A little late to spring this… but Live Stream at 9:05 pm EST!!!

Sorry, I forgot to announce it sooner. But I’m actually free tonight and I can stream. Sadly, more Destiny 2. You see… I managed to bag the first two expansions.

I had saved up so many Microsoft points via using Bing for so long and not using it to buy Xbox currency for a few years. I got curious and checked what I could buy because I wanted to buy some DLC, and it turned out that I could buy Amazon Gift Cards with it. It was $5 cards at a time, but I had enough for six. And from Amazon, I bought $30 worth of PlayStation money cards. Since the pass came to $20, I managed to have some PS$ saved over.

It later turned out for not as one of my other friends (not in HE11RA1DERS) decided to share sis PSN with me so I could also play the Forsaken content with him. So yeah, I could stream all the way to Forsaken if I want to. But for tonight, let’s try to conquer Curse of Osiris and Warmind.

The reason stream starts at 9:05 this time… I never make it on time when I try for 9:00. Also, I managed to watch my friend Dark Jackel’s first episode of his Don’t Starve play-through. If I ever win the Lottery… I’m getting him internet! That guy’s good enough to stream. You can find the vid if you click here. And if I can win the lottery and get him internet… I’m getting (forcing) him to be my streaming partner.

Anywho, see y’all tonight

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