My recent string of updates…

Damn, I almost forgot that last time I posted something other than an update. Anywho, recently I’ve been updating a lot. I managed to get in two chapters of all three of my works and managed to finish that LGDK/LSPL crossover prequel in one week’s time. But patting my own shoulder aside, I’m surprised that I did it.

Today, it would had been a full year since I last updated LGDK if I didn’t update it last week. And speaking of today… be sure that you wish your mother’s (and wives if they have kids) a Happy Mothers Day. Anywho, it was sad that I didn’t update LGDK in almost a year. So I decided to get off my butt and finally work on it. It was hard because I knew what I wanted to do but I couldn’t put it to paper. I ended up rereading the story for motivation… and also ended up rereading everything else I wrote. Don’t get me started on the rereads, I reread the LGDK/LSPL Christmas Special three times and see where I REALLY need to fix things. Especially where I borrowed Zedda from Dark Jackel. But I knew that I had to get back to writing.

What did I end up doing? Simple, using the connecting theme that I had for the LSPL/TOG crossover. The necromancer wasn’t even a planned character, just something I came up with to fill in why Lost Justice (post-TOG) was collapsed in front of the boss room. And hell, originally LJ wasn’t going to appear until they left the mine. The plan for that was to have a corrupt member of the church and some ruffians waiting outside of the mine. The corrupt guy (who was planned to be the arch bishop of Portnew) was planning to kill everyone and take the mine for himself for the silver. That was when LJ was gonna appear, causing the hired thugs to freeze in fear. And LJ was gonna threaten the Arch Bishop, stating that he don’t care about he guy’s position in the church because he isn’t a follower of the deity. Yeah, LJ was originally intended to save everyone.

Hell, I’m mad at myself over the boss fight getting cancelled. I had this plan where the Phoenix Tear was going to actually keep sending Coy back to before they entered with each death. And I was even going to have him end up using a rusted knife he found in the room, trying to mimic a lot of the Undertale fandom’s “Stronger Than You” vids. This was also due to the fact that I had intended Angry Angus to be a mix of Skull Duggery from Wild West C.O.W.-boys of Moo Mesa and Sans from Undertale. The only things that remained the same were Angus’ attire and the fact he was using pick-axes with bones for shafts. And yes, I planned for Coy to get Angus’ duster (also called the Twilight Duster) at the end of the battle. The same duster that Nanashi stole with the skill pillager at the Pagan Death Goddess’s shrine in his attempt to kill Coy.

Now as for the Kuro reveal, that was planned the whole time. That and Coy’s duster were a couple of the things that I planned ahead that actually ended up in the story. That’s what the mini arc was about, Kuro secretly being Coy’s sister and Coy getting the Twilight Duster. Though it didn’t end how I wanted it to, I’m satisfied. Yeah, I changed the Phoenix Tear to being a standard revival item, but it worked. Besides, when has there been any fight in LGDK to end up as expected? I liked it better that the Phoenix Tear was used to temporarily revive Angus so he could see his granddaughter one last time. And yes, that was planned. Angus was to be Claire’s grandfather all along. Coy being an orphan (at the time) never knew his grandfather. As Claire was important to him, he had to do it for her.

Now for LSPL. I know, the “Phantom” thing was an intrusive plot. Hell, even Niko mentions it in one of his many 4th wall breaks. But that was something I planned from the beginning. The more I wrote it though… the more annoyed I was by it. That’s why it was ended abruptly. Besides, Niko was dealing with trying to make the right decision for Libertalia while finding a way to continue the fight for his cause and trying to deal with three women who decided that it was time to reveal their feelings. I could of and I should of stretched the Phantom thing, but as I said before… it was annoying. And what’s worse is that I ended up settling both that and the annexation talks in the same chapter. I still got four more chapters before the planned ending of LSPL, so I have to try to stretch out what I have left between them. But you know the hardest thing about writing the current chapter of LSPL? It was actually deciding Niko’s family name. Yeah… that’s what I get for creating a kingdom that has the same surname theme as Pokemon Professors.

And now for TOG. That… oh boy. I never intended for the Sigmund fragments, that was something that happened as I was writing. My problem was trying to fill in the remaining pages for after LJ left the Wintergreen Royal Palace. And it just ended up happening. As I said once before, I was intending Tobias Gray to end up as some kind of multi-dimensional wraith for a crossover between current events in LGDK and LSPL. That was the reason I started the prequel crossover. But I also know Lost Justice. There was no way Tobias Gray was going to survive an encounter with LJ, especially since he “kidnapped” Coy. Hey, I consider all hero summonings as kidnappings as the hero is always taken from earth without their consent. So it was no different for Coy. But still, no way was lost going to let Tobias Gray exist after finding out the truth. So yeah, Rest In Pieces Tobias Gray.

The Sigmund fragments were just something I ended up as a plot device to further develop the stories. Kinda like how I did that TOG crossover with A Living Will to get that Melcine bracelet, I did that as a lazy excuse for changing the direction of LSPL. Though Jackel did similar by using the Oracle to further Anubai Hero, I had to come up with something. Sigmund’s fragments are divided through space and time in the multiverse. So I won’t be tackling them too much in the upcoming chapters. But they will appear again in the future. Hence why I used one for the LGDK mini arc that just finished, so you guys know that even when TOG ends… it’s not over.

Now… for the NSFW content in the most current chapter of TOG. It’s something I wanted to do and unlike LGDK and LSPL, I can freely experiment with things in TOG. Besides… I wanted a reason to bring LJ’s wife into TOG at some point. So, what better than a letting two lovers who haven’t seen each other in months do? Not to mention both LJ and Nagisa are adults… with Nagisa being 18 of course. I know, you can argue that both Niko and Chloe are adults at the age of 18, but I wanted to avoid a mature rating for LSPL. As for Coy and Yuki… they’re still 17 canonically. I didn’t exactly want to write a sex scene with two teenagers. Yeah, they’re married. However, it just didn’t feel right to do it between them yet. And even though Nagisa was 17 when she got pregnant with Coy, I wasn’t going to write about her wedding night.

Anywho, that’s all about the recent string of updates. I hope I can actually slow down soon. Or learn to save stuff for the future.

2 thoughts on “My recent string of updates…

  1. Heh. I only wish I could go through stages where I can just spit whatever’s on my mind onto a page. For me, no matter how clear the ideas are in my head I swear to Hel that I forget how writing works when I actually have a keyboard in front of me… πŸ˜₯

    As for the rest, the part that jumps out at me is your comment about hero summoning rituals. I’ve seen the “summoning heroes from another world is kidnapping” theme hit several times, because yeah, it obviously is.

    What I see less often, and something your crossover story lightly touches upon, is that the difference between a “hero summoning ritual” and a “demon summoning ritual” is often just a couple of variables filled in. Both can be equally harrowing for the user, both are designed to call beings far more powerful/knowledgeable/resilient than yourself and compel them to help you out, both have the potential to alter or possibly even destroy the world, and both tend to be imperfect when it comes to keeping the little bastards from turning on you. The biggest difference is that one specifies “and it has to look more or less human” and the other doesn’t. πŸ€”

    My thought was to have some stupid kingdom summon an ancient dragon who happened to be in human form at the time, who then goes along with it as a lark, until he gets bored. A short story, obviously, but I think it would be a nice little subversion of the trope. πŸ˜‰


    1. Dude, being able to spit what’s on my mind on pages is a rare thing. I lucked out this time as I was finally able to update LGDK and finish it’s prequel crossover with LSPL. Trust me, not finishing up the latter has been burning at me for a long time. But we all get those moments, you just have to wait for yours. πŸ™‚

      The “Hero summoning is kidnapping” thing’s been a cliche for a while now. Hence why for when Yuki became the Devil King, I had the Deity ask her for permission first. πŸ˜‰

      I’m not going to get into the difference between the two summonings right now. I’m trying to avoid doing a long rant. But hell, they’re both different and yet the same at the same time. Like when Igor was summoned, it cost over 4,000 lives of the Russian people. Or when Tobias Gray summoned Coy, he sacrificed a whole village. The truth is that some people don’t give a damn as long as they can get what they want in the end. And in the end, both sides got killed by what they had summoned. Lazy gods and insane god fragments aside, the truth is that when you look down on something… it’s the biggest mistake you ever make. Just because you summon it, doesn’t mean you control it. Like for poor Yuki, she was basically kept prisoner in all but name to be a figurehead and a sacrifice for if the Hero got to the Devil King’s castle. Because the Prime Minister of the Demon Realm couldn’t make her do all his bidding, he had to keep her under surveillance. But what he didn’t count on was Kimiko’s true loyalty.

      Dude, I would so read that if you write it. Though you should do more work on Anubai Hero (and REALLY do something about A Living Will), it would probably be a nice distraction for you. The reason I started LSPL (other than as a clickbait with context and because it was a them I decided not to do with LGDK) was so I can take a break from LGDK and still have something to write. Hell, I’d love to see a new Wind on the Lowest Plain if you get the chance. Actually… you should create a page for all the non-Anubai Hero and non-Living Will stuff you wrote. Like the prologues that will never be, I’m sure there’s other people who will randomly go on your WordPress and would probably enjoy them.

      When you get the chance, please read and review what you haven’t read yet. And if you have an issue with TOG having NSFW, there’s a way to skip it.

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