T.O.G Chapter 6 – How to Kill a Ghost (part 2)

Author’s Note: Hey peeps, Oh Mario here with yet another update to “The Oracle and the Gunslinger”. This chapter officially ends the crossover with “But She’s my Little Sister… from my Past Life!”. I know a lot of the crossover was copy/paste, but that’s not as easy as you think. Once I finally got past that, it was easier to write. And then there was filling up the remaining pages as well. Still, I hope you all enjoy?

The Oracle and the Gunslinger Ch. 6 – How to Kill a Ghost part 2

Well… the mess ended fairly quickly. Ol’ Freddy managed to get the members of the Royal Guard who are loyal to the king together in the short time that I dealt with Tobias Gray’s goblin body. Talk about amazing, he was better than ol’ Jeeves. Anyway, the prince lost his birthright for trying to throw a coup and is staying a night in the dungeon. And he went crazy, thinking it was nothing more than a nightmare as the guards dragged him. Luckily, his right-hand man who is also a reincarnated like the boy I met in Japan surrendered without a fight.

“Now as for you…” (King)

He’s talking to me now.


“I must thank you for saving us. Even though that noise did cause a ringing in my ear…” (King)

That’s right, he’s not used to actual gunfire.

“I’m just doing my job. Saving ya just happened to coincide with it.”

“But… how is she?” (King)

Oh, he does still care about the boss. Time to start giving out the messages she told me.

“Oh, ya mean the boss? She’s fine. However, she did leave a message for ya.”

“A message?” (King)

“Yeah, she said she forgives ya for everything.”

“I see… thank you.” (King)


If he really loved the boss, he would had fought everything with his all. I don’t know too much about royalty, but I do know that he could’ve taken her in as a concubine at least. But still, it’s time for the daughter. I walk to to her.

“Yes?” (Ana)

“Yer mother has a couple for ya too. First, she’s proud of the woman ya have grown into so far. Second, she wants ya to move on. Not just about her, but about the boy as well.”

“But…” (Ana)

“It’s her request. Look, yer mother cares about ya.”

“Then why isn’t she the one to tell me!?” (Ana)

I can’t even look her in the face this time, despite the fact I don’t like getting screamed at. Even though I know that the boss has her reasons, it still ain’t right that she can’t tell her own daughter.

“She said that it’s not time for ya to meet her yet. I don’t know how it works, but she can’t meet ya in person just yet.”

“But… did the boy return safely?” (Ana)

“Yeah, he did. He’s tougher than ya think.”

He’s my son, so of course he has to be tough. That Mechana blood is like iron after all.

“I see… thank you.” (Ana)

Wait… are those tears starting to form from her eyes? Dang, if it weren’t for the fact that there’s worlds separating them, I’d almost welcome this girl as my daughter. Those tears are for those ya care about. But hey, even she knows that they can’t be together. Still, I oughtta congratulate my boy for getting a princess to fall for him. But now, it’s time for the silver-haired brat.

“And… I got one for you.”

“Y-yes?” (Niko)

Why is he stuttering?

“Things are gonna get a little more hectic now that ya have been exposed. Then again, it wasn’t supposed to happen so soon. But this wasn’t supposed to be here either.”

I then hold up the crystal bracelet.

“What is that thing?” (Niko)

“Advanced tech of another race. It ain’t even supposed to exist in this world. But… thanks to some feather brains, it ended up here. But still, that bastard somehow figured it out. Kinda like a monkey on a computer can sometimes access nuclear launch codes and destroy a small country.”

Hey, that’s still the best example I can give. I don’t know nothing about the Melchine except for they have a crystal fetish and they look like small space lizards.

“Let’s just leave it at that?” (Niko)

“Good idea, kid. Anyway, I gotta go deal with Tobias Gray. That bastard’s affected a lot more than the Wintergreen royal family.”

Tobias Gray did affect more than them, he also made the mistake of messing with my family. If it weren’t for boss, then looking for my son would remain futile.

“I see…” (Niko)

“Oh, there was one more for ya. Apparently you will be at conflict with yer-self soon. But for better details… ya might wanna consult that last guy who was taken away.”

“What?” (Niko)

“Trust me, I don’t know. Then again, I always try to keep my nose outta things that don’t really concern me.”

I really don’t know, but I’m sure that the boss will explain it later. All I do know is that it’s time to take my leave.

I left the palace and the castle town altogether and head south like boss told me to. After turning left at a broken tree at the side of the road, I meet up with her.

“How was it?” (Oracle)

“The King, Freddy, and all the brats are safe.”

“Good. And… I trust you delivered all the messages for me?” (Oracle)

“I did.”

“Good… now, I have something to show you.” (Oracle)

I follow her a bit further to see the ghost of Tobias Gray inside of a salt circle.

“Let me out, you Hündin!” (Tobias)

“That’s not very nice, Tobias. It’s bad enough that you almost destroyed this world, but you also killed innocents.” (Oracle)

“So? They were only people of this world, not Germans. Hell, they aren’t really people!” (Tobias)

“Just so you know, Germany tries not to admit that Nazis really exist anymore. For them, your kind are their dark history.” (Oracle)

“Liegt!” (Tobias)

“No, I’m not lying. Now, you refused to pass on. That is really troubling for Pauline. However, even she says that hell would be too merciful for the likes of you. So, I have been given permission for the judge, juror, and executioner of the deceased to have you destroyed.” (Oracle)

“Zerstört?” (Tobias)

“That’s right. Now, you have not only wronged my world, but also the son of my bodyguard here.” (Oracle)

“That’s right.”

Hey, I waited to have a line since they started talking.

“Wait… that what your son? What kind of Hündin did you Fickin?” (Tobias)

“Boss, translate?”

“I won’t say the exact words, but he did insult your choice of wife.” (Oracle)

“That tears it!”

I walk into the salt circle and graze him with the switchblade that the Kr-oh gave me. He yells in pain.

“How!? I’m a ghost!” (Tobias)

“This blade can cut through anything… except for dark-matter. This includes focused light like lasers or even the ethereal such as ghosts.”

“Wow… I didn’t think you had so many words in your vocabulary, Lost?” (Oracle)

“Hey, even I know a thing or two.”

“Then do you know what Linchi is?” (Oracle)

“Wait… ya don’t mean?”

“Yes I do, death by a thousand cuts.” (Oracle)

We both bore a sadistic grin before looking at Tobias Gray. Apparently he too knew what Linchi was, so he tried to escape. Sadly for him, salt can be used as a barrier to entrap or repel ghosts. It has something to do with old spiritual cleansing, I don’t really know. All I do know is that if you can cut a ghost enough times, it destroys them. Normally, I’m against this form of execution. I prefer to straight up shoot someone between the eyes, give them a fast and merciful death. But this man… he’s committed many crimes in two different lifetimes. It didn’t make hearing his screams each time I cut into his ethereal body any easier. But it was something that had to be done.

Before finally vanishing, he gave his final words.

“Something… will happen… to this world soon. Not that… I care, it… will be destroyed regardless.” (Tobias)

And with that, he vanishes. Now… I gotta ask the boss.

“What did he mean by those words?”

“Lost… there is only a few meanings behind them. A possible side-effect from him using the Summoner’s Ruins without the power and permission of the Spirits. But… even I don’t know full well what’s going to happen. But… I think that we both know someone who does.” (Oracle)

“Wait… not her?”

“Lost, she’s a being that even the gods won’t go against. And someone who has knowledge of worlds ending, as she has to decide where the inhabitants go.” (Oracle)

Go figure, we have to see that grandma in child’s clothing. Though she looks like a kid in adult’s clothing… ugh, we have to see Pauline.

“Fine, just make with yer magic.”

“Will do.” (Oracle)

Wow, she’s saying that without the playful tone. This is serious. Anyway, we transport back to the courtroom. It’s only my third time there, but it still gives me the creeps. And we arrive to see flames shoot up from where the judged usually stand, so I know where they went. When the trap door closed, she noticed us.

“The Oracle and Abel Mechana? I was not expecting either of you.” (Pauline)

“Pauline, we just taken care of Tobias Gray.” (Oracle)

“So… you both finally got revenge on him?” (Pauline)

Wait… shouldn’t you be against us destroying a ghost instead of making it pass on?

“Yes… but he might have gotten his revenge on us as well.” (Oracle)

“What do you mean?” (Pauline)

“Can we… speak in your chambers?” (Oracle)

“Sure.” (Pauline)

She bangs her gavel and we’re back in the private room with the cherry wood sofas. She then gives us the heavenly beer again. I lower the bandanna and let it hang around my neck before taking a swig. Pauline then speaks again.

“Now… what is this about?” (Pauline)

We tell her Tobias Gray’s last words. She then frowns.

“Damn that idiot! He meddled again!” (Pauline)

“Wait… what?”

“Pauline, which idiot?” (Oracle)

“Oracle, Abel Mechana, there’s something I will have to tell the both of you. Something that I would prefer you two leave within these chambers.” (Pauline)

Oh… this is serious. So serious that we both nod to agree.

“There’s been a naughty god, one without a world of his own. He’s always trying to get the other gods to evolve their worlds. However, most of the other gods are lazy when it comes to their duties, usually they let the inhabitants of their worlds decide. Of course this usually ends in demon kings being born and long wars waging against the other races of those worlds. Even the Higher Gods have a dislike for this guy.” (Pauline)

“Wait… higher gods?”

“I see that the Oracle has not explained everything to you. There’s gods, and then there’s the Higher Gods. The Higher Gods are the closest thing to a government between the gods of multiple worlds. They are actually the strongest gods out there, each one can take on ten other gods and not even break a sweat.” (Pauline)

Okay… that’s scary.

“So… the gods have a government?”

“Yes, and no. You see, someone has to keep the other gods in line, it lowers the chances of them starting wars between worlds. When worlds wage wars, it usually ends in a convergence where the worlds merge into one bigger world. The bigger a god’s world, the more believers will live in it. The more believers a god has, the stronger a god gets.” (Pauline)

That’s… scary.

“However, the Higher Gods try to keep things in order. If not for fear of being usurped, then for the sake of their lower kin. You see, gods who lose their worlds and believers lose their power.” (Pauline)

“Wait… ya don’t mean that it’s happened to Freeda?”

For those of you who forgot, Freeda was the goddess that we of Libertonia worshiped. The goddess of freedom.

“She was only one of many gods in that world. However, she still has a small presence there due to the people who made it to the bunkers and their descendants.” (Pauline)

So she’s still around?

“Thanks for telling me.”

“You’re welcome. Anyway, this is not good. Just when I thought I seen the last of that moron, he does something like this.” (Pauline)

“Speaking of which, you have yet to reveal the moron.” (Oracle)

“That’s right. Oracle, you remember Sigmund?” (Pauline)

“Wait… that idiot who took those three high school students who died in Japan before you could judge them and put them through that banned eternal reincarnation program?” (Oracle)

“That’s the one.” (Pauline)

“But… he was stripped of his godhood and reincarnated as a mortal, if I’m correct that is.” (Oracle)

“He was. However, he used a loophole in the world he was reincarnated to.” (Pauline)

“Wait… you don’t mean he did something that stupid?” (Oracle)

“Wait… what’s even going on?”

I had to interject, they’re dragging this out.

“Sorry about that, Abel Mechana. Beings such as the Oracle and I occasionally lose our concept of time.” (Pauline)

“Sadly that’s true.” (Oracle)

“Anyway, what Sigmund did was start a cult.” (Pauline)

“Wait… ain’t those just scams?”

“They are, and they are not. You see Abel Mechana, one can become a god if they can get enough believers. But it’s not that simple… for a mortal being. As Sigmund was once a god, he knew things that most cult leaders didn’t. I won’t spare you the details, but he ended up being recognized as a god. Thus not allowing him to come to me upon death, instead he entered that world’s god plane.” (Pauline)

“God plane?”

“I’ll explain it this time. A god plane is a plane of existence where the gods of a world reside. Some people call it Asgard, others Mount Olympus, some even call them the heavens. But essentially they are all different god planes.” (Oracle)

“That makes too much sense!”

It does. I mean, even I wondered where the gods reside. But no matter what your faith is, sometimes it’s the same thing with a different name.

“Glad that you understand. Anyway, Sigmund only lasted for a few centuries before the other gods of that world complained.” (Pauline)

“Was he that annoying?”

“Oh, it was worse than annoying. He became a god of evolution, not like that thing about monkeys becoming humans. It was more like cultural evolution. But his believers started developing technology at an alarming rate. I’ll use an example that you can understand, could you imagine Mech Armor and laser weapons from Libertonia being used against the knights of Portnew?” (Pauline)

That was hard to imagine, especially since Portnew is the most traditional country of the current world and while despite being from almost two-thousand years ago; Libertonia had tech that was way ahead.

“I can barely imagine it.”

“Well, something like that happened in that world. Sigmund’s believers got big heads and started warring with the believers of the other gods. In the end, not even summoning a Japanese teenager could have turned the tide; even if they tried it. The world ended up destroyed, and not like the Final War of the Old World. There were no survivors, just displaced gods.” (Pauline)

That’s just… hard to believe. Seriously, no way can something worse than the Final War of the Old World. That was two sides launching nukes without prejudice, both sides lost and humanity was on the brink of destruction. If it weren’t for that Deity, my world would had ended. Well… it did end, but they renewed it.

“Lost, I know it’s hard to believe. But sometimes worlds end completely. Your world had it lucky compared to that one.” (Oracle)

The boss has a point, even if I never thought that I’d be be agreeing with that statement.

“But… what happened to that Sigmund guy?”

“He separated himself into eight fragments, within eight different souls so that even I couldn’t find them when they died.” (Pauline)

“Wait… what?”

“Pauline, even I don’t understand how that works.” (Oracle)

Wait… even the boss don’t know how it works? I thought she knew everything.

“It’s something that only the gods can understand. All I know is that if the fragments can reunite, he’s back. However, you two destroyed one.” (Pauline)

“Wait, you don’t mean that Tobias Gray was a part of Sigmund?” (Oracle)

“I’m afraid he was. However… he was the most defective one of them. But how else to you think he could figure out the Summoner’s Ruins of your world so easily?” (Pauline)

“I… I can’t.” (Oracle)

Wow… I don’t think I’ve ever seen the boss look dejected before. But it leaves the question…

“How did ya know that he was a fragment?”

“Don’t forget, I’m the judge, juror, and executioner of the dead. But sadly I didn’t know until I gave him a second chance and he called me ‘Dummkopf Hündin’ as he started to reincarnate.” (Pauline)

“My word, he really called you that?” (Oracle)

“Yes, he did. Which partly explains why he made sure to stay a ghost.” (Pauline)

Okay… I’m gonna have to ask the boss to tell me what the hell those words mean later.

“Well… he does blame me for his fall from grace in the first place. And for putting a stop to his plans, even though he interfered with my jurisdiction. But still, Sigmund lost an eighth of his power when you two dealt with Tobias Gray. Which means you both now have a target on your back.” (Pauline)

Great… I wanted to learn how to defy a god, and now I just helped piss one off. I’m probably gonna need another beer?

“Is Sigmund crazy? Like you my dear Pauline, I too am a being that the gods won’t mess with. Though my reason is that I have blessings from many other gods due to being a messenger.” (Oracle)

“You’re forgetting Oracle, Sigmund’s still a god. As you’re a servant of many gods, he sees this act against him as a betrayal. Therefor he will not be forgiving. And Abel Mechana… despite your current immortality, you’re still considered a being below the gods. So Sigmund will not forgive you either.” (Pauline)

Okay, I really stepped in it this time.

“But Sigmund’s still in fragments, right?” (Oracle)

“He is. However, he will start accelerating his plans now that he knows that one of his fragments has been destroyed.” (Pauline)

And now that guy’s gonna try to accelerate his plans? This does lead to a question…

“Can a god bleed?”

“Yes Abel Mechana, they can.” (Pauline)

Wow… I never thought that could actually happen. Next question…

“Is it a sin to kill them?”

“My… it’s been a while since I heard that question. Abel Mechana, killing is a sin no matter how you look at it. But I weigh the actions of the deceased. As long as the good outweighs the bad, there’s a possibility of escaping the ‘bad end’. Do not forget, even cutting down trees for lumber or firewood or even picking either plants or fruits and vegetables is considered killing as well as they are all living beings. Therefor I don’t really count killing against the deceased when I judge them. If I did, then no one would either go to whichever afterlife they believe in or get reincarnated. They would all just go to hell.” (Pauline)

“So ya basically judge the dead based on what kind of person they are?”

“That’s right. However, I do sometimes give people a second chance in hopes that they improve. But Sigmund’s fragment Tobias Gray turned out to be a lost cause.” (Pauline)

Lost cause is an understatement when it comes to that bastard. But still…

“So we can basically get rid of this Sigmund bastard, right?”

“Normally, killing a god will incur the wrath of other gods. Or even the Higher Gods’ wrath. But with Sigmund, I can guarantee that will not be the case. Normally the Higher Gods will forgive their lower kin for starting wars or meddling in the affairs of other gods. However, they will not forgive destroying a world. Hence why convergence normally happens instead. But still, Sigmund’s gone too far. Which is why he split himself into fragments, to hide from the eyes of the other gods. He knows he’s in trouble.” (Pauline)

“That’s true, but you haven’t explained what he meant when he said that something will happen to my original world?” (Oracle)

Damn, I almost forgot about that.

“Oracle, you’re better off not knowing. I’ll talk to the Higher Gods and explain the situation to them. They should be able to stop what Sigmund’s done to your original world.” (Pauline)

“Thank you, Pauline.” (Oracle)

“What are friends for? Even if we weren’t friends, I still would help you anyway. I knew that I should’ve pressed harder for Sigmund to have a harsher punishment.” (Pauline)

I see, even the grandma in child’s clothing here feels like it’s partially her fault. But there’s no point in blaming anyone right now, what’s done is done. Sadly I would later learn the extent of that Sigmund bastard’s fragments and his plans. And trust me, they are annoying. But all that will be for another story.

After Note: And that was chapter 6 of TOG. Before I get into detail, let me translate the usage of the German language by Tobias Gray:

  • Hündin – Bitch
  • Lieght – Lies
  • Zerstört – Destroyed
  • Ficken – the “F” bomb
  • Dummkopf – Stupid

Those translations were what I got from Bing Translator. I could’ve used Google Translate, but I was lazy. So yeah, he literally asked Lost Justice “What kind of Bitch did you F*ck?” and called Pauline a “Dumb Bitch”. Trust me, it was better for the Oracle to not tell Lost what Tobias Gray meant.

The Higher Gods are a concept I haven’t touched since Sigmund made his first appearance of LGDK’s current arc. Remember the term “Who watches the watchers”? Well, this is “Who rules over the gods?”. Like all gods, they still see beings below them as insects. This includes the other gods. However, they have the strength to back their claim. And, they both have a sense of paranoia and a sense of comradely with their lower brethren. Of course they don’t consider the God of Fate from Dark Jackel’s “Anubai Hero” as either their brethren or a threat, that guy’s just the strongest human in that world. To them, he’s just an insect not worth dealing with and not their problem. And before you ask, they are the closest beings that can fight the Kr-oh. However, they would be easily outnumbered. As the Kr-oh don’t really interfere with them, the Higher Gods don’t really care about it.

As a reminder, Pauline really is the judge, juror, and executioner of the dead. But I must point out that she doesn’t really judge every single being that dies. You know how sometimes a god will reincarnate someone on a whim or because it was their fault said person died? Well, the number of reincarnated people is usually too small for her to care about. And as the ones who are reincarnated by the gods due to it being their fault, she usually refers to it as them taking responsibility for their actions. But in Sigmund’s case, he put that trio of high school students on a banned eternal reincarnation program. Not to mention Sigmund is a god without his own world. Therefor he had broken two rules by taking them from Earth after they died and put them on the banned program. The reason it’s banned is because if a human has lived too many lifetimes, their souls start to weaken. It’s different from immortality, as a portion of their soul will fade away after reincarnating too many times. And because he was reincarnating them into the worlds run by other gods without permission, he was breaking a third rule.

As for why Sigmund returned despite being originally a one-off character, that will be explained later 😛

Oh, I binge read a new original novel recently. It’s “But God Forced Me to Reincarnate” by LynneSuzuran. It’s written so well that I had a hard time telling it from a properly translated Japanese web or light novel. It’s currently 27 chapters in (28 if you’re a Patreon). The link will be added to my “Recommended Reads” page after this chapter is posted. Trust me, it deserves to be on that page.

Anywho, will be live streaming tonight at 9:00 pm EST. More Fallout 4 staring Lost Justice.

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