Classic 10mm Pistol. The Tunnel Snakes outfit is basically a Vault 101 jumpsuit with a leather jacket with a snake on the back. While the Classic 10mm Pistol is a callback to the 10mm pistol from the first two Fallout games. It’s a revolver that loads the bullets from a clip into the chambers (which is stupid in my opinion), basically an auto-loading pistol. Still, there’s even a unique Classic 10mm Pistol (despite the star missing from the name that labels it as unique) called “Ultimatum” that’s engraved Gunner-style and does Radiation Damage as well. Though I don’t think it’s worth the 500 credits, I like the concept.

There’s many other things created by non-Bethesda staff. Like paints for armors, paints for weapons, and two of the Pip-Boy paints (the rest are done by Bethesda). But here’s where I start talking about mods and mod authors.

People were complaining about Creation Club to the point that the reveal trailer as the highest ratio of dislikes I’ve ever seen on a YouTube video. It’s because, we’re paying for mods which are normally free. However, it’s mainly the “PC Master Race” who are complaining. “Console Peasants” like me don’t really get most of the mods. Well… the “PS4 Peasants” anyway as due to the way the PS4 is made, you can’t really add too many external assets to a game. “XBOne Peasants” get them because of the programming being similar to PC. Though we can use mods on the PS4 now, they’re limited.

Most Mod Authors see the Creation Club as a way for Bethesda to sponge money, which is true. However, mods have dangers. I’m not just talking about disabling Trophies/Achievements either. Some mods if installed the wrong way will corrupt your save data. And yes, most of us “PS4 Peasants” are “ignorant” about how mods work. Yeah, they’re free. However, there’s some mods that we end up with that are meant to only work with other mods that we didn’t know about. So despite the fact that the Creation Club sponges money for stuff that should be free, we feel that it’s better safe than sorry.

Other than Bethesda.Net (a modding community owned by Bethesda), there’s The Nexus who are famous for their Skyrim and Fallout 3/New Vegas/4 mods. The Nexus is the biggest modding community out there. However, there’s some people who steal mods from the Nexus that are meant for PC only that have ruined people’s games. And what do these thieves do? They blame it on the “PC Elitists” who created them for the PC only to share them with the console community. Two things. One, stealing is wrong. Even if you don’t take credit for creating it, it’s still wrong. Hell, I had a video of a Halo CE glitch on my YouTube Channel for years that someone else posted somewhere because I wanted to share it. But I was new to YouTube at the time and didn’t credit the creator. I left it up there in hopes that the creator would call me out on it so I could find them and thank them for posting it in the first place. However, they never found me and I took it down a few years back. It wasn’t my video and it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. But the point is that it’s wrong. I dislike PC Elitists as much as the next console gamer, but I wouldn’t steal from them in claims that it was to share it with other console gamers or that it was an act against the creator. Let alone blame the faults on the creator.

Bethesda are a bunch of money-grubbing snakes, I won’t deny that. The Creator of The Nexus even offered to work with them so that Nexus Mods wouldn’t be stolen for Bethesda.Net, and Bethesda refused despite the fact it would have benefited them so that corrupted mods didn’t end up in our hands. Hell, there’s popular Mod Authors on The Nexus who removed their mods because people were stealing them. However… I heard that the Nexus copyright protects the mods for the authors. Which begs the question… how does that work? They make mods for games that are created by other companies. So how would anything related to Fallout 4 be copyrighted to someone else? I don’t get how it works, but it seems wrong and fishy to me.

I will admit, there’s many free versions to the mods sold by the Creation Club. Hell, most of them are better than what we pay for. Like the Hellfire Armor, there’s a free mod for that. And… the armor is WAY more detailed. However, there’s only three paints for it and no faction paints. So to do a faction paint, then you’d have to install another mod. Hell, the Creation Club version and the free version were posted around the same time. With the time it takes to make something like that, then there’s no way one copied the other. Hell, there’s a free Chinese Stealth Suit as well. Unlike the Creation Club version, it can be modified at an Armor Workbench. And trust me, there’s plenty of pipe shotgun mods out there.

But… most of them are not available to PS4 players like me. And I’m a guy who likes to randomly earn a Trophy that I wasn’t intending on getting in the first place. I consider it a happy surprise. So yeah, I am not 100% for the Creation Club, but I’m not against it either. Every week, they have a paint for free so I get it. So far I have ones for the armors of the Gunners, the Atom Cats, Army, and the chrome paint for the Pip-Boy. When stuff comes freely that won’t hurt my save, I’ll get it. But otherwise… I’ll only pay for it if I think it’s worth it and I want it.

I have nothing against the mod authors or people who use mods (in single player games). It’s like the old concept of the Game Genie, it allows you to play the game the way you want. Though I see blocking Trophies/Achievements as fair, it’s up to you on how you play the game. You wanna replace the dragons in Skyrim with Thomas the Tank Engine, feel free to do so. You do things your way and I’ll do them mine. Though I haven’t gotten into the crap that Bethesda sells for Skyrim SE… I don’t play the game. Just never buy the Zombie thing from the Creation Club, I heard it sucks.

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