What kind of GTA Online Player am I…

Before I get into this, there is a STRONG possibility of a live stream tonight. More Fallout 4.

Anywho, what kind of GTA Online player am I? This is something that I started FINALLY questioning after Sonny Evans on YouTube started the whole GTA Online Geographic series. In his comical documentary, he reviews each kind of player. Ever since GTA Online launched in 2013, I played many roles. Before it’s launch, my favorite Episode from Liberty City (the other sides of GTA IV) was Lost and Damned. Then again, my stepfather and his “buddies” were a bunch of old wannabe bikers. So I had knowledge of biker culture. Just… not the side shown on shows like Sons of Anarchy (which I’ve never watched). It was dark, gritty, and I liked that Johnny (the protagonist of Lost and Damned) had his own custom bike. Note that in other GTA games (before V), we didn’t get a personal vehicle. It was steal whatever you could find on the street for your next mission and even though we could save vehicles… you were lucky if you didn’t lose your favorite stolen ride and would have to spend time going to a Pay and Spray to repaint another one the color you liked after finally finding one. Those were dark days…

When GTA Online launched, I knew what I wanted. As you could be whatever you wanted in online games, I decided to become a Biker. I remember selling my first car in the game after doing some crappy missions only to find out that you had to own a garage to by cars. So I had to be without a car for a while (I still had friends back on the 360) until I could get my first garage. And even after that… the bike I bought (which was a Hexer) wasn’t really that good. Hell, I also found out having a passenger on a bike messes with the performance. I didn’t expect Rockstar to add any realism when it comes to a motorcycle other than being easy to get knocked off. I eventually sold off my Hexer. Istill wore a leather jacket until the Valentine’s Massacre update came out. Because I liked the 1930’s style and the Roosevelt (the car based on Al Capone’s ride of choice and the one I based Coy from LGDK’s car on), I started wearing a blue pinstriped suit and a fedora instead.

Before Heists FINALLY came out, I ended up joining a biker Crew and started wearing leather jackets again. The Crew’s name was “Mad Hatter’s MC East”, the main requirement was you also had to wear a top hat. My bike of choice was my Sovereign (the bike that got glitched sometime after going new gen and couldn’t modify at LS Customs). We rode together, flew jets together (Crew’s backstory was that we’re all ex-pilots), and ran Heists together. They were all fun guys.

When it was time to go next gen… I got left behind. They all went Xbox One. I had decided even before joining the Crew that I’d go PS4 because of the controversies from the E3 it was introduced. This includes the fact that there were high-spec PCs in the cabinets that were meant to house Xbox Ones. And of course the DRM games (meaning that a game even if it’s on a disc will be registered to the person who first plays it and be unable to be played by anyone else) and the then having to have a Kinnect on it 24/7. Though Microsoft backtracked on all of that, the damage was done for me. So yeah, I went PS4 but promised to someday get an XB1 and play with them again. The last time I checked the Crew on Rockstar’s Social Club… there hasn’t been any activity since I made the promise. So yeah… no need for me to get one now.

When I went new gen on the PS4 (back when you could still transfer GTA Online accounts), I was amazed. Other than better graphics, I started to like Low Riders. Even if they were big wastes of money, I thought they were awesome. I ended up broke because I liked them so much, even though I ended up selling most of the racing fleet that I brought with me from the 360. Sadly… back then they started the whole “VIP” thing. And unlike now, you had to have a million GTA$ in your bank account to be a VIP. It was later that they added the CEO, which is basically a VIP with an office and less restriction. But later on… they added an alternative for those of us who didn’t always have a million on hand or own an Office (the cheapest is still a million). In October of 2016, the Bikers update came to GTA Online. Instead of having an Organization (you had to be a VIP or CEO to start one), you could run a Motorcycle Club. You just had to own a Clubhouse (which unmodified were under 500,000 GTA$) and then invest in starting “Biker” businesses. If you could get friends together, it was magical. Unlike VIP and CEO abilities, you had to have a Road Captain for your MC to summon vehicles or other roles for other things. I met a lot of my friends on PSN thanks to the Bikers update. It made it so much more of a cooperative play. I was a Biker again.

And then 8 months later… the Gunrunning update happened. It was that update that they reduced the money needed to be a VIP from a million to only 50,000 GTA$. It was because the new business, the Bunker didn’t have a restriction. It can be ran with an Organization or an MC. Out of stubbornness… I mainly did it solo as an MC President for a long time. But then I discovered how much easier it is to do as a VIP. But… I couldn’t really change myself that much.

When the Doomsday Heists came out near the end of last year, I ended up joining yet another Crew. RAID (shortened name) are actually good people and fun to play with. They helped me make a lot of money. Though they mainly like to “raid” lobbies. We also like to play other games together. During the April Fools stream, I ended up playing some Battlefield 1 with them. But besides that, I know what those of you who play GTA probably think of them. No, they aren’t Tryhards. Yeah, they do on occasion brag about K/D. However, they got actual skills to back it up. We’re more like anti-Tryhards. We’re not Heroes, we’re more like RnG (Run ‘n Gun) players. Though I think Griefers for Tryhards is a better term. When a Tryhard attacks, we don’t stop killing them until they leave. That’s how RAID rolls. Yeah, there’s rules on being a RAID member. But hey, we aren’t that strict as long as you don’t kill fellow RAID members without reason.

The thing about being in RAID is… I’ve evolved. Before, I sucked in a Free Mode fight. They taught me how to get better. Though I was always confident in my flight skills, they gave me a wake up call. I’m still a Biker through and through, but I’m also an RnG as well. Which begs the question… what kind of a GTA Online player am I? I think I’m just a mix. Either way, I still on occasion play the game.

2 thoughts on “What kind of GTA Online Player am I…

  1. Sorry, the only part of that I understood was the part about the XBone. Frankly, it wasn’t much of a decision for me — I’ve always been a Sony PlayStation guy. I thought really hard about picking up the original Xbox, back in the day, but I never did. And frankly, most of the games I really wanted to play were on PS2; XBox didn’t really have too many appealing exclusives. Not enough to win me over, anyway, and subsequent generations of the console were even less appealing.

    As for the rest, I’m glad you like the game, but do you really need to typify yourself? Your playstyle is 100% Oh Mario original, with all the strengths and weaknesses that implies. 😉

    Oh, and if you do choose to stream tonight, you can expect me at the usual time (about an hour and a half late). 😅

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    1. I’ve been a ship-jumper for years. Until I got my first PlayStation, I was a Nintendo guy up to the 64. It was after I moved to West Virginia that I got my PS1. Actually… we technically got a Dreamcast before that, but it wasn’t mine until a few years ago. Anywho, I played my PS1 until I got a REALLY good deal on an Xbox. You see, one of my buddies traded a Zippo for a different guy’s broken Xbox. As he couldn’t get it to work, he sold it to me for $10 for computer parts (I was big on building computers out of old parts back then). I figured out the problem, the front of the DVD tray was crushed. So I fixed it with a pair of needle-nosed pliers. Anywho, he didn’t find out that I fixed it until after I paid him. It took him seven years to get me back for that, which I finally let him cheat me on a trade on purpose so he’d finally stop trying. Anyway, I got my first PS2 just before I graduated high school mainly due to the fact I REALLY wanted my own to play SoulCalibur 3 on. I later got a PS3. Sometime after I got into the workforce (around the time I was engaged to a girl I dated on and off in high school), I got a 360 because of the peer pressure at work. I was the only PS3 gamer. It was Christmas of 2015 that I FINALLY got my PS4. I did switch back to the PS3 before I got it because I was jobless and got tired of Microsoft’s shit. I decided that if I have to pay anyway, I might as well go back to PlayStation. And so far, I’ve been satisfied. I’m not going back to Microsoft.

      People have been categorizing GTA Online players for years. It was Sonny Evans on YouTube who satire’d it. But I always wondered what kind of player I was. Now, I have a solid answer. Though… I do it the Oh Mario way. And if you look through my YouTube, there’s vids from when I tried to be a GTA Online YouTuber. I gave up because it’s a rough world.

      Okay, at least I know you will be there 😛 But in all seriousness, thanks ahead of time for attending.

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