Fallout 76 could actually be better than the previous games…

Before anyone asks, still fine-tuning chapter 9 of TOG. Anywho, I’ve been watching a lot of videos on YouTube about Fallout 76 by Fallout YouTubers lately. The YouTubers themselves are fine… but the problem lies with the comments sections. And yes, I just traded in my Destiny 2 earlier today to pre-order Fallout 76. I didn’t really touch it anyway and didn’t care for the main story. If they do an edition that holds the DLCs like they did with Taken King for Destiny 1 in the future, I might get it. But since Cayde-6 was killed off in the Forsaken trailer, I don’t want anything to do with Bungie right now. Anywho, back to talking Fallout 76.

Everyone’s biggest problems are the fact it’s online only and no NPCs. I don’t care that it’s Online Only, Elder Scrolls Online’s Bethesda’s current MMO. But this isn’t an MMO. Yeah, I understand the lack of Single Player complaints. Or should I say complaints about lack of Single Player? Meh, it’s the same thing. Anywho, I won’t know if that’s good or bad until the game comes out. And since I pre-ordered, I have access to the private Beta.

But the bigger issue is when Todd Howard said “There will be no NPCs, everyone you meet in the wasteland is a real person”. People in most YouTube comments sections are complaining that lack of NPCs means no RPG. Well… I have to disagree. Before anyone grabs their torches and pitchforks, hear me out first?

Without established lore for the current events (25 years after the bombs dropped), what do we have? And yes, Todd did say we can still find lore through terminals and such. But, what do we have without the NPCs to say anything? I’ll tell you what we have, we more freedom for Role-Playing. What, do I have to explain everything? Well… that is why anyone would be reading this. So I’ll get to it.

What is Role-Playing? It’s when we play a role of someone or something we want to be. GTA Online for example, we dress our characters to be whatever we want them to be. Mine’s a Biker version of myself. When possible, I ride through the streets of Los Santos on a motorcycle. Or I dress my character up like a pilot and fly the skies of Los Santos in a WWII-era fighter plain. When you for “shits and giggles” follow the stop lights and traffic lawas, it’s role playing. Why am I talking about GTA Online in a blog post about Fallout 76? Simple, it’s an example of Role-Playing.

As there most likely be no factions in Fallout 76, we can make our own. Gather some like minded people and form your own faction. Even though the Brotherhood of Steal was starting around this time on the West Coast, Role-Play as people in the West Virginia mountains who had the same idea and by coincidence came up with the same name. Since the Enclave are suspected to be active in splinter groups at this time, Role-play as the cell that took refuge in the bunker under the Greenbrier Resort. Wanna cause some mayhem and rob people? Create your own Raider groups. But be warned, that will cause a permanent target to fall on your back because no one like griefers.

You don’t even have to form a faction for Role-Playing purposes, you can be a Lone Wanderer if you want to. You don’t have to interact with other players, you can have play the game solo apparently.

Yeah, I know that no NPCs means no companions. Go on some forums and find people who play the game. They can be your companions. Besides… Todd only said that there will be no “human” NPCs. This means we might be able to travel with dogs. We didn’t get Dogmeat in New Vegas, we got the cyberhound Rex instead. Codsworth proved to be a decent companion in Fallout 4, and he’s a robot. When we got Automatron for Fallout 4, we could build our own custom robot companions. We might gets robots for all we know, Todd hasn’t denied that we could have companions at all yet.

What no body who complains about all the information so far gets is that Todd and his team are trying something new. I personally support it. I mean, it’s the feedback from us the consumers that help guide the developers for the next games they make. And this isn’t really one of the main Fallout games. If you want a single-player experience with NPCs like a traditional Fallout, wait for Fallout 5 to finally be announced. But please don’t bash this game before it officially comes out?

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