L.G.D.K! Chapter 29 – It’s My Life?

Author’s Note: Three story updates within the same week? What sorcery is this!? Wait… just me getting in the mood to write. Still, I wanted to wrap up this mini-arc soon. Now… please enjoy?

Chapter 29 – It’s My Life?

Okay… I still can’t believe the situation we’re in. Right now, we’re in the Boss Room of a silver mine that turned into a dungeon hiding behind a barrier with an army of S-Ranked undead trying to get us. And that’s not even the crazy part. Both Lost Justice, the man I swore revenge on and Angry Angus, who is both the dungeon boss and the original owner of the silver mine are trying to fight against a necromancer who came here to tame Angry Angus. And there’s even the possibility of the necromancer being a pagan god? Just… what the hell?

“We’re boned, aren’t we?”

“Coy, isn’t the first rule of being an adventurer to not give up?” (Kuro)

“Kuro, do you see our situation? Right now, there’s a bunch of S-Ranked undead trying to break your barrier just to kill us? Me and DJ are only C-Rank adventurers. Zeke’s an A-Rank and Lobo’s our only S-Rank. There’s no way we’re getting out of this alive.”

“But if we can take out the necromancer, we can win.” (Kuro)

“Did you forget that you’re the one who said he’s probably a pagan god? How can we kill a god?”

“I said that it’s possible, not that he is a pagan god.” (Kuro)

“But how do you propose that we even get close? We’re surrounded by all those S-Ranked undead. Hell, I’m sure that Lost Justice is probably dead by now?”

“I have one last trick up my sleeve, but it’s a trump card I was hoping not to use.” (Kuro)

“Wait… what?”

“I have a spell that can purify legions of undead. But I only have enough magic to use it once. After that, I’m going to be vulnerable. All of you must take that chance to strike the necromancer.” (Kuro)

Wait… is this the light at the end of the tunnel that we desperately need? It’s a gamble, that’s for sure. However, it’s the one chance we have at ending this madness. But should we risk it? In the moment that we have to strike at the necromancer, Kuro is vulnerable. If she dies, the mission is automatically failed. It doesn’t matter if Angry Angus gets purified or not, Kuro has to return alive.

“I’m gonna ask you this now, are you sure that ya wanna take this gamble?”

“I have faith in all of you.” (Kuro)

Damn… the pressure just increased tenfold. Better ask the others for their opinions.

“Guys, should we do it? Don’t forget the consequences if we fail before answering.”

“Boyo, we’re adventurers. We take risks the moment we accept quests.” (Zeke)

“Even though I may never meet the big-breasted girl of my dreams if I die, it’s better to take this risk so it can happen.” (DJ)

“I’m sure if I can get one good strike on that necromancer, we will win. Strength is all that’s important anyway.” (Lobo)

Looks like that’s settled. Still… I wish that DJ didn’t mention his ideal girl around Kuro.

“Fine then. Kuro, give us the signal.”

“All right, but remember what I’m about to say. No matter what, don’t be surprised when I cast the spell. Take the moment I use it to strike the necromancer, nothing else matters.” (Kuro)

All we could do was nod. Kuro’s little trump card is our one shot at this, we can’t fail. Because if we do… it’s game over.

Kuro then released the barrier and chanted her spell.

“High Purification Wave!”

I realized what she meant, a blinding light emerged from her and engulfed the whole boss room when she used a spell that wasn’t in the Mage’s Language. But we had no time to think about it, we all attacked. I fired my revolver, DJ loosed an arrow from his bow, and both Zeke and Lobo charged at the necromancer. My bullet managed to hit his arm and DJ’s arrow got his thigh. He blocked Zeke’s ax with his staff, but Lobo’s bare-armed strike broke it. And the force from Lobo’s strike caused the necromancer to slam into the wall.

“How…?” (necromancer)

I wanted to ask that, I thought it wouldn’t work. But by seeing the necromancer coughing up blood, I guess it worked after all. I looked over to see Lost Justice with a battle-axe, but not close to where the necromancer was when we staged our attack. Just… when did he have that thing!?

“Simple, you’re useless without yer undead. Without them, you’re weaker than the other fragments.” (Lost)

“No… this is… IMPOSSIBLE!!!” (necromancer)

“If ya don’t like it, then take it up with my revolver.” (Lost)

Lost then did a quick-draw the revolver called “Ash” and put a bullet between the necromancer’s eyes. However, something strange happened. Some mist started pouring out of the necromancer’s orifices and was heading for the boss room doors.

“Damn, it got away.” (Lost)

Okay… I’ve had enough of this crap.

“What the hell is going on!?”

“Oh, that? It was the necromancer’s ghost.” (Lost)

“His… ghost?”

“Ya see… there once was this annoying god without a world. He pissed off some other gods for interfering with their worlds. He even took three people and tricked them into reincarnating into those worlds until he was stopped.” (Lost)

“Sigmund?” (Kuro)

Wait… wasn’t she out of magic? Oh… I see the empty vile in her hand. But she should really not to try standing up at the moment. Still…

“Who’s Sigmund?”

“The god I’m talking about. Anyway, he found a way to be a god again and caused a hot new mess somewhere else. To hide himself, he separated himself into eight fragments and hid those fragments into souls. The necromancer was one of them.” (Lost)

Okay… I don’t really know what the hell he’s talking about. Or even how Kuro knew Sigmund’s name. I knew Lost Justice was called a mysterious stranger, but come on?

“I… give up.”

“Don’t blame ya, kid. Also, don’t worry about it. Ya got another problem to deal with.” (Lost)

He said that while pointing to… Angry Angus!?

“Why wasn’t he purified with the rest of the ghosts and undead!?”

“Fools… all of ya. That necromancer was a bigger one. My duster negates magic.” (Angus)

“Wait… why tell us this?”

“Because I want ya to know that it’s useless to exorcise me. Many fools have tried in the past, all of them failed. No one is getting my silver.” (Angus)

“Wait… what? Ya mean to tell me that it’s useless to exorcise you?”

“That’s right. Now if yer smart, y’all will leave this place while I feel like letting ya.” (Angus)

Great… even without that necromancer, we were doomed to fail this quest from the beginning.

“Mr. Angus, may I have a word with you?” (Kuro)

What is that girl up to?

“Meh, I don’t mind.” (Angus)

“Why do you protect the silver?” (Kuro)

“Come to think of it… why do you?”

I had to ask after Kuro because I’m curious as well. I mean, he was fighting of the necromancer because he had to protect it.

“It was for… my family.” (Angus)

““Your family?”” (Kuro and I)

“That’s right. I met this girl back in Anthill Bay. She was Holstein cow half-man who was an escaped slave from Portnew. I fell in love with her at first sight. However… despite not being able to afford a wedding, we had a kid; another Holstein like her mother. I wanted both of them to have a good life. So I came to Tire Flats to become a prospector and managed to be the first to find this silver mine. But as this country changes governments so much, law and order was bad. I had to protect this mine all by myself. But I ended up trapped in the mine. Ironic, right? What’s worse is I’m sure they’re all gone now.” (Angus)

Damn… this is deeper than I thought. I mean, all he wanted was for his family to have a good life. Yet life itself got in his way. Even my idiot co-workers are in the background crying. But wait… I thought I heard something like this before. Think Coy, think. Wait a moment… no freaking way.

“You said your lover was a Holstein cow half-man who was an escaped slave from Portnew?”

“Yeah, I said that. Here, see for yourself.” (Angus)

He then threw a locket my way. I opened it to see and old picture of a Holstein cow half-man woman holding a baby. But the woman in the picture…

“She looks just like Claire.”

“What did ya say? (Angus)

“My friend from back when we lived at the orphanage, her name’s Claire. Her grandmother was an escaped slave from Portnew. And Claire’s a dead-ringer for the woman in this photo.”

“Wait… I have a grandchild? What about my wife and daughter?” (Angus)

“I’m sorry… your daughter died giving birth to Claire. As for your wife… she died from sickness ten years ago.”

“I see… I failed them. I’m just pathetic, ain’t I?” (Angus)

“Personally, I’d say your far from it. I mean, ya tried your best. Right?”

“Yeah, I tried. That’s far from succeeding.” (Angus)

Damn… I wish I could do something for the guy. But as I tugged on the collar of my shirt, I noticed something.

“I forgot about this thing.”

Right there, Kuro interjected.

“Is that a Phoenix Tear!?” (Kuro)

“Yeah… Claire gave it to me because she was worried when I said I took this quest. But I don’t know what it does. Do you know, Kuro?”

“That’s… a very rare item. It can bring back the dead once.” (Kuro)

“Wait… what!?”

“It’s true, but I haven’t seen one in years.” (Kuro)

Wow… it had to be a VERY rare item.

“Wait… this can bring back the dead?”

“Yes, it can. Didn’t I just tell you that?” (Kuro)

“Would it work for Angus?”

“Well… it would. But it wouldn’t last long.” (Kuro)

“How long?”

“I’d say a week at most.” (Kuro)


I then look to Angus.

“Do you want to meet your grandchild?”

“Well… I do. But it’s too late for that.” (Angus)

“But this will bring you back for a week. It takes three days to get to Anthill Bay.”

“But… what would I say? I mean, I did abandon her grandmother.” (Angus)

“Then you don’t have to say anything. Just order a drink. Do you think your wife would forgive you for not at least trying to see Claire?”

“Well… you have a point. But what happens after my times up?” (Angus)

Damn… I didn’t think that far. Well, there’s only one person who knows.

“Kuro, what would happen?”

“Angus won’t become a Lich again, he will just pass on and turn back into bones.” (Kuro)

“I see… it’s best to make sure no one’s around when that happens.”

I then look to Angus for his answer.

“Fine, I’ll do it. As long as I can see my grandchild, I won’t have anymore regrets.” (Angus)

I then handed him the Phoenix Tear. Well… we had to ask Kuro how it worked because Claire didn’t tell me. Apparently you just crush it in your hand, so Angus did that. And then… he became a flash of white light before becoming a living half-man again. He looked at his hands in surprise before removing his hat to feel his head. Like an Angus Bull, he had nubs covered by flesh rather than actual horns. However… I thought he’d look the same age he did when he died. And apparently, Kuro noticed my confusion.

“The Phoenix Tear has it’s limits. It only works on those who are still in their natural lifespans, meaning a child who died hundreds of years ago wouldn’t be revived. Since Angus is still in his natural lifespan, his age caught up with his body.” (Kuro)

“Well… that makes sense.”

It did. I mean, it would be unfair if someone had a million of these things and lived forever.

“Well… let’s go. Without it’s boss, this dungeon will eventually turn back into a mine. But before that… take this.” (Angus)

He removed his duster and handed it to me.

“Are ya sure?”

“Kid, ya earned it. Now let’s get outta here, I spent more than enough time in this place.” (Angus)

We all agreed. With both Lost Justice and Angus in tow, we left the boss room and started our trek towards the entrance of the mine. However… it wasn’t over. As soon as we got out of the mine, there were soldiers in tan uniforms. And they were aiming their guns at us.

“What the hell?”

“You there, who are you and why are you here?” (Commander)

That was the man on the horse. As he was the most important-looking one here, he had to be the commander. He was a tanned human with black hair and a black mustache. However, he’s looked like he’s seen a lot of battles. Well… it explains the flash signals from earlier. Still, better let him know that it was official Adventurers’ Guild business.

“We’re adventurers hired from the Adventurers’ Guild. We were tasked by the Church to exorcise Angry Angus.”

“What, we received no word of that. Was there a man in black robes in there?” (Commander)

“Wait… the necromancer?”

“Yes, we hired him to get rid of Angry Angus so we could have the mine.” (Commander)

Crap… this is not good. Especially with Angus looking like he’s about to lose it. Where’s a miracle when you really need one?

“Miguel Reyes, is that you?” (Lost)

“Lost Justice!?” (Miguel)

Wait… his name’s Miguel? And how does Lost Justice know him?

“That was you. It’s been years, hasn’t it?” (Lost)

“It’s been almost fifteen years.” (Miguel)

“Wow… ya really lose track of time. How’s the wife and kid?” (Lost)

“Don’t you dare talk to me about my family, especially after you killed my brother!” (Miguel)

“Hey, Pablo tried to kill me first. That was self-defense.” (Lost)

“Self-defense or not, you still killed him.” (Miguel)

“This shit again… look, I wasn’t about to lie down and die because the government yer older brother served wanted me dead outta paranoia. And if ya don’t get the hell off my land, y’all be joining him.” (Lost)

“Your… land?” (Miguel)

I wanted to ask the same thing. But then Lost pulled out a paper and flashed it.

“This here’s the deed to Tire Flats. So legally, y’all is trespassing on my land.” (Lost)

Wait… what!? Lost Justice owns Tire Flats!? No way, this is not right. I mean… who the hell would want this piece of dirt anyway.

“Fine… we’ll leave. But remember this Lost Justice; this is not over.” (Miguel)

Right then… Miguel and his men left. And I thought running into those bandits who turned out to be an acting troupe was anti-climatic, this beat it by a long shot. But still…

“You own this ghost town?”

“Yeah, won the deed in a poker game years ago. Sadly the claim to the mine didn’t come with it.” (Lost)

Great… that means that cookware we found belongs to him too. Well… might as well not tell him. Even a small victory is still a victory.

“Whatever… I’m tired.”

“Meh, find a building and rest in it for the night. I gotta go report to the boss.” (Lost)

“Wait… who is this Oracle person anyway? And what about this god Sigmund?”

He then looked at me as if he were smirking underneath that red bandanna.

“It will be explained later.” (Lost)

He then took his leave. Just… who is Lost Justice anyway? I now have a better understanding on why he’s called a Mysterious Stranger, but still… why does he piss me off so much!?

Anyway… we camped out in the church again. In the morning, we got back in Zeke’s horse-drawn cart and started our three day trip back to Anthill Bay. We didn’t have too much trouble on the trip back. And when we returned, we reported to Creole. As far as he knows, Angry Angus was exorcised. Pearl tried to be snarky with me, but I just brushed her off. Zeke and DJ headed back to the Walton Company complex to report to Mr. Walton. I would give him my report later, there was something more important to do. After saying my goodbyes to Kuro, I went straight to Stony’s with Angus.

“Are ya sure about this?” (Angus)

“Hey, ya only got a few days left. If you don’t do this today, then ya might not be able to do it tomorrow.”

He agreed with me and we walked inside. Claire was serving tables as usual, so we picked one and waited. After a few minutes, she got to us.

“Coy, you rarely bring company. Who’s this gentleman?” (Claire)

“This is… Gus. I met him on my way back.”

Hey, I had to come up with something as calling him Angus wouldn’t be right. Anyway, he stared at her for a bit before speaking.

“Ya look so much like yer grandmother.” (Angus)

“Wait… you knew memaw?” (Claire)

“Yeah, I knew her well. I… was a friend of yer grandfather’s.” (Angus)

“I never knew him, only that memaw always said he abandoned her and ma years ago.” (Claire)

“Well… he died years ago. I have something of his, but I know he’d want ya to have it.” (Angus)

He then gave her the locket. Claire looked at it in shock after opening it.

“Memaw… she looked just like me.” (Claire)

“Yeah, yer grandmother was a beauty back in the day. I’m only gonna be in town for a couple days, mind if I tell ya about her and yer grandfather?” (Angus)

“Sure, my shift’s over in a few.” (Claire)

I knew better, but I also knew Stony. That guy was a softy for his adopted daughter, so there’s no way he wouldn’t let her take time off for this. All I could do was silently walk away after leaving some coins on the table. Those two have a lot of catching up to do. Still, I wish I could meet my grandpa. But first… I have to find my sister.

(Kuro POV)

Well… that mess was over. But still… what was all that about? I thought Pauline took care of Sigmund, that he was out of my life forever. Well, there’s only one person I could ask. And she was waiting for me at the local inn. After asking the guy at the front desk, I got the room number and headed there. And wouldn’t you know it, she’s sitting on the sofa. She had porcelain skin, with hair that looked silver with a shade of green, and glowing green eyes. She was wearing orange lipstick with a couple of markings across her eyes in the same shade. And she was wearing all blue attire. Her giant sword was laying on the bed, which seemed strange to me. Still… she was the one who recommended doing Angry Angus’ exorcism.


“I see that you have succeeded, my dear Kuro.” (Oracle)

“Well… I did and I didn’t. But Angry Angus is guaranteed to pass on into the next life… if Pauline allows it.”

“Don’t worry about the judge, juror, and executioner of the dead, she will give Angus a fair trial.” (Oracle)

“I see. Still… what are these things about Sigmund? That he separated himself into fragments?”

“Kuro, that’s nothing for you to worry about. Besides, doing the near impossible feat of exorcising Angry Angus for your graduation will give the heads of the church more than enough reason to make you the next pope.” (Oracle)

All I could do was remove the Disguise Ring she handed me. The form I took while wearing it was the same form that I had in my original life in Japan, back when I was Kuromi Yoshida. However, that me died along with my two best friends. The current me has dark ginger hair worn in a similar style from my first life that was let down with the exception of the fringe and I had dark green eyes.

“It was a good thing you gave me this ring.”

“I’m sure you realized why I gave it to you along with the perfume in the first place?” (Oracle)

“Yeah… I never thought I would meet my brother in this life again. But… it does leave the question, did you make sure he got that Phoenix Tear? I know that they don’t exist in this world.”

“Who knows? I may have had dinner at a tavern that your brother frequents and gave the waitress a tip that was out of this world?” (Oracle)

“Yeah… who knows? But still, did you set things up for us to meet again? I mean, I did leave the arrangements with the Adventurers’ Guild to you.”

“Again, who knows? You may meet again? Destiny is a funny thing. But… are you sure that you don’t want to tell him the truth? I mean, he does plan on taking a journey in the future to find you.” (Oracle)

I thought about it for a second. But… my choice was made.

“You know that can’t happen. How can I face him when I’ve lived at least three lives already? I’m so much older than him mentally. Would he still even accept me if he knew the truth? Besides, there’s more than meets the eye in this world. As this is my last life, I need to figure out what that means. Not to mention… I don’t want to involve him with Yuto and Shiro.”

My two childhood friends from my first life and I are tied by fate. Lives one through three, I was always an only child. And I was of age and left home in my second and third life, so I didn’t have to worry about it. I don’t want that psycho Yuto to touch my family, this is my mess to clean up.

“I see. Well, only time will tell. But for now, you need to return to the Church’s Embassy.” (Oracle)

“I know, my doppelgänger is probably at it’s wits end by now?”

My doppelgänger is my other self that I can create with magic. A magical clone if you will? It has my memories and personality as well as my form. I use it when I want to be at two places at once or just desperately need a break. Right now, it’s at the embassy writing the report for Angry Angus’ exorcism while I’m here.

I then leave the room and head for the embassy. Little did I know about the destiny that my brother in this world have. Or that I would be using my doppelgänger to join him in secret. But hey, fate is a fickle thing. But sadly… I didn’t know that it would be easy to mistake him for a siscon.

After Note: And this was Chapter 29, peeps. Yes, I planned on Kuro also being Coy’s sister a long time ago when I wrote chapter 25. Don’t forget, she was a mage or magic user in her second and third lives. So she knows a thing or two on how to be in two places at once. I was gonna have her disguise be her own magic, but I decided on the Disguise Ring because why not? Besides… I like to satire the cliches, and the MC’s sister being reincarnated is a fun one to do. I’m not telling when she regained her memories, but Kuro knows how awkward things would be if she met her long lost brother while remembering at least three different lives before. She’s scared of the one member of her family that she knows of eventually knowing the truth. Hell, Coy threw her off when he said her adoptive name in this life. Originally neither one of them was gonna know the truth, but I decided against that and left it with Kuro knowing the truth. And trust me, she had a hard time keeping up her act when Coy was chosen to be the hero. Though… I did have to retcon her eye color from her first appearance in LGDK. And yes, I picked this famous Bon Jovi song for the title because this chapter was more about Kuro than Coy.

Now… did Lost Justice know that Kuro was his daughter? Nope, he didn’t. The Oracle gave her the Disguise Ring so Lost wouldn’t know (and the perfume so Coy wouldn’t recognize her scent). It was nothing against Lost, the Oracle knew of Kuro’s ambition to figure out the recurring theme of the story. And that Kuro wanted to try to protect her family from Yuto. Yeah… Lost could easily kill someone with the Hero status, he’s done it before. And he’s taken out tougher. But Kuro doesn’t know that Lost is her father, or that’s he’s accomplished that much already. Don’t forget, Coy doesn’t even learn that truth for another three years. So it was fair for Kuro and Lost to not learn of their relationship just yet. Only Kuro knows that Coy’s her brother in this life and Lost only knows that Coy’s his son. While Coy knows nothing, the other two only know one third of the relationship between them. While it wasn’t nice to leave Coy completely out of the loop, it was only fair to keep some information from Kuro and Lost.

Now… what is the Oracle up to? Only making sure that destiny tries to stay on track. The fragment of Sigmund that was the necromancer was altering fate again. While Kuro and Coy’s group were supposed to exorcise Angry Angus, the necromancer wanted to take Angus for himself to absorb his powers. So she hired Lost Justice again to stop him. If she didn’t, then the necromancer would have truly altered fate and both Coy and Kuro would had died before the story even began. And she knew that Lost wouldn’t let his son die, that was a given.

Anywho, I’m gonna try to work on a chapter for LSPL next. That’s the one that I wanna complete the most. And as I wasn’t working on the 11th chapter yet, I get a fresh start.

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  1. Thanks for the chapters! I admit, I didn’t see the reveal coming, but it makes enough sense that I can accept it. Good job! 😄

    I’ll look forward to the next LSPL, then, but at the moment I’ve got to get back to Anubai. It’s almost ready… 😅

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    1. You’re welcome. But yeah… I had that reveal in the works for well over a year. It was hard to keep quiet about it. Then again… it was too obvious that the pope was Coy’s sister. So I had to do something that would actually surprise the reader. And this my friend was that surprise.

      It might be done later today. To be honest, I think I have the end for LSPL figured out. But it’s gonna be a while as I still try to separate the arcs into 6 chapters (unlike LGDK where they’re separated into 12). It may or may not end in the 18th chapter.

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