T.O.G! Chapter 8 – The Obligatory Beach Episode?

Author’s Note: And we’re finally on Chapter 8, peeps. No sex scenes this time. However… there is ecchi. And even though it’s not descriptive, nudity as well. But don’t let that be the reason to enjoy?

Chapter 8 – The Obligatory Beach Episode?

Okay, this is the last thing I expected. The boss’ destination, a desert isle in a world where one month was equal to one hour in my own. And the reason why I’m surprised… Nagisa finally got her life long wish of looking at the sea. I can see the tears roll down her face as I wrap my arm around her.

“Abel-san… it’s so beautiful.” (Nagisa)

“I know, honey. This is what nature’s beauty looks like.”

It’s true, I haven’t seen a view like this in almost two-thousand years. Like when my family used to take the annual vacation every summer to our private beach. Hey, the Mechana family was loaded back in the Old World. So we owned more than just a firearms company, we also had a few resorts and hotels under the Tex Mechana name. You can’t make profits from guns alone after all. But yeah, we had a few yachts, a couple private jets, and even a train as well. But the point is that I haven’t seen anything this beautiful since the final summer before the bombs dropped. Even Mizuki, my fiancée back in the Old World had her breath taken away. But for me, it used to just be another summer every time I went there. Looking back, I would like to punch my past self for not enjoying it more.

Yeah, I always wanted to take Nagisa to see the sea. However, Stinwin is more of a northern climate and it’s more cliffs than beaches. As for Boromarl… I wouldn’t ever want to take my wife there. The beaches are always littered with driftwood and animal bones. When it comes to the first view of the sea, it should be something like this. Clean and serene.

“I see that your wife is enjoying the view.” (Oracle)

As Nagisa immediately hid behind me, I knew the moment was ruined.

“Boss, did ya have to ruin the moment?”

“That was not my intention, my dear gunslinger. However, you’re forgetting the one thing that beaches mean.” (Oracle)

“And what’s that?”

“Swimsuits, of course~” (Oracle)

“Wait… what?”

“It’s hard to believe that you’re a man and didn’t think about it. Now, could you please set things up? And Nagisa, come with me to the hut. We have to get you changed~” (Oracle)

Boss then grabs Nagisa by the back of her kimono and drags her away. My wife looks at me with pleading eyes, but even I’m powerless against the boss. Not to mention… if Nagisa has to switch into a swimsuit, so does boss and Inarihime. Therefore coming along is not an option. So I sigh before pulling a pair of swimming trunks out of my Bunk-man’s hammer space and then changing into them before start setting things up. Boss left a crate that had everything you need at the beach. From towels to lay on, to beach parasols, to a collapsible table, to even inflatables. Man, boss thinks of everything. I silently set everything up as I wait.

After I finish with the setting up, boss calls.

“Abel, we’re ready~” (Oracle)

I dislike her playful tone. But as I look to their direction… my jaw almost drops.

Nagisa is wearing a standard two-piece swimsuit with horizontal blue and white stripes. On the other hand, boss is wearing a black monokini with a blue chain-link pattern that even has some of the pointless straps going to the bottom part on the back. As for Inarihime… she’s wearing a red string bikini that leaves very little to the imagination.

“Abel-san… I’m too exposed…” (Nagisa)

“No need to be nervous, young Nagisa. This is a feast for Abel-kun’s eyes, yes?” (Inarihime)

“It’s not often that we go places where swimsuits are needed. So I’m sure that Abel is enjoying the view.” (Oracle)

I can’t even refute the boss right now. Or figure out how she’s not getting sunburn from having such pale skin, but that’s not the point. It’s true that boss and Inarihime were obviously going for sexy, but Nagisa’s shyness while wearing such a basic swimsuit is just too cute. So I go up to my wife.

“I think it looks good on ya.”

Nagisa then blushes before burying her face in my bare chest. I stroke her hair out of habit before boss ruins the moment again.

“But I have to admit, it’s been a while since I’ve seen your head uncovered. And since the last time I saw your upper body was when I did the draconian ritual, I forgot that you were built.” (Oracle)

As I wasn’t wearing my bandanna, I couldn’t hide the grimace on my face.

“Ya know my wife’s right here, right?”

“I was more complimenting her on how good of a catch she has.” (Oracle)

That’s one way to avoid the question.

“I will admit, Abel-kun would have made a fine second husband.” (Inarihime)

“Oh, don’t you start too.”

I will admit, this was a feast for my eyes. Three nice looking ladies in swimsuits on a desert isle with no other guy around, yeah that sounds good. However… not really the kind of situation I like either. For starters, a married man should only look at his wife. And right now, she’s the cutest thing around.

“Abel-san, can we play in the water now?” (Nagisa)

“Good idea.”

With that, we walked to the shallows. Nagisa comments on how cold the water is, and how it’s salty. I can only smile before we start splashing each other. After a bit, Inarihime and boss come over with a beach ball. We start passing it along for a half-hour before we get board. Inarihime decides to teach Nagisa how to build sand castles while I set up a grill. The menu is frozen hamburgers and hot dogs that were in this special cooler that boss brought. I figure that I could catch some fish later, so I start grilling. After setting the hot dogs and burgers on their own plates, we start the self-serve.

“Abel-san, why is this called a hot dog? Does it have dog meat in it?” (Nagisa)

“It’s just a name, honey. Don’t worry, there’s no dog in there.”

To be honest… it’s the first rule of eating hot dogs to not think about what’s in them.

After trying them with different condiments, Nagisa decides that she likes relish the best though mustard and ketchup balance each other out. I like mustard on mine, but I add the same condiments as my wife to make her feel special. Apparently Inarihime has had them before during a visit to Stinwin. I have to talk her out of wanting to know what’s in them as well, but boss convinces her that it’s the flavor that matters the most. As for the burgers, Nagisa immediately approves after trying one plain. But she gets hooked on onions, ketchup, mustard, pickles and cheese. Apparently she doesn’t care for mayo, tomatoes, or lettuce on them. I can only wish that she could try some fries, deep fried potatoes are the best.

When we finish eating, we all sit down and watch the waves. I had to warn both Nagisa and Inarihime of the thirty minutes rule, so we spend the time talking.

“This is the most fun I’ve ever had, Abel-san.” (Nagisa)

“It’s been years since I could enjoy something like this. How about when I get the family back together, we plan a family vacation?”

“Abel-kun, you shouldn’t say such things without thinking. Don’t forget about the isolation policy.” (Inarihime)

“Crap… Inarihime’s right. Sorry honey.”

“It’s okay, Abel-san. Even if we can’t make these memories with our children, I’m happy to make them with you.” (Nagisa)

There’s some sadness in my wife’s words. Then again, I can understand it. As a father, I wanna give my kids what I didn’t have. However… that was impossible from the start. Thanks to Ritme’s isolation policy, I can’t even give them proper vacations. Yeah, there’s lakes and streams in Ritme that we can swim in. But… it’s no replacement for going to the beach. The salty air and the sand, there’s nothing like it. Though I could ask the boss about trying to do this for my family, I can’t.

“Abel, I know what you were thinking. And you’re right, I can’t really do this on a whim. I’m the Oracle, messenger of the spirits and many different gods in different worlds. This is a special occasion.” (Oracle)

“Boss, don’t read my mind.”

“How many times do I have to tell you, my dear gunslinger? I can’t read minds, but I can read people.” (Oracle)

Ugh… I hate when she does that explanation.

“Still, thanks a lot. Without you, I could never make my wife’s wish a reality.”

I then wrap an arm around Nagisa. She cuddles up close to me and we both smile.

“Thank you, Oracle-sama.” (Nagisa)

“It’s no problem, my dear Nagisa. Abel has been a hard worker and has even helped me get my revenge on a certain someone. So I have no problem helping him with granting your wish.” (Oracle)

Okay, I felt a little anger at the my dear Nagisa bit. Then again, it’s just boss’ antics.

“I’m still surprised that Oracle-sama needed help with getting revenge. You even defeated me in a fight, yes?” (Inarihime)

“I only fight when I need to. However, there’s things that I cannot do. That’s one of the reasons I hired Abel to be my bodyguard.” (Oracle)

“Wait… when did you two fight?”

I had to ask.

“It was many years ago when I had to visit Ritme. I was attacked by the Shadows, but defeated them all. And then Inarihime decided to take up the fight.” (Oracle)

“It was the first time in years that I had to transform. However, Oracle-sama hit me so hard that I turned back. And then… I do not want to remember it.” (Inarihime)

I honestly don’t want to know. I mean, I think I got the general idea when boss forced Nagisa into the cabin. Especially since she hugged me tightly when she thought about it.

“It’s not what you think. Abel. What I did to Inarihime and Nagisa was hit some pressure points.” (Oracle)

“Wait… what!?”

“There’s many pressure points on the human body. There’s only a minor difference between the pressure points of normal humans and half-men. Even a kitsune such as Inarihime has pressure points. I just hit a few ones that give extreme sensual pleasure.” (Oracle)

Okay… that’s just scary. But wait.

“Then why was Nagisa’s kimono open?”

“Oh, I thought you would enjoy the little spell I cast on her~” (Oracle)

“Spell? What the hell did ya do to my wife?”

“It’s one that permanently removes hair in certain areas.” (Oracle)

“Wait… what?”

“Now… I will be no different from a little girl…” (Nagisa)

Okay, I don’t get the thing about women in Ritme thinking that pubic hair is a sign of maturity. But… it’s time for damage control.

“Actually honey, guys back in the Old World like it when it’s smooth down there.”

“Really?” (Nagisa)

“Yeah, it’s the truth. Hell, I like ya better this way. Which I thought was impossible.”

Nagisa then rubs her face in my chest again.

“I’m glad.” (Nagisa)

Since Nagisa had her face buried in my chest, she didn’t see boss give me a thumbs up. And then she ruins it again.

“But I was smoking the cigarette to purposely give you the wrong idea.” (Oracle)

“Damn it to Freeda, boss. Did ya really have to do that?”

“I just like to imagine the expressions that you have under the bandanna.” (Oracle)

“I don’t know who’s worse, you or Inarihime.”

It’s true, both of the messengers of gods that I know of are mischief makers. Even though Inarihime’s the former servant of a god, her and boss seem to get their kicks out of doing this crap.

Before anyone could answer, we hear a mighty roar. We all look towards the waves to see some kind of ship being pulled by a sea serpent. I will admit, I’ve seen a lot of things even before traveling with boss. But… this is a first.

“Why are those idiots here?” (Oracle)

“Boss… do ya know them?”

“I know of them. Have you ever heard of Sea Orcs, my dear gunslinger?” (Oracle)


“Unlike the standard orc, a Sea Orc is of higher intelligence. They managed to figure out shipbuilding and how to sail. However… they are still driven by lust like their lower intellectual cousins.” (Oracle)

“Wait… don’t that mean they’re heading this way because there’s women here?”

“We will have to teach them a lesson. However, you’re on vacation.” (Oracle)

“Wait… what?”

“Don’t worry and enjoy the show~” (Oracle)

Why don’t I like this? Anyway, some Sea Orcs reach the isle by row boats that were pulled by smaller sea serpents. They mainly wear bandannas on their heads and brown pants, but that seems to be the only visual difference between them and normal orcs. Boss uses the same lightning attack she used on Igor, but it’s more powerful and fries them alive. And I can smell… bacon? Okay, they are definitely orcs. And orc meat tastes the same as wild boar. Not to mention… I’m sure that Nagisa would enjoy a burger with bacon on it.

“There is more of these things. Abel-kun, it has been a while since I last got to go all out. So I will be assisting Oracle-sama.” (Inarihime)

Before I could answer, Inarihime pulled the stings on her bikini loose and removed it. But I didn’t really see much as she immediately transformed… into a giant fox!? It’s silver like her hair and has multiple tails. I count them, and there’s nine. But the bigger shocker is that her size in this form is one and a half times the size of a Gore Grizzly. She starts swiping at the Sea Orcs, slicing them to pieces.

“Abel-san, I’m mad right now. So I’ll just take out some of my frustration on those stupid orcs for ruining our precious time together!” (Nagisa)

Before I could stop my wife, she was already charging into battle. But… when did she get those butcher knives!? She was cutting at the Sea Orcs, some of them missing small body parts such as ears, their noses, and fingers. That look on her face that would sometimes even scare me caused a lot of them to freeze in fear. But all of them ended up with multiple stab wounds, dying from them. I knew her father used to keep her on a pedestal because she was precious to him, but I think he would approve of her combat skill if he were here. And note to self, never cheat on my wife. I don’t know who would be in more danger, me or the other woman.

“I don’t think I will even get the chance to fight this time?”

I couldn’t even hold it in, most of the landing parties were already slain in less than five minutes. Actually, it was a one-sided massacre. But then the ship pulled in closer and another Sea Orc jumped off. He landed on the beach with a thud. This guy was taller than the other Sea Orcs so far. And had a more fearsome aura. He’s wearing a pirate’s hat and a red long coat, but wore the same tan pants as all of the other Sea Orcs so far.

“Well… the boss finally shows up. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a Sea Orc Captain.” (Oracle)

This is the boss monster!?

“Puny human woman. Ye dare kill me brothers instead of just gettin’ taken?” (Captain)

“No one in their right mind would be taken by an orc. Especially a Sea Orc.” (Oracle)

“Foolish. I will personally make ye squeal as I fill ye with seed. Stronger women make for better children.” (Captain)

“I take it that you don’t know who I am? But, I will engrave this mistake into your body for the rest of your days.” (Oracle)

“Ha, ye will be violated!” (Captain)

The Sea Orc Captain then rushed for boss. But the boss replied back with a cold glare on her face.

“No, you will. Inarihime, do the honors?” (Oracle)

Inarihime then transformed back into her usual form. But as she’s naked… I don’t know where to look!

Da maschio a femmina!” (Inarihime)

Right there, the Sea Orc Captain was hit with the male-to-female gender changing spell. I was curious why boss didn’t do it herself as I gave her the grimoire to do it back when we dealt with Igor, but she always has her reasons. Anyway, the Sea Orc Captain went poof and a female figure was standing in it’s place. She was much shorter than the standard Sea Orc and her clothing was falling off because she was much slimmer. She also had long brown hair and even looked more human, except for her pig nose.

“What be these bulges!? What have ye done to me!?” (Captain)

Damn, even the voice sounded better.

“I told you, I would engrave your mistake into you for the rest of your days. Now Sea Orcs, I present you with this woman. Take her and leave this island.” (Oracle)

“Fool, these bilge rats listen to me. Wait… what are ye doing? I be of higher rank, this be mutiny!” (Captain)

The Sea Orcs that weren’t slain grabbed their now former leader and carried her back to the ship before leaving. To believe… it was over that fast. But boss’ cold glare didn’t die until after she explained it.

“The thing about monsters like orcs, they are still prideful and arrogant. However, I did warn him. And nowshe’ll be violated for the rest of her days, nothing more than a seedbed. But as now female Sea Orcs will be born, it will be a matter of time before they stop kidnapping women of other races. And eventually, their civilization will change to the point where they will actually be on better terms with other races. However, that will be many years after we leave this world.” (Oracle)

As her cold glare started to disappear, I started to realize something. Boss may had been cruel to that idiot, but she was being merciful to the future Sea Orcs. Yeah, they’re monsters. However, even humans can be monsters in a different sense of the term. Hell, my people nuked the planet with our enemies and humanity itself had to pay for it. Not to mention Bunk-Co, those bastards caused problems for the survivors that they said they would protect. I was frozen for almost two-thousand years and my wife’s ancestors were forcefully turned into animal and human hybrids.

I look to my blood-soaked wife and then smile. Yeah, Bunk-Co had did many things. But they’re almost extinct. And if it weren’t for their inhuman experiments, I would have never met Nagisa in the first place. That old saying of when the world gives you lemons that you make lemonade, that’s what I’m gonna do. I will make do with what I have and eventually reunite my family.

After a bit, we started to dismantle the dead Sea Orcs. Hey, they eat humans too. So it’s only the circle of life. After we’re done, boss casts a cleaning spell on all of us to remove the blood. With this much food, we’ll be in bacon for a while. But boss drops an unexpected bomb on us. It’s nothing bad, but it’s not good either.

“Let’s go enjoy the hot spring~” (Oracle)

“Wait… there’s a hot spring on this island?”

“Yes. You see, I picked this island because it would be nice for a vacation. Play on the beach in the daytime and then soak in the hot spring at night. It’s perfect~” (Oracle)

“A soak in a hot spring would be nice, yes? After those orcs attacked and we have just dismantled them, a good soak is what we need.” (Inarihime)

“Hey, could ya at least get dressed before talking to me?”

Inarihime was still naked from earlier and I had been trying my best not to look.

“Do not mind me, Abel-kun. It would be a waste to get dressed now.” (Inarihime)

“Whatever… I give up.”

There’s no winning against that woman. When it comes to Inarihime, it’s better to give up ahead of time. Though apparently boss is even harder to win against.

“Abel-san, let’s go!” (Nagisa)

Nagisa grabs my arm and pulls me with her. Even though she fell in love with the beach, she is still a woman of Ritme. And why do I say that? Simple, she loves hot springs more than anything. When we took our honeymoon in Itsutsu, she wanted to tour every hot spring. It wasn’t my thing, but seeing her smile like a little girl was worth it.

We get to the hot spring and remove our swimwear. By tradition, wearing anything in a hot spring is a no go. We scrub our bodies and each others backs before entering. And that water temperature… was just right. I could feel my muscles relax to the point where I sighed like an old man.

“Remember the last time we got to relax like this, Abel-san?” (Nagisa)

“Hey, I thought earlier today was relaxing. That was until the Sea Orcs came and ruined it.”

“True, but that was more having fun than relaxing.” (Nagisa)

I could only chuckle a little in response. Today has been a good day. Breaks like this are worth most of the crap I’ve went through since I started working for boss. A peaceful day with my loving wife. Annoyances aside, I could use more days like this.

“Abel, we’re coming in.” (Oracle)

Speaking of annoyances… speak of the devil and she will appear.

“Boss, can’t ya let us have a moment?”

She and Inarihime both come. As a precaution, I covered my eyes.

“Abel-kun, no need to be shy.” (Inarihime)

“There’s women in here other than my wife, so of course I’m gonna be shy!”

Those two… do they have no shame?

“Abel-san, uncover your eyes.” (Nagisa)

“Wait… what?”

“I would only get mad if they were thieving cats. But both Inarihime and Oracle-sama are women I approve of.” (Nagisa)

“Hey, what about before when ya got mad at boss?”

“That was before I approved of her. As for Inarihime, I’ve always approved.” (Nagisa)

“What are ya talking about?”

I uncovered my eyes to look straight into Nagisa’s. She didn’t have that scary look, but a different one of determination.

“Men are allowed to have multiple wives in Ritme. Father only didn’t because wolves are monogamous, so he wasn’t going to marry any other women. But girls are taught to accept that men can have more than one wife. But as the legal wife, I have to approve of any other wives. Inarihime has always been there for me since I lost my mother. She’s like an elder sister to me, so there’s no way I wouldn’t approve of her.” (Nagisa)

I know of polygamy being legal in Ritme. However, I’m from the Old World. One wife at a time, that’s the morality and law back in Libertonia.

“But… I’m not from Ritme.”

“Abel-kun, I held back because of that fact.” (Inarihime)

“Hey, weren’t ya always just yanking my chain?”

“I have always been half-serious about that. But young Nagisa fell in love with you on first sight. I could never betray the poor girl. So until you are ready, I will be waiting.” (Inarihime)

Okay… this ain’t happening. I only have feelings for Nagisa.

“Aren’t you lucky, my dear gunslinger? You have yourself a small harem~” (Oracle)

“Don’t ya start, boss.”

“Even though you got angry for me~” (Oracle)

“Hey, anyone would be angry for ya. Especially since yer fiancé was a king who didn’t even think to take ya as a concubine when he couldn’t make ya queen. If he really loved ya, he would’ve fought with everything he had.”

Boss blinked before answering.

“I wasn’t referring to that. However, I never really thought of it before. And you have a point, he would’ve fought with everything he had. Abel, I wish you would’ve told Victor that to his face. Actually, I wish I had thought of it when I did my final farewell to him. The next time I get to see Victor, I’ll tell him about this.” (Oracle)

Crap… I’ve stepped in it now.

“Whatever, I’m a one woman man.”

“True, but you are trapped here.” (Oracle)

“Wait… what?”

“We’re going to be here for three months. Meaning that when we return to Ritme, we’ll only have been gone for three hours. We have a full summer ahead of us~” (Oracle)

“Don’t even tease me.”

“Who says I am~” (Oracle)

Right there, I could feel the doom. I’m trapped on a desert isle with three women. One of them my wife, two of them perverted immortals. The length, three months. Most guys, would probably envy me right now. But for me, this is hell. And the question on my mind right now… will I even survive this vacation?

After Note: Yeah… nope. It’s not really going to be a harem for our gunslinger. Before you guys start grabbing the torches and pitchforks, let me explain the feelings of the women.

Inarihime has lived in the LGDK world for almost a thousand years at this point. Yeah, she loved the Ox King. But even she would get lonely by this time. When she first met Lost, she was surprised that he was technically older than her. When you get Inarihime’s age, the options are not desirable. Yeah, there’s elves (in the high, forest, and night varieties) close to her age, but they tend to be xenophobic as the years go by. As for the demon realm side… most of the guys that she knows are douche bags. And yes, the Harem King tried to sway her when she was the Devil King and he was one of her generals. But his powers incubis don’t effect higher beings such as vampires or yokai. But when it came to LJ, she felt an attraction from when she first scouted him out. Not only was he older, but he could tell that there were Shadows ready to jump him if he tried anything to her. And to be honest… she has a complex for older men. That’s why it took her so long to return the Ox King’s feelings. However, she didn’t go for him because Nagisa fell for LJ at first sight. As the girl never really wanted anything before, Inarihime decided to spoiler her a little. As for Inarihime’s relationship with Nagisa before LJ entered the picture… as the Oracle says, that will be explained later.

Now for the Oracle. Normally, she feels nothing for men or women. But she loves to tease when possible. Hence the “date” and the love hotel from the first chapter. However, LJ did more for her than any other man had. Not only did he help her get revenge on the man who ruined her fate, but LJ got angry at a king for her sake. And these are things that are outside of their contract. She never thought about why Victor Wintergreen didn’t try to at least make her a concubine when their wedding was canceled. All she thought about was her daughter’s future, that’s why she became an oracle in the first place. Besides, she knew that Victor cared a lot about his people. So she just accepted things as they are. Now… is that a romantic attraction she has for LJ? Who knows? They still got plenty of world hopping to go, so feelings can be explored.

Now… why Nagisa accepted the Oracle as a potential wife for her husband? She realized the Oracle’s strength during the fight with the Sea Orcs. Yeah, Nagisa is a yandere. However, she too believes in the whole “the devil you know” thing. So she only wants Lost to have been “with” women she approves of, though Lost has no intention of being “with” any other women. And not to mention in Ritme culture, men can have more than one wife. She was raised to accept that. However, her position is legal wife. So she knows who’s the most important.

But will this end up with a harem tag? I hope not.

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