Live Streaming some Destiny 2 tonight…

I know, there’s a lot to ask. Like “Why haven’t you been writing?”, “Why not Fallout 4?”, or even “I thought you traded in your copy of Destiny 2 to Pre-Order Fallout 76?”. Well… Let me answer them.

For starters, getting in the mood to write has been difficult. Trust me, I want to write. But I’ve been anything but motivated as of late. Yeah, I keep getting new ideas and such for all three of my web novels. The main issue is yes, the motivation. I do plan on getting back to them soon.

Now as for why not Fallout 4. I know, I wanted to get done before Fallout 76’s beta comes out. But the thing is that I finally have people to play with. Don’t get me wrong, I had friends who played Destiny 2 back when I first got the game. But I was so late to the party that getting them to play with me was difficult. Besides, I kinda hated the mechanics when I first got the game. Especially since they made shotguns and sniper rifles in the same slot as rocket launchers and swords. They’ve actually changed that since I stopped playing. That, and a few other things.

Now for the final question. Yeah, I did trade in my copy of Destiny 2 towards my Fallout 76 pre-order. However, in celebration of Forsaken (which the trailer was the final straw for me), they put the base game as a free game of the month with PS+ for this month. So yeah, I got the game again digitally. Besides, it’s been a while since you guys seen the Oracle in action for my streams. To be honest, I was half-tempted to restart my secondary character in GTA Online and live stream it. The only thing is that it has items that you could only get last gen. So restarting that character is iffy for me. But eventually I may live stream GTA in the future. But for now, it’s all about more recent titles. So yeah, it’s time to continue the Oracle’s adventure. And no, I don’t have any of the Destiny 2 DLC’s. So it’s only gonna be the base story.

Now, I’ll hopefully see ya guys tonight. I just hope my helpers will be ready in time. And yeah, 9:00 pm EST is when I hope to start the stream.

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