So I just watched E3…

Before I go into detail, there will be a chapter of TOG soon…

Now, I just watched Bethesda’s E3. And… I’m so hyped for Fallout 76. It takes place in West Virgina, my (self-proclaimed) home state. And it takes place in many places that I’m familiar with. Seriously, there was Camden Park, West Virginia University, the John Amos Power Plant, the New River Gorge, the Greenbrier Resort, and even the Charleston Capitol Building. So hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if I somehow find the trailer that I used to live in. But they also have mutations based of West Virginia lore. This includes the Mothman, the FREAKING Mothman. For all we know, the Mothman might actually be of Fallout’s rare supernatural element. Yes, I’m a believer when it comes to the Mothman. I always had the shivers when driving through Point Pleasant, I never went through there at night in fear of actually seeing it. And my heart stopped when I saw it during the trailers.

Why I didn’t mention my hype sooner? Simple, I was hoping to get out the next TOG out before E3. It takes place in West Virginia with some of my old characters from my pre-LGDK works. I will try to get that chapter out soon. But for now… I’m just too hyped for the game. It will have multiplayer with the option to play Single Player. But I’ll try both modes… just not when streaming.

Speaking of streaming, I’ll get back to the Fallout 4 streams this week. I wanna finish all of Fallout 4 and it’s DLC’s before Fallout 76 rolls around. I’m gonna try to pre-order it when time comes around. As it comes out in November, there’s plenty of time. So yeah, can’t wait for Lost Justice to go to Far Harbor to solve a mystery or go to Nuka-World and become the Raider Overboss. That last one suits him better than being general of the Minutemen.

When I do start Streaming Fallout 76, it’ll be as Lost Justice again. I won’t even do another poll over it. We all know that he’s more suited to the Fallout streams than the Oracle anyway. If I had someone else who could play the role of the Oracle, I’d do co-op with them during the streams. But still, I’m happy that we finally get a multiplayer Fallout game. I’ll try to avoid playing with Randoms as it’s asking to be killed. Trust me, I know the dangers. And if I’m live streaming, people will want to troll me on stream because they can.

The biggest concern right now that we FINALLY have information about the multiplayer is that there won’t be mods. I personally think that Bethesda wouldn’t want to piss off the modding community, they are Bethesda’s biggest supporters. Personally as a PS4 gamer, I don’t like mods. When you have mods turned on, Trophies/Achievements are turned off. And if it’s on your save data, that profile won’t be able to get any Trophies/Achievements at all. I’m not really an Achievement Hunter, but I like getting a notification that I earned a Trophy. But there’s many people out there who love mods. Yeah, I am one of those saps who will throw some money to Bethesda’s Creation Club to get so-called “paid mods”. But things from the Creation Club’s been approved by Bethesda and are less likely to have the possibility of messing up your game. Not to mention you can still get Trophies/Achievements with Creation Club content. But I do make it a principle to only get stuff that’s free at the time or is on sale. I don’t really support the Creation Club enough to pay full-price for anything. But do I think Fallout 76 will be mod free? Of course not. As I said before, Bethesda’s biggest pillar of support is the modding community. And a Fallout game since 3 without the ability to mod is preposterous.

Anywho, that’s all I have for now. I will have Chapter 9 of TOG soon.

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