T.O.G Chapter 7 – We get Vacations?

Author’s Note: This is chapter 7 of “The Oracle and the Gunslinger”, peeps. I had separate this update into three pages because I ended up writing a genre that I have never written before with this chapter (And because WordPress’ “Read More” tag isn’t working when I put it in). It’s hard to believe that I’m over 30 and never wrote… smut. Just… enjoy the chapter? And not because of the smut!

WARNING: This chapter includes “Mature Content” and is Not Safe For Work. It has sexual intercourse and gore. Viewer discretion is HIGHLY advised.

Chapter 7 – We get Vacations?

Okay, this is just weird. After explaining how that bastard god called Sigmund done split himself into eight different fragments, Pauline the judge, juror, and executioner of the dead told us to take a vacation. Personally, I think something like this needs to be settled. So far, we’ve only dealt with one fragment, the summoner with the moniker “rogue mage” called Tobias Gray. That bastard made an attempt to figure out “other world travel” by sacrificing a whole village and he ended up summoning my son. And my current boss gave up everything she had left, from her daughter to her identity to bring my boy home. If there’s at least seven more like Tobias Gray out there, they need to be stopped. Since I literally just killed a ghost, I know there’s a way to stop them. But the boss… decided that Pauline was right and now we’re about to take a vacation.

“Really boss?”

“Abel, I think Pauline is in the right about this.” (Oracle)

“But there’s at least seven more punks like Tobias Gray out there?”

“True, but how are we going to find them?” (Oracle)

Damn, she has a point. Apparently Tobias Gray was a fluke. Even that grandma in children’s clothing didn’t know he was a shard of Sigmund until it was too late, and she’s of a higher position than the boss is.

“Are ya sure there’s no way to track ‘em?”

“If I could, I would do so. But Tobias Gray was outside the confines of destiny.” (Oracle)

“Wait… what?”

“As the Oracle, I can communicate with gods and spirits. And I can even receive glimpses into people’s fates. But Tobias Gray’s fate could not be seen.” (Oracle)

“How often does that happen?”

“Trust me, it doesn’t happen. However, I could tell when someone else’s destiny was altered.” (Oracle)

“Ya got an example?”

I was curious. Even if she doesn’t see it, it could be a clue on how to track down the other fragments.

“The first time was with your son.” (Oracle)

“Wait… what?”

“When I looked into what his fate was supposed to be, it was to be only a failed attempt to leave Anthill Bay. However, he was summoned by Tobias Gray instead. And when I looked into his fate after I first gained my powers, he was supposed to leisurely wait for me to take him home. However, Tobias Gray had already broke into the castle and tried to get your son to come with him by threatening my daughter. In the end, your son stabbed Tobias Gray to save her.” (Oracle)

Wait… what!? My son killed a man at the age of ten!? That’s too young to take another man’s life!

“My son… killed Tobias Gray?”

“I’m sorry to say it, but he did. In order to keep his sanity, I had to seal always his memories of his time in my original world.” (Oracle)

Normally, I’m against something like that. But this time I have to agree with the boss’ decision.

“Was he okay after going through that?”

“As he didn’t remember, it didn’t effect his flow of destiny. However, Tobias Gray had the mysterious ability to alter the destiny of others. Those villagers, they were supposed to live how they had always lived. Tobias Gray took that from them.” (Oracle)

“Wait… don’t this mean that we can find the other fragments by looking into the destinies or others?”

“We could, but that would take forever. There are multiple worlds out there. Do you expect me to go to every single world and look into every persons’ destiny one-by-one? And do not forget about the worlds that are under the other upstart races, do you expect me to willingly go into a Melchine controlled world and risk getting caught? And even if I were to go into the worlds controlled by the other upstarts as well, do you know how long it would take to search the destiny of every person in every world?” (Oracle)

She has me there. I mean, that would take forever. Not to mention… I don’t wanna run into those space lizards again.

“Then how do ya recommend we find ‘em?”

“We don’t. Look, there’s no plausible way to find Sigmund’s fragments. Tobias Gray was a fluke, nothing more and nothing less. There’s nothing we can do.” (Oracle)

Great… the one time I wanted to do something I wasn’t paid for and there’s no way to do it.

“Since there’s nothing that can be done, what now?”

“Simple, we’re going on vacation~” (Oracle)

“This again…”

“Abel, we’ve pretty much been working non-stop. And between stopping Igor’s rampage, our encounter with the Melchine and dealing with Tobias Gray again, we need a break. Besides, I’m the one paying you.” (Oracle)

She has a point… I’ve been calling her “boss” for a reason.

“Fine, we’ll go on a vacation.”

“Yay! But first, we’re going to have to make a stop.” (Oracle)

“Okay… where to?”

“It’s a S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E~” (Oracle)

I hate when she acts this way. Though I guess that she really wants this vacation?

We then walked out of Pauline’s chambers and boss does the transfer circle. Oh, she already went back to work after telling us to take a vacation. And this time… we ended up in a forest. The air was fresh, and the cicadas where chirping in the warm summer breeze. However… this forest was familiar. I should know, I’ve been here before.

“Boss… are we in the Yottsu territory in Ritme?”

“That is correct, my dear gunslinger.” (Oracle)


“Boss, why Ritme? If Daisuke spots me here without Hayate, my head will fall off faster than a striped-ass gazelle can run!”

“It’s fine, I made preparations with Inarihime.” (Oracle)

“Wait… what?”

“Lord Daisuke will be not be in his territory. For some strange reason, he has to attend a special summons to the capital with all the other feudal lords.” (Oracle)

That must have been what boss meant by making the preparations with Inarihime. Normally, they do the yearly summons in the fall after the harvest. But the emperor listens to Inarihime due to the fact that she’s the leader of the Shadows and because she’s his ancestor.

“Okay boss, what were ya and that fox woman planning?”

“It will be explained later. But for now, there’s a certain shack in these woods that I know you’re familiar with. We have to head there.” (Oracle)

I instantly knew which shack boss was talking about. We start walking there, my heart feels heavier with each step… despite the fact that it’s missing. I have a feeling on what I’m gonna find when I get there. However… the shame I feel is strong. We finally get there, and boss urges me to open the door. And when I do… I immediately get tackled. What tackled me? Simple, a woman with long dark ginger hair and golden eyes, but her two unique traits are her canine ears and her scruffy tail. And that tail is waging very fast.

“Abel-san!” (Nagisa)

It’s my wife, Nagisa Inuharu. She’s the mother of my children and she’s the daughter of Daisuke Inuharu. Also, she’s a coyote half-man.


“I missed you, I missed you, I missed you, I missed you, I missed you, I missed you, I missed you, I missed you, I missed you, I missed you!!!” (Nagisa)

“I missed you too. But right now… I don’t deserve your feelings.”

I said that with a frown.

“Don’t say that, Abel-san. I love you more than anything! Well… a mother will always lover her children more than anything. But I also love them because they’re the proof of our love.” (Nagisa)

“That’s the problem, I haven’t gotten them back yet.”

“So?” (Nagisa)

Don’t tell me that her brain is that of a coyote as well?

“What do ya mean by so? What kind of a man returns to his wife without bringing back his kids after saying that he’d bring then back safely?”

“Abel-san, I know you’re trying your best. Inarihime knows too.” (Nagisa)


She puts her finger to my lips to silence me.

“No buts. I know someday we’ll all be together again. I believe in you, my husband.” (Nagisa)

That wife of mine… she’s knows what to say. It’s one of the reasons I married her after all.

“Thanks, honey.”

“Oh… how long I missed you calling me that. But… I smell another woman’s scent.” (Nagisa)

Oh crap, she’s making that face again. That face that can even make a seasoned mercenary like me cower in fear. She only makes that face when people talk bad about me, including myself.

“Honey… it ain’t what ya think.”

“Oh dear, I forgot that my dear gunslinger’s wife is a yandere.” (Oracle)

Did she have to say it like that!?

“YOU BITCH!!!” (Nagisa)

Nagisa jumps off me and runs towards the boss… with a butcher knife? Where the hell did she get that!? But the boss dodges my wife’s charge like it was nothing. Wait… did boss really need to hire me as a bodyguard!?

“You shouldn’t try to kill someone without hearing their side of the story.” (Oracle)

“I’ll give you one chance bitch… why is your scent on my precious husband?” (Nagisa)

“You see, Abel works for me. Though sometimes… we have to get close.” (Oracle)

Don’t say it like that! There’s no lie in the boss’ words, but don’t say it in a way that will cause a major misunderstanding!!!

“You’re dead!” (Nagisa)

Nagisa then lunges at the boss again. However… this time a thin chain with a weight wraps around her ankle and she hits the ground mid-lunge. I follow the chain back to the owner with my eyes to see that was a woman with silver hair wearing a white kimono. But she has the traits of red eyes, fox ears on top of her head, and a silver fox tail. But she is no half-man, she’s a yokai from another world. It’s… Inarihime!?

“Nagisa, what are you doing!?” (Inarihime)

“This bitches scent is on Abel!” (Nagisa)

“Nagisa, you cannot beat her.” (Inarihime)


Inarihime then goes to boss and… gets down in a dogeza? I’ve never in my live seen Inarihime prostrate to anyone, it’s always the other way around!

“Please forgive young Nagisa, Oracle-sama!?” (Inarihime)


“It’s alright, my dear Inarihime. It was my fault for antagonizing her. But if she tries to attack me again, she will be punished.” (Oracle)

I could see Inarihime shiver when boss said those words. Just… how strong is boss!?

“She will not do it again. Right, young Nagisa–” (Inarihime)

Before Inarihime could finish her sentence, Nagisa had already removed the weighted chain and tried to rush boss again. But before her knife could touch boss, boss grabbed her wrist and twists it to the point where Nagisa was forced to drop the knife.

“Let go, you bitch!” (Nagisa)

“Now, you should have listened to Inarihime. So it’s time for a punishment. Inarihime, restrain Abel.” (Oracle)

Before I could even reacted, that weighted chain, also known as a kusari-fundo was wrapped around me and I was face first in the dirt. Inarihime had one foot on my back while pulling on the chain to keep me from escaping. I look around to see boss forcing Nagisa into the cabin and shutting the door.

“Inarihime, what the hell is going on!?”

“I am sorry Abel-kun, for I cannot go against Oracle-sama.” (Inarihime)

“What’s gonna happen to Nagisa!?”

“That… I am remembering things I do not want to.” (Inarihime)

“Stop yer shivering and spill it already!”

“Young Nagisa will not be in any danger. But… Oracle-sama will not show any mercy.” (Inarihime)

I then could hear Nagisa moaning coming from the shack. However… those ain’t moans of pain. They’re moans of… pleasure!?

“Wait… WHAT!?”

“That is why I tried to stop young Nagisa… Oracle-sama is too good.” (Inarihime)

“Let me go damn it!”

“I am sorry!” (Inarihime)

After a bit, boss came out of the shack… smoking a cigarette!? Wait, that ain’t what I wanna know!

“What the hell did ya do to my wife!?”

“I just taught her a lesson. However my dear Abel, you might want to comfort her?” (Oracle)

Inarihime then undoes the kusari-fundo, and I run past boss into the shack. To my horror… I see Nagisa laying spreadeagled with her light blue ocean-themed kimono completely opened. Her face is completely blank. I can see her breasts and her nether regions. When did she shave down there? Wait… that ain’t the point!


I run to her and embrace her in my arms. After stroking her hair for a bit, she finally responds.

“Abel-san… that woman… defiled me…” (Nagisa)

She starts crying into my chest. I continue to stroke her hair until boss walks back into the shack.

“My dear gunslinger, you’re going to have to do more than that.” (Oracle)

“Wait… what!?”

I say my usual words with anger in my voice. My anger is over what she’s done to my wife.

“Abel, I have no desire to commit netorare. But you’re going to have to overwrite what I have done to her. Don’t worry, Inarihime and I will give you some time.” (Oracle)

Boss then leaves the shack and closes the door. I already know what she meant. And… I will do it for my wife’s sake. Not for the swelling in my pants. Okay… partly for that.

(NSFW starts here. If you want to skip it, go straight to page 3)

2 thoughts on “T.O.G Chapter 7 – We get Vacations?

  1. I admit, I skipped page 2. And since the story flowed just fine without it, I can only say that it is demonstrably, literally gratuitous. But don’t let that stop you, and I appreciate you giving me the option to skip it. 😏

    As for the rest… well, it seems a little early in the plot for a vacation, but I imagine things will go sideways quickly, so that’s fine. I also like the symbolism of Nagisa holding LJ’s heart; but I don’t really think it was appropriate to use the same technique on her. It harms LJ’s uniqueness as the MC, sort of… 🤔

    Anyway, thanks for the chapter, and I’ll look forward to the team hitting the beach. 😉

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    1. I wrote the chapter so it could be skipped without effecting the flow. Yeah, smut attracts readers. However, it’s not always a valuable asset to the story. Not to mention I didn’t want people who skipped to miss out on anything that’s actually important.

      I know, it seems too soon. However… how long do you think that the Oracle has worked without a vacation before hiring Lost? Not to mention that LJ is still new at this job. As for why I did it to Nagisa as well… they’re about to be in a different world where time flows faster than in the LGDK world. They’re breaking some of the local laws, so they are trying not to be caught. Besides, I think I already gave away that she will get her heart back when it’s over. So no harm no foul, right?

      I actually finished the chapter last night and will post it shortly.


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