T.O.G Chapter 7 – We get Vacations?

I remove my hat, my bandanna, my gun belts, and then my long black coat. And then it’s my boots, pants, gloves and undershirt. I never really remove the Bunk-man, but that ain’t relevant. I lightly grab Nagisa by the sides of her face and kiss her. She returns it, and our tongues invade each others’ mouths as if we were wrestling with them. After a bit, I pull back and start kissing her neck. She lightly moans as I start kissing down to her bare chest.

When I reach her chest, I lick her left nipple while before suckling on it. While doing that, I use my left hand and start rubbing her right nipple with my thumb and index finger. She lightly moans my name while I am teasing her. I then stop the suckling and start kissing down her body again. She giggles a little when I reach her stomach. My hands run down the sides of her body as I’m kissing there after all.

I kiss down, bypassing her womanhood and kiss her inner left thigh. After I stop kissing, I lightly blow on her… bead. She does a light mix between a giggle and a moan before I start licking her bead. She moans in pleasure from it. I then use my tongue and invade her… honeypot. She already had some honey leaking out from what boss had done to her, so I decided to clean it up. After her honeypot had been nice and moist from my tongue, I move my head away, remove my boxers, and decided to enter my… dipping stick inside of her honeypot. First, I insert it in there slowly and gradually increase my thrusting speed. She moans my name with each thrust.

To muffle her moans, I kiss her again as I thrust. She digs her fingers into my back as I thrust my dipping stick into her honeypot and our tongues wrestle again. This goes on until the pressure in my dipping stick is needing a release. I tell her about it, and she begs me to release the pressure of my dipping stick into her honeypot. We both release our built up pressures and her honeypot gets overfilled. We then kiss again.

(NSFW ends here)

2 thoughts on “T.O.G Chapter 7 – We get Vacations?

  1. I admit, I skipped page 2. And since the story flowed just fine without it, I can only say that it is demonstrably, literally gratuitous. But don’t let that stop you, and I appreciate you giving me the option to skip it. 😏

    As for the rest… well, it seems a little early in the plot for a vacation, but I imagine things will go sideways quickly, so that’s fine. I also like the symbolism of Nagisa holding LJ’s heart; but I don’t really think it was appropriate to use the same technique on her. It harms LJ’s uniqueness as the MC, sort of… 🤔

    Anyway, thanks for the chapter, and I’ll look forward to the team hitting the beach. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wrote the chapter so it could be skipped without effecting the flow. Yeah, smut attracts readers. However, it’s not always a valuable asset to the story. Not to mention I didn’t want people who skipped to miss out on anything that’s actually important.

      I know, it seems too soon. However… how long do you think that the Oracle has worked without a vacation before hiring Lost? Not to mention that LJ is still new at this job. As for why I did it to Nagisa as well… they’re about to be in a different world where time flows faster than in the LGDK world. They’re breaking some of the local laws, so they are trying not to be caught. Besides, I think I already gave away that she will get her heart back when it’s over. So no harm no foul, right?

      I actually finished the chapter last night and will post it shortly.


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