F*cking Bethesda!!!

“F*cking Bethesda” – Akihiko Kayaba, SAO Abridged episode 11

That quote is concurrent right now, as Bethesda finally revealed the release date for the Fallout 76 B.E.T.A. (Break-it in Early Test Application). Well… they revealed that it’s in October, which as many people (including yours truly) mad right now. The reason we pre-ordered was because we wanted to play before the game launches, but they’re doing it one month before launch? Really? We were all hoping for late summer at the latest. And all the guessed released dates are in late October, like after the 20th. So yeah, I’m mad at Bethesda right now.

I’ve tried to defend the choices for Fallout 76, I have. Even against the so-called “True Fans” who hate that it’s online only. I defend many things, because Bethesda Game Studios are trying something new. But this release date for the BETA? I can’t defend it no mater how much I try. I’ve been very excited about Fallout 76, I REALLY have. I even got over the fact that the XBOne players get to play the BETA before the rest of us, including the so-called PC Master Race. But now the BETA is barely a month before the game release? There’s a limit Todd Howard, and you’re close to breaking it.

It’s bad enough that I haven’t been able to do much writing lately. I’ve been reading “The King’s Avatar” because I love the Manhua Anime for it. Hell, I just got caught up with all 1210 currently translated chapters. Normally I don’t read many Chinese Light Novels other than “The Taming of a Yandere”, but this was worth the read. Despite wasting about a week reading all of The King’s Avatar. But wait, there’s more.

My cat ran off again. Normally she’s back within a few days, but it’s been over a week. I’m hoping it’s because someone else took her in. I’ve been depressed ever since Missy ran off. However, I still have some faith that she’ll come back.

I haven’t been able to donate (sell) plasma because I haven’t been feeling well. Not to mention that between taking my sister to work and my mom to physical therapy, I haven’t had any time to do so with my messed up sleeping schedule. I’m hoping to do it soon, because my funds are running very low right now.

My sister Michelle has been home less and less. I know she loves her boyfriend who lives in Lakewood and all, but she REALLY needs to make up her mind on if she’s gonna leave us or not. I’m happy that she found a man who loves her. However, the dude’s mother has been a pain lately. Trust me, even I couldn’t write about all the complaints lately.

So yeah, I’ve had a lot on my mind lately. And I’m not doing very well. I haven’t been able to focus on my writing at all. So please, forgive me for the lack of chapters?

2 thoughts on “F*cking Bethesda!!!

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your cat… 😢

    As for Bethesda, they are dreaming if they think they can iron out all the issues discovered in a beta, in less than a month. But hey — this is why we shouldn’t preorder anything, right? 😥

    …I say that, but I have preordered Sekiro myself. On the other hand, I only put $5 on it. 😒

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    1. I still believe she’ll return someday.

      Tell me about it, Bethesda has been good about angering the Fallout fanbase as of late. We’re not idiots, we know that it’s not enough time.



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