T.O.G Chapter 7 – We get Vacations?

After we did the deed after so long of not doing it, we clean ourselves off with some wet wipes that I had in my Bunk-man’s hammer space. When done, be both get dressed again. Well… I had to help her with her kimono’s obi as she was still wearing her kimono when we did it.

“Abel-san, I love you.” (Nagisa)

“I love you too, Nagisa.”

“That was interesting.” (Oracle)

Boss had already reentered the shack.

“What the hell!? Ya peeked!?”

“I wasn’t the only one.” (Oracle)

She then pulled Inarihime inside.


“Well… I could not resist.” (Inarihime)

“It’s bad enough that ya did it on our wedding night.”

“And that was intense, though young Nagisa took the lead despite it being her first time.” (Inarihime)

Hey, it was my first time as well. What? The only reasons I never did it before Nagisa are because I never had a chance to do it before I was frozen and I didn’t trust the whores in Boromarl being clean. Not to mention… the last things I needed while I was active as a mercenary in Boromarl were children. That was due to the fact that I had a lot of enemies during those days.

“Why is every immortal woman I meet a pervert?”

“Hey, some of us spend hundreds of years without partners.” (Oracle)

“So we get that way, yes?” (Inarihime)

Those two… I give up.


“Now that… that’s out of the way, lets talk about the vacation?” (Oracle)

Damn, I almost forgot about that.

“But why did we make a stop here?”

“I figured I would invite Inarihime and Nagisa to join us.” (Oracle)

“Wait… what!?”

“Abel-kun, it has been years since I actually took a vacation. When Oracle-sama told me about it, I could not refuse. Besides, it will be young Nagisa’s first time outside of Ritme.” (Inarihime)

“But what about the Isolation Policy?”

“You’re forgetting something, my dear gunslinger; the time differences between worlds. We can be gone for a few weeks and still be back in plenty of time before the current lord of Yottsu returns.” (Oracle)

That’s right! I forgot that not all worlds have the same flow of time. It’s faster and some and slower in others. Not to mention that there’s some worlds where time flows in reverse. Boss told me this when we first met. And because we’ll be back before anyone notices, Daisuke won’t find out. But it still begs the question…

“How long has it been since we left?”

“Let’s see… the time flow of earth is slower than that of my original world. If I include the speed of this world’s time flow and in both the other worlds we visited… It’s been one week since we left this world.” (Oracle)

“Wait… what?”

I know that it don’t feel like one week has passed. I mean, we had been working non-stop since we left Japan. It feels more like we’ve only worked a nine hour day. I will admit, I pulled an all-nighter when I rescued Freddy. So it was longer. Than that… but it hasn’t even been three days for me.”

“What can I say, time on Earth is slower than that of this world. And the few hours we spent in the world where we dealt with Igor equal about fifty ears in this one.” (Oracle)

Damn… I’m glad that we didn’t spend a whole day there.

“But if it’s been only a week, then my letters haven’t arrived yet.”

“Simple, I told Inarihime in advance that I would be hiring you a while ago… in this world. And told her the date in this world when we would come here.” (Oracle)

Wait… she knew?

“When did you tell her?”

“The day after she sent you the letter telling you not to try to defy the Deity.” (Oracle)

Wow… that was a while ago. And now, Inarihime speaks.

“It is true, Abel-kun. The day after I sent that Shadow to give you my reply, Oracle-sama paid a visit. I will admit that I was worried when she told me that she was to hire you. However, I also know that she never lies. So I knew I could trust her.” (Inarihime)

Come to think of it… boss has yet to lie to me. Though she hides truths, she don’t lie.

“Okay, I get it. But Inarihime, did ya tell Nagisa that I would be working for boss?”

“I did. So if you did say anything in your current letter to young Nagisa, it will not come as a surprise.” (Inarihime)

Great… now I regret what I wrote not being detailed.

“Anyway, we need to set off soon.” (Oracle)

Yeah… don’t want anyone to find out I was here. But…

“Boss, are ya forgetting that my wife’s the only mortal among us?”

“That’s right. Nagisa, do you still have that box I gave you?” (Oracle)

Wait… what box?

“Yes I do… Oracle-sama.” (Nagisa)

Why is Nagisa adding “-sama” to boss’ moniker. Oh don’t tell me that what boss did to her is causing the same respect outta fear that it’s done to Inarihime!?

Still, Nagisa enters the shack and comes out with a small wooden box. But it’s sealed with one of Inarihime’s talismans. Just what’s in there? I find out when the box opens. The inside of the box is padded with a silk lining. But what was inside the box… made me almost vomit.

“Boss… is that my beating heart?”

“It is, Abel. You see, what better place for a man’s heart than with the woman he loves?” (Oracle)

“Ain’t that supposed to be a metaphor!?”

“It is, but I figured no one would want to protect it more than Nagisa.” (Oracle)

Go figure, she always likes to pull my chain like that. But what does my heart have to do with… oh no.

“Don’t tell me that you’re gonna do to her what ya did to me!?”

“Abel, no need to worry. I’ll undo it when we return. But Nagisa, are you sure you’re ready for this?” (Oracle)

“If my heart can be with my husband’s in that box, then I’m sure.” (Nagisa)

Unlike me, Nagisa’s full of determination when she agrees to it. However… did she have to say it like that? Still, Nagisa loosens her kimono and slips the top half of it off with the rest of it being held up by her obi. Boss then thrusts her hand into Nagisa’s chest and pulls out her heart. I have to fight every single urge to stop it. I’m used to seeing gory things, but seeing a beating heart ain’t something that I’m used to. Nagisa faints and I catch her, laying her down gently. The hole in Nagisa’s chest then seals at a surprising rate and she gets a scar that matches mine. I take more wet wipes outta my Bunk-man’s hammer space and I clean up the blood before carefully slipping her arms back into her kimono’s sleeves and covering her chest back up.

“When Nagisa awakens, we will make our trip.” (Oracle)

All I can do is hope that this don’t end up in another adventure. After today… I REALLY want a vacation.

After Note: And that was chapter 7, peeps. I will admit, I’m not sure how well I wrote the sex scene with LJ and his wife. I did it for a few reasons. For starters, LynneSuzuran kinda wanted me to try to do one. They’re the author of “I Didn’t Even Want to Live, But God Forced Me to Reincarnate!” and the translator of “The Flower Selling Girl is A Replacement Bride”. Trust me, both are worth the read. Though Flower Selling Girl does have a lot of smut after the marriage. I actually wrote the sex scene in this chapter inspired by how LynneSuzuran edited the sex scenes in Flower Selling Girl. This includes the terms “honeypot” and “dipping stick”.

Another reason is because I wanted to see how well I can write a sex scene. I mean, I thought about doing them years ago. But I wasn’t really that confident in my ability to write them. And during that time of my life, I mainly wrote fan fictions. I didn’t want to imagine characters I liked banging, never defile your waifus. And I tried to keep my fan fictions out of the “mature” rating back in the day.

Now for why I decided to write a sex scene in TOG. It already houses the most mature content of my three original novels (aside from the descriptive gore in LGDK Chapter 13). So why not do it here? But LJ is a married man. As I’m against things like cheating, I decided to have Nagisa appear. I had already planned the insinuation of the Oracle’s “punishment” for her, so why not just go full on? And yes, it’s because when I decided it was time for LJ and the Oracle to have a vacation to include Inarihime and Nagisa. I had plans to include them in some chapters of TOG from the start. Here’s a spoiler, the next chapter of TOG is a beach episode.

However, you’re all going to have to wait, I’m working on LSPL next.

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2 thoughts on “T.O.G Chapter 7 – We get Vacations?

  1. I admit, I skipped page 2. And since the story flowed just fine without it, I can only say that it is demonstrably, literally gratuitous. But don’t let that stop you, and I appreciate you giving me the option to skip it. 😏

    As for the rest… well, it seems a little early in the plot for a vacation, but I imagine things will go sideways quickly, so that’s fine. I also like the symbolism of Nagisa holding LJ’s heart; but I don’t really think it was appropriate to use the same technique on her. It harms LJ’s uniqueness as the MC, sort of… 🤔

    Anyway, thanks for the chapter, and I’ll look forward to the team hitting the beach. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wrote the chapter so it could be skipped without effecting the flow. Yeah, smut attracts readers. However, it’s not always a valuable asset to the story. Not to mention I didn’t want people who skipped to miss out on anything that’s actually important.

      I know, it seems too soon. However… how long do you think that the Oracle has worked without a vacation before hiring Lost? Not to mention that LJ is still new at this job. As for why I did it to Nagisa as well… they’re about to be in a different world where time flows faster than in the LGDK world. They’re breaking some of the local laws, so they are trying not to be caught. Besides, I think I already gave away that she will get her heart back when it’s over. So no harm no foul, right?

      I actually finished the chapter last night and will post it shortly.


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