Bethesda… Bethesda never changes.

Apparently this is the opening cinematic for Fallout 76. I’m excited that the B.E.T.A (Break-it in Early Test Application) will be coming later this month. Pissed that it’s coming for the XBOne on the 23rd while everyone else (including the so-called PC Master Race) has to wait until the 30th. Heck, I think I have to work that night? All that aside… people have found a new reason to complain.

If anyone’s been reading into video game news, Sony’s finally caved in on the Cross-Play debacle. They’ve already did a cross-play beta with… Fortnight *vomits*. Sorry… I have to hurl every time I mention that game. And so far there’s been no negative feedback. And they’re planning on implementing it into other games. Which means the Minecraft players for XBOne and Switch will finally be able to play with PS4 gamers sometime in the near future. I personally haven’t played Minecraft on a console since I was a 360 gamer, I actually prefer it on a PC because you can make your own skin for your character (which is easier to do on some sites).

But… why are people complaining. Why are they still quoting Akihiko Kayaba in SAO Abridged episode 13 by saying “Fucking Bethesda”? Simple, it has to do with what I recently mentioned. Bethesda isn’t implementing Cross-Play.

It’s basically people thinking that Bethesda are being hypocrites again. But… this time I can’t defend Bethesda. They were one of the biggest names when it came to condemning Sony for not doing Cross-Play with other platforms. And yet they’re not giving us Cross-Play when Sony finally allows it? It’s hypocrisy, and not at the same time.

Fallout 76 has gone through a lot of criticism ever since leakers found out it was an online game. Mainly from the PC community. You know, the ones who have to have mods. Though Bethesda has stated that mods will be allowed in the future, people are being douche bags about it. Mods will only be available on Private Servers, which won’t be around at launch. Personally, I enjoy Fallout games without mods. Then again, not everyone likes a vanilla experience.

Heck, people have been condemning Bethesda ever since the Creation Club came out. And they kept getting scared that Bethesda would be charging for mods in the future. People can still play the game without paying for their mods, CC just allows you to play and still get achievements. Me personally, I’ll pay for CC content when I have the extra money. And there’s three pieces of content I may try to get in the future if I have the extra money and they’re discounted. That would be the Captain Cosmos Adventure, the AI Power Armor Companion (which also includes some Brotherhood Outcast stuff from Fallout 3 stuff), and the recently released Enclave X-02 set. And note, that last one’s actually different from the Hellfire Power Armor that I already own. If anyone wants to see me do any of this when I get back to streaming Fallout 4 (which I plan on doing this month), please donate?

E-begging aside, there’s things that people don’t understand. I’m gonna quote a comment that I made in a YouTube video on the cross-play subject:

“It’s only simple as flipping a switch with certain games. Games like Fortnite (I vomit every time I say that title) were already prepared for it. What people don’t understand is that the hardware is different. Both systems have different processing power and frame-rate restrictions (one of the reasons PC players call themselves the Master Race). Most game developers have to take the hardware inside of the consoles in consideration when porting games. Fallout 76 for example is mainly built for the XBOne. If they wanna do cross-play now, they have to rework a lot of things. It’s not simple for every game. Some games have lower requirements to play on PC depending on the hardware, it’s no different for consoles.”

So yeah, Bethesda would have to rework the whole game to get it to do functional cross-play. Personally, I actually had a fear of cross-play last-gen. Thanks to games like Halo 2, Xbox gamers had a bad habit of tea-bagging those they killed. Heck, I’m always like “They must be an Xbox gamer” when I get tea-bagged in a game these days. Back in last gen, gamers of 360 and PS3 were as different as night and day. PS3 gamers were less aggressive than 360 gamers. I know as I had both a PS3 and a 360 last gen. I also had a Wii… but I never really played it. But still, the gamers of each console had different attitudes back in the day. Something that’s been around since the Console Wars of the 90’s, when it was Sega and Nintendo going at it.

Back when I was a PS3 gamer (before I got the 360), I got my first job at Wendy’s. Most of my co-workers were 360 gamers. But before I was peer-pressured into finally getting a 360, my one manager told me about a game he liked. It was Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. It was for both consoles, so I bought a PS3 copy. It was originally out before PS3 had trophies (way before they demanded publishers to incorporate the system because 360 had achievements). But when I played it… I enjoyed it. It made me want to challenge 360 gamers. And when I finally got a 360, I eventually got the game for it. I had fun because I was at a different mindset than both my opponents and my teammates. It was that old game that made me want cross-play.

Cross-Play has it’s ups and downs. I’ll start with the ups:

  • First, not everyone likes the controller layouts of other consoles. I remember back when I played the Nintendo 64, there were some people who didn’t like it because it “had so many buttons”. Personally I don’t think they played it enough. With Cross-Play, everyone has a controller layout they can get comfortable with.
  • Next, they can keep of the console rivalry. Everyone knows that console rivalries will never go away. This way people can put their money where their mouths are.
  • Third, console exclusive things. Normally, it’s something that people don’t like. But with things like skins, weapons, costumes, etc., people can brag.

The downs are now:

  • First, it’s console exclusive titles. Personally, I’m not against it. If all consoles only had the same games, then what’s the use of have different consoles? Let PS4 gamers like myself enjoy stuff like God of War and Uncharted while the XBOne gamers have Gears of War and Halo.
  • Second is how games play. Even games on multiple consoles don’t play the same. It mainly has to do with that YouTube comment I quoted, so I’m not explaining it again.
  • And third… friend lists. Trust me, this one’s a problem with cross-play games. Everyone knows that PlayStation and Xbox have different OS’s (Operating Systems). So friend lists in games that do Cross-Play have to be different than what’s on your console’s OS. Most of them are in the games. Like when I played DC Universe for a while, I couldn’t play with my PS friends directly. I would have to add them as a friend in the game, despite being their PS friend. And it’s not only with consoles. You guys know Flying-Orca? I’m actually friends with them in Yu-Gi-Oh!: Duel Links. Yet they’re not on my steam friends. And trust me, you don’t want to duel Orca. Orca plays dirty, but that’s my opinion. He’s just using strategy.

So yeah, those are the ups and downs. And yeah, Bethesda will have to rework the whole game if they want to do cross-play. It’s true that I defended them despite saying I couldn’t, but I didn’t fully defend them. They are being hypocrites about it.

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