I want to start another story… but I have three that need worked on…

Other than not only knowing that Goblin Slayer’s getting an anime this year, Tate no Yuusha is too. Besides that… I got another story idea. This time, blame Reigokai.

It’s the current novel that he’s translating while waiting on a new chapter for “Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu”, “QualiA”. You know, the one where the MC had been summoned at least six times before being dragged into a Hero Summoning as a bystander for once? And he has experience, abilities, and items from each time? Yeah… it inspired me. And I hate getting inspired for new ideas that I can’t incorporate into my already ongoing works.

My new idea is for an MC who has been reincarnated too many times. It’s something I thought about after reading the synopsis for “QualiA” and remembering the banned reincarnation program that Shiro, Kuro, and Yuto were in back in LGDK chapter 25. I mean, there had to be a reason it was banned in the first place? Maybe because someone else was thrown into it before and they had become so OP that even the gods are not amused? Well… that’s the idea.

This time around, I wanna do a middle-aged MC. Or at least by Japan standards (early 30’s). No, LJ’s not there yet (though technically he’s over 2000 years old) as he is still physically and mentally in his early 20’s. Anyway, a guy who’s not physically fit because he stopped caring. Someone who’s been a hero, a demon king, and even a mob more times than he cares for. Not to mention both genders and all kinds of human (in Dark Jackel’s upstart race terms, where humans, elfs, goblins, and even orcs for example are labeled as “humans”). And with every reincarnation, he keeps the stats and abilities from his previous life. Thus making his level practically infinite.

The plot twist… he just sits down at an Adventure’s Guild all day eating and drinking. He’s so out of shape that visitor’s from out of town make light of him. Yet he only gets up when something troublesome “threatens” his current way of life. He pretty much treats everyone like an old man would, even calling the oldest of elves a “youngster”. The only reason he gets away with it other than his power is due to the fact that anyone wise enough can tell his true age through the “experience” in his eyes.

But yeah, this is the concept that I want to work on next. But I’d want it to be a short series. If anyone’s wondering about “Seven Wanderers”, I already decided what I’m gonna do with that concept. Not telling though, so don’t bother asking.

2 thoughts on “I want to start another story… but I have three that need worked on…

  1. Hm, it’s an interesting thought. Someone who, quite literally, has seen it all before. 🤔

    And gee, who do I know that never finished his writing projects before starting a new one? Oh yeah, it’s me. Better not throw any stones, then. 🤷

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    1. It originally started slightly different though, but I’m not getting into details. But yeah, this is an interesting concept 😉

      If you said anything (i.e. casting stones), you would’ve been the pot calling the kettle black. But you didn’t, so I don’t know what to say 😛 Oh yeah… thanks for not casting stones. And since I have tomorrow off, I’m going to probably hit you up on discord.

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