LGDK/LSPL Special: Forgotten Adventure in Another World – Part 2

Author’s Note: Guys, it’s taken over a year. But… I’ve finally finished it. Like the recent chapter of LGDK itself, it’s gone through a LOT of rewrites. However, this has been left unfinished even longer. I actually started on this when I wrote the last part. Anywho, please enjoy?

Forgotten Adventure in Another World – Part 2

Coy and the Princess could hear screams throughout the castle. All they knew was that there were not safe at the moment. Coy grabbed the princess’s hand as they ran through the castle’s walls to see what was going on. Luckily, they found a group of guards battling with goblins. Ana being the princess that she is, had to know how this happened.

“Guard, what’s going on?” (Ana)

“Princess, thank the spirits that you’re safe. We don’t know how it started, but goblins started swarming the castle from no where.” (Guard)

“Anyone could easily tell that.” (Coy)

“Aren’t you that boy that the king and Sir Fredrick brought back to the palace? Why do you have a goblin club?” (Guard)

“We were attacked in the garden and he protected me.” (Ana)

Ana may had only been ten years of age, but she knew that she had to explain things before the guard could jump to conclusions.

“I see. Thank you for protecting the princess. We will bring you to his majesty.” (Guard)

After clearing the current group of goblins, the guards brought the children to the king’s throne room where more guards along with the king and Sir Fredrick were battling the goblins. With a group of goblins between them, it didn’t look like a peaceful reunion was about to happen. Coy on the other hand came up with an idea.

“Princess, I heard ya brag about how good your magic lessons were earlier. Do you know any lightning magic?” (Coy)

“Well… yes.” (Ana)

“The goblins are not focused at us right now, use it to strike them.” (Coy)

“But… that won’t defeat them.” (Ana)

“Not by itself. But if the guards can attack them while stunned, then we can clear the goblins in front of us.” (Coy)

The guards themselves then looked to Ana. For once, the princess of Wintergreen felt pressure. She had never used magic outside of practice before. However… now her life as well as the lives of many were in danger.

“Well… I can try.” (Ana)

“I believe in you.” (Coy)

She started to feel a little warm from those words, no one had ever said them before. But the moment then got ruined for her as the guards started to repeat Coy’s words. To be honest… she felt that it was really annoying. She then looked to the goblins standing between her and her father.

“Hammer of the gods… I beseech thee, strike my targets with all your might. Lightning Blast!” (Ana)

Right there, lightning itself flew from Ana’s hands and at the goblins. It didn’t kill them as her skill level was not high enough, but it did stun them like Coy predicted.

“Now!” (Coy)

The other worldly child rushed in and started bludgeoning the stunned goblins with the club he attained earlier. The guards that were supposed to be protecting them snapped out of their stupor from seeing the princess’s magic and followed suit by cutting them up.

“We cannot be upstaged by a mere child!” (Guard)

Within minutes, the goblins standing between the king and his daughter were dealt with. Attacked from both sides while stunned, it wasn’t even a fight anymore. It was a massacre.

“Ana, my daughter!” (King)

King Victor Wintergreen embraced his daughter tightly. Of course the young princess was both embarrassed and having difficulties breathing from it. It took Sir Fredrick to stop him.

“Sire, you’re smothering your daughter to death.” (Fredrick)

“Oh, sorry my daughter.” (King)

“No… worries…” (Ana)

“But to think, you used your magic to help us in a time of need?” (King)

“Well father… it was Coy’s idea.” (Ana)

“The other worldly child’s?” (King)

“Yeah, and he protected me earlier.” (Ana)

The king did not notice that his daughter had said that while blushing. However, he did look at the other worldly child with a smile of gratitude.

“Coy, thank you for protecting my daughter.” (King)

“No problem… your majesty. It’s one of my principles to protect a maiden in danger.” (Coy)

“Whether it be principles or not, I am still grateful for your actions.” (King)

“As am I.” (Fredrick)

“Same here.” (Guard)

Following the guard who had been doing most of the talking so far, the rest of them started giving the other worldly child their thanks. Coy for once felt gratitude, a feeling that he was not familiar with in all ten years of his life. But he did think of something to change the subject.

“But… how did those goblins get in the castle?” (Coy)

“I have a theory, but even I hope that it’s false.” (Fredrick)

“If you have anything, please share it with the rest of us?” (King)

“Tobias Gray.” (Fredrick)

“The mage who brought Coy to this world?” (King)

“Do not forget, he is a summoner. So if he were to break into the castle… then he could summon monsters within the walls.” (Fredrick)

“Hold it… who’s Tobias Gray?” (Coy)

The other worldly child had to ask as he had no idea. And the princess herself seemed to have an expression of curiosity about that name as well.

“He was the evil mage who summoned you.” (Fredrick)

“Wait… what!?” (Coy)

As Sir Fredrick hadn’t mentioned the identity of the perpetrator that summoned him, Coy had to say those words. Even if his Majesty Victor Wintergreen did mention it before in reply to Sir Fredrick’s words.

“But why would Tobias Gray attack the castle?” (King)

“I don’t know how mages think, but I can make some assumptions. Do not forget, we did interrupt him during the ritual. He could be taking his revenge? Or…” (Fredrick)

“Or… what!?” (King)

The king was getting impatient with Sir Fredrick’s dramatic pause.

“Sorry, I forgot that it wasn’t the time for dramatics. But… I think he might still see some value in Coy?” (Fredrick)

Everyone looked at the confused other worldly child due to Sir Fredrick’s words. The guards who felt like comrades not even a minute before now pointed their swords at Coy.

“Wait… what?” (Coy)

“You little beast… this is your fault!” (Guard)

The only guard that seemed to have a speaking role thus far raised his voice.

“What are you doing!?” (King)

“Your majesty, this beast is the reason that we’re under attack. For the safety of the royal family and the kingdom, we must either hand it over or kill it.” (Guard)

Coy hadn’t felt this kind of fear in all of the ten years that he had been alive. The guards… they wanted to kill him. Even if they had given him to Tobias Gray, it would be no different than sending the child to his death. And they weren’t even referring to him as a person anymore. No, now they were treating him like some beast that needs to be put down. Coy wasn’t sure which emotion was more dominate right now, fear or rage? Fear for his life ending before he ever found his long lost sister or rage of how he was being treated, which would win?

For the King… this was a different matter. His guards were threatening a guest. And in front of both him and his daughter! But he wasn’t sure on what to do either. Sure, either of that guard’s suggestions could possibly end this. But for him, fear was the most dominate. Yes he was enraged by but the guard’s actions. However… he feared for the safety of his daughter. Ana was the most important existence for him, she’s proof of the woman he that he once loved. He had already given up on the son of his legal wife some time ago as that boy’s mother’s teachings were engraved into his head. There was no teaching Issac anything. But there was another reason he feared for his daughter’s safety, the warning that was given by the Oracle herself. If anything happens to the other worldly child, they would have to fear the wrath of that world’s god.

In the end… Sir Fredrick had to take action.

“Are you really going to defy his majesty?” (Fredrick)

“Sir Fredrick, we are loyal to the king. However… sometimes loyalty means defying his orders.” (Guard)

“Even if the Oracle told us that no harm is to come to that child?” (Fredrick)

“Wait… the Oracle?” (Guard)

The guard seemed confused, just like the other guards that were pointing their swords. Sir Fredrick knew that he had this hook, line, and sinker.

“Why else do you think that his majesty gave orders about no harm coming to the child? The Oracle herself warned us of the consequences. If we harm this child, things worse than this may happen. Are you ready to face those consequences?” (Fredrick)

The guard was sweating bullets. He was ready to die for his king and country, that was a given. He even knew that sometimes lines had to be crossed. However… his own judgment was being questioned. It wasn’t just Sir Fredrick questioning it right now, it was himself. It was only a moment ago that he was sure that either killing the child or handing it over would be what’s best. But the Oracle had deemed it a bad idea for harm to come to the child. Everyone knows to not defy the Oracle, it’s common sense in this world. And the possibly of something worse than what’s already happening? He didn’t even want to think about it. There was only one choice: give in.

“Men, stand down.” (Guard)

The other guards stopped pointing their swords at the other worldly child. Thus allowing both Coy and the King to calm down.

“Wise decision.” (Fredrick)

“But what are we going to do about Tobias Gray?” (King)

“Your majesty, it looks like the goblins have been taken care of for now. This was more or less a harassment play. If he were serious, we would have had more than goblins to deal with.” (Fredrick)

“That’s a relief. But… has anyone seen Issac?” (King)

The king had noticed that his son was no where to be seen. Normally when it comes to proving himself, that child is normally a braggart who will charge in headfirst. But that’s when he’s sure that he will have the advantage.

“Your majesty, the prince left on horseback when the commotion started.” (Guard)

“That’s not like him at all?” (King)

“Father, my brother’s disappearance isn’t the only thing off.” (Ana)

After the guard explained the prince’s absence, the princess spoke her mind.

“What is it, my daughter?” (King)

“Just before Coy and I were attacked in the garden, the maid serving tea had disappeared.” (Ana)

“What?” (King)

“It’s true… your majesty. And no one even came when Ana screamed.” (Coy)

Normally… the king didn’t like when a boy would call his daughter without honorifics. But right now, his over-protectiveness was trivial. Normally, maids are not allowed to leave the princess unattended. This is for safety reasons. Between this and the prince disappearing… something was off.

“Sir Fredrick, doesn’t this seem fishy?” (King)

“Indeed, your majesty. Then again… this does smell like a conspiracy.” (Fredrick)

“Wait… what?” (Coy)

“Despite Coy’s habit of repeating those two words, I share his sentiments.” (Ana)

“I will leave the explanation to Sir Fredrick.” (King)

“As you wish, your majesty. Princess Ana, was the maid serving tea Elizabeth?” (Fredrick)

“Yes…” (Ana)

“She was brought here with your step mother as her personal maid. Due to the late queen’s wishes, Elizabeth is more loyal to Prince Issac than the crown. If she wasn’t around… that means that she was assuring the prince’s safety above all else.” (Fredrick)

It was only common sense that a maid who was loyal to the prince’s mother would fear for his safety above all else. However, this did lead to the question…

“If this maid’s so loyal to Ana’s brother, then why was she serving the tea?” (Coy)

The other worldly child did have a point. And that point only lead to conspiracy.

“That is a good question. However, we will deal with that later. For now, we need to stop Tobias Gray.” (Fredrick)

Sir Fredrick was right, Tobias Gray was the important problem here. And he needed to be dealt with. But… there was a problem. Where was Tobias Gray hiding?

“Guards, search the castle!” (King)

“Yes, your majesty!” (Guard)

The only guard to speak them commanded the others while leaving a few to guard the King to search the castle. They searched high and low, from all the rooms to the secret passages, but Tobias Gray was nowhere to be found. And this of course left everyone on edge.

“How can one mage be so hard to find?” (King)

“I do not know, your majesty. But he had to be close to summon the goblins in the castle. For this, I am certain.” (Fredrick)

“That’s because he’s no ordinary mage.” (Oracle)

The Oracle herself appeared as if it was from out of nowhere. Wearing her usual blue vestments and veil.

“You scared me, Oracle.” (King)

“I am sorry, your majesty. However, the Spirits warned me that Tobias Gray is no mere mage. They couldn’t give me the details, but they said that time is running short. We must return the child soon.” (Oracle)

“But… how?” (King)

“A hefty price must be paid. It’s nothing like the price to summon the other worldly child, but it’s still one that requires sacrifice.” (Oracle)

The king then gulped.

“What is this price?” (King)

“One that I’ve already paid.” (Oracle)

She then removed her veil. Her skin which was once beautiful and healthy, was now white as porcelain. Her green hair which was already on the light side, now almost silver with a shade of green. Her green eyes which were once deemed the most beautiful in the land, now were glowing.

“What have you done… wait, why can I not remember your name?” (King)

“The price was my identity. Victor, I no longer belong to this world. I now serve more than the spirits, but the gods of many worlds as their Oracle.” (Oracle)

“But… why pay such a price?” (King)

“Because I love this kingdom and the people in it.” (Oracle)

“No, it’s not right!” (King)

“Victor, you had given me up when you chose to cancel our wedding for the sake of the kingdom. And for our daughter’s sake, I’ve already given her up so she could live the life she was meant to.” (Oracle)

“What do you mean?” (King)

“You know what I mean, Victor Wintergreen. I had already given up the Willow name when I became the Oracle of the spirits. And I had to give up Ana to become the Oracle in the first place. Do not forget, I became the Oracle to allow her to be raised by the man I once loved.” (Oracle)

“But… I still–” (King)

“It’s too late, Victor. It has been since you tossed me away to wed Issac’s mother. You have always put the kingdom and it’s people first. So for the sake of everyone, do not change the man you have always been.” (Oracle)

For once, the sight of a tear fell from King Victor Wintergreen’s pale blue eye. He knew that he had no right to finish that sentence. In his heart, he knew he was scum. He allowed a long-lived Earl house to die out because he fell in love with their only child. For his own selfishness, he worked behind the scenes to get the woman he he fell for to love him back. And what did he do? He threw her away the moment that the kingdom was in trouble.

“Fine… just return the child at all haste.” (King)

“All right… but where is the child?” (Oracle)

Right there, they heard the scream of their daughter. Both the King and the Oracle ran to the next room to see that it was too late. The guards, dead. Sir Fredrick who had left for this room to give the King and Oracle privacy, on the ground bleeding. But for Princess Ana, she was on her knees and shaken. The reason, Coy was standing over the corpse of Tobias Gray with a bloody knife.

“What happened!?” (King)

“Father, the rogue mage broke in and held me hostage after killing the guards. He told Coy that if he didn’t come quietly, he would kill me. Sir Fredrick came in and tried to talk the rogue mage down, but the mage refused and attacked him. Coy took the moment that I was freed and stabbed the mage.” (Ana)

“What… what have I done?” (Coy)

The other worldly child was shaken about the first human life he had taken. He dropped the knife and started crying. The Oracle walked over to him and cast a sleep spell. The boy, he was fast asleep before he knew anything.

“What did you do to Coy?” (Ana)

“It will be all right, princess. The boy is just sleeping. However, he is shaken. Then again, most children would be when taking a human life.” (Oracle)

“But he did it to protect me!” (Ana)

“I know, princess. But for now, it’s dangerous for him to remember.” (Oracle)

“What?” (Ana)

“Other than bringing him home, I must seal his memories of this world.” (Oracle)

“But… will he forget me too?” (Ana)

“Sadly, he will. But this is for his own good. You may not understand it now, but you will in time.” (Oracle)

The young princess started crying. The King wanted to hug her, but the Oracle stopped him. This was a lesson in life, one that the Oracle had learned much too late. For her daughter’s sake, she wanted her to learn it early. But they watched as their daughter walked to the unconscious boy.

“Coy… I will never forget you.” (Ana)

She then gave him a kiss on the cheek before stroking his dark ginger hair. The King was about to protest, but the Oracle stopped him. For her daughter, she decided to let her spend some time with the boy before taking him home. While the dead guards were removed from the room and Sir Fredrick was taken to the infirmary, the princess had the other worldly child’s head rest on her lap as she stroked his hair and occasionally playing with his coyote ears. Eventually… it was time.

“I’m sorry Princess, but it’s time.” (Oracle)

“I understand.” (Ana)

The Oracle then picked up the boy and carried him away. This was the last time that the young Princess would see the boy. But she knew that it was a tragic first love. It was later in her life that she would find out that the Oracle was her mother. It was the first fight she would have with her father. A short time later, a girl taken from the orphanage in Evergreen Village would arrive at the castle to be her personal made and a sister-figure. A golden-eyed girl with red hair named Chloe.

As for the boy, he was returned to his world safely. His unconscious body was discovered on the outskirts of Anthill Bay, to the south towards Boromarl. When he came to, he told the doctor that he didn’t remember anything after escaping the orphanage. A few years later after he would be kicked out of the orphanage and join the Adventurer’s Guild because of his job, he was a few levels higher than any other boy his age. It was something that he wouldn’t know until after becoming the Hero.

Two children who should had never met. Their destinies intertwined by a rogue mage. But… would they ever meet again? That my friends, is another story.

After Note: And that was the second part of the LGDK/LSPL Crossover Special. Yeah, I know that I should had completed this WAY before doing the chapters in LSPL that explained the events in the special. But… I had writer’s block with this every step of the way. It took months to get to part talking about Prince Issac and his maid. And the reasoning behind the maid taking over serving the tea and escaping with Prince Issac will be explained in a later chapter of LSPL.

But why complete it now you ask? Simple, I had more to work with this time around. In the most recent chapter of TOG, I managed to write an outsider’s prospective of the events going on in LSPL. Hell, I never even thought of the idea of the Oracle being a concubine instead of the legal wife after Stonefall made their threats. Her backstory only came to me while writing the first part. And as everyone knows, I didn’t create her appearance until I was messing around with Destiny’s character creation one day and realized “This is what I want the Oracle to look like”.

As for Coy and Ana ever (canonically) meeting again, I can only say that the chances of it happening are the same as it not happening. It’s not that I don’t have any plans of it happening, I originally had a draft in my head of Tobias Gray becoming a wraith that could transcend worlds and kidnapping Yuki to the LSPL world and brainwash her to kidnap Miyuki because he needed the power of two girls from Earth summoned to two different worlds with the titles of Hero and Demon King (or in Yuki’s case, Devil King) for some strange reason. And as this was before TOG, it was gonna be one of the Oracle’s rare appearances as she restored Coy’s memories and brought him there to help the rest of the LSPL crew rescue the two girls. But that changed when I decided to kill off Tobias Gray and then make him one of Sigmund’s fragments.

To be honest, I never expected to have TOG crossover with LSPL, but it happened. I never expected Sigmund to be more than a one-off character to parody Rodcorte from Death Mage, but it happened. And I definitely never expected in LGDK to make Kimiko from Yuki’s rival in the first “Memory” into the maid in the prologue, but again; it happened. I try not to make detailed outlines for my novels because I always get new ideas as I write.

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  1. My daughter isn’t letting me finish this week’s chapter of Anubai right now, so I’m catching up here in the meantime.

    Eventually, at the rate you’re going, you are going to end up with a single story told across all three of your main titles. You realize that, right? Just make sure each title keeps it’s own separate themes and you’ll be fine, though. 😉

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    1. Sorry about that. But hey, I’m glad you’re taking some time to read my stuff.

      To be honest… LGDK and LSPL were always going to be in the same multiverse. TOG was never planned out, t’was something that I started on a whim. I started this and the first part because I was eventually going to do a canon LGDK/LSPL crossover. However, all of the original plans for that were scrapped because I decided to kill off Tobias Gray. Even though LGDK and LSPL have their own stories and themes, they are linked at the same time. What is the overall story between two separate stories? That my friend, you will have to wait and see.

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