It’s been one year…

Before I start, I will be doing a live stream tonight a little after the usual time of 9:00 pm EST. And there will be a break because it’s gonna be a late dinner. But for now, there’s something I want to talk about.

I was looking through LGDK today and I realized something when I looked at the URL for the last update. It was a year ago today that I posted it. I haven’t updated LGDK in one year. I can’t even believe it. Then again, it was last year I started the Fallout 4 live streams and in June I was busy because my dad died. Though I managed to finally get some progress done for LSPL and some for TOG since then, I can’t believe that I haven’t touched LGDK in so long. So my current goal on my free time when not streaming is to get a new chapter of LGDK done before the end of the month.

That’s all, thanks for your time.

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