Live Stream Tonight…

In celebration of Fallout 76 and my pre-ordering it, I’m continuing the Fallout 4 streams tonight. Last night on my main profile, I completed the main story. However, I’ve done it for the Minutemen. So tonight, it’s time for Lost Justice to do it for the Brotherhood of Steal. The one faction that doesn’t require you to some point kill children as collateral damage. But since I did the work for the “good” Minuteman ending last night, I don’t have to kill children on my main profile.

Simply put, tonight Lost Justice defeats the Institute with a bunch of idiots who go around in power armor playing knights of yore. I figured it would be something to do while waiting on Bethesda to announce the Fallout 76 beta. As I pre-ordered and put in my code on their site, I’m in. And if possible, I will live stream the beta. But for now, we’re killing Super Mutants and Death Claws in Boston.

I am still fine tuning chapter 9 of TOG. It will be out soon. And for those of you who think I’ve done nothing lately, then click here. It’s how I think Fallout 76 “could” be better than previous Fallout games. And for those of you who were hoping that I would eventually stream Destiny 2 for more action as the Oracle… forget it for now. I traded in my copy of Destiny 2 towards my Fallout 76 pre-order. I thought about doing it yesterday, and then last night Bungie showed the trailer for Destiny 2’s “Forsaken” expansion. They killed off Cayde-6. Cayde was the reason I chose to be a Hunter in the first place. Yeah, it was Prince Uldren who pulled the trigger of the Ace of Spades… but it was Bungie that made him do it. And they said in a following IGN interview that Cayde’s dead. So I’m gonna be anti-Bungie for a while. Though I may be tempted if they do a $60 edition of Forsaken with codes for the previous expansions like they did with Taken King, right now I’m not happy with Bungie. And as I never got the current set of expansions, it doesn’t hurt me to get rid of my Destiny 2.

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