OSS – The Sword of Ghouls

Author’s Note: Alright peeps… I was rereading TOG (The Oracle and the Gunslinger) chapter 9 and realized… it’s October. Meaning that I should FINALLY share this short story from high school with you guys. Just remember before reading… I was in high school when I original wrote this.

Warning: The font is different for the actual story. An issue when using “copy/paste” onto WordPress. So don’t mind it.

The Sword of Ghouls

By OhMarioWV

Once upon a time there was a sword. A sword with a strange power. A power out of this or any other world. A sword forged by the Grim Reaper. A katana called the Sword of Ghouls.

One day in Japan 1603, a dark ninja called Hanzu tried to escape the Samurai when he stole their sacred statue of the Golden Dragon. But they caught him. His punishment was exile from Japan and his right hand chopped off. He swore revenge on the samurai who caught him. A samurai named Musaushi. He sold his soul to the Grim Reaper for a legendary sword, a katana called the Sword of Ghouls.

After one year he used the sword’s awesome power to force his way through Japan and killed Musaushi. But when his foe died, Hanzu was sent to the underworld.

Four-Hundred years later, the Sword Of Ghouls was sold in a flea market in West Virginia to a young man, who was sixteen, named Carter N. McNoil. Carter was a poor person whom got the sword cheap. $10.00 to be exact. He thought it was just an old katana. He was a good kid. He went to school, got good grades, and fell in love with a girl named Ann Chovi. Ann was the prettiest girl in his school. After they fell in love with each other, the school bully who was nicknamed Demon got jealous. All because he loved Ann, but she loved Carter. He and Carter were both street fighters, so he challenged Carter for Ann’s love on Halloween.

Demons thugs Tom Ato and Mac Aroni came with him that night to the spot were Demon was to fight Carter. Ann came with Carter that night. Carter brought his sword he got at the flea market as his weapon. Carter expected Demon and his thugs to only bring chains. But they brought guns instead. He did not know about the guns. When the fight began Carter held his sword for a vertical slash. But before he could strike, Demon and his thugs fired their guns. First Mac shot, then Tom, and then Demon. Carter died and Demon forced Ann to drink a love potion. Carter N. McNoil was buried the next day in the local cemetery in plot 13. The Sword of Ghouls was buried with him.

One year later Demon was still forcing Ann to take the love potion. He and his thugs were high-grade students. And Carter was almost forgotten. But on October 1st something strange happened that night, something strange happened at plot 13. The powers of the Sword of Ghouls were activating and Carter N. McNoil was raised from the grave. The sword’s power told him what was going on. Angered by what he was told, he grabbed the Sword of Ghouls and decided to go after them.

One week later he went after Mac. Mac was drunk walking in the woods with his gun. Carter walked in front of him. The drunken Mac shot at him, but his target was still standing. Mac fired his gun until he was out of ammo. But Carter was still standing. Carter then used the sword and decapitated Mac.

Another week later he went after Tom. Tom was with his girl when Carter crossed his path. Carter was standing in front of the couple with his sword. Tom told him to back off, but Carter would not move. Tom pulled out his gun and shot Carter in the head. But Carter spit the bullet to the ground. Scarred, Tom’s girl ran away screaming. Tom kept firing, but Carter was still standing. Then Tom pulled out a large knife and tried to stab Carter. Carter was stabbed, but he was not hurt. Tom was paralyzed with fear. Then Carter thrusted him in the forehead with his sword.

A week later Demon heard of his thug’s deaths. Scared, he tried to figure out who did it. They had a lot of enemies at their school. But they too were wondering who did it. And Demon’s main enemy was dead, or so he thought. He decided on Halloween that he would go to the local cemetery. So on October 31st he took Ann with him to the cemetery. He did not force Ann to take the love potion that day. When he and Ann got and he discovered Carter’s grave to be empty. Then out of the shadows Carter arrived.

Demon was scared, so scared his teeth were chattering. He said, “You’re not Carter. My thugs and Ah shot him to death a year ago.”

Carter said, “Look at this sword.” The blade on the Sword of Ghouls was glowing in an eerie green. So were his eyes.

That is impossible” Demon retorted.

This sword has a magic power, a power that raised me from the dead” Carter said with a sadistic smile.

Demon did not hesitate. He grabbed his machine gun and fired away at Carter. Unfortunately the bullet holes in Carter’s body disappeared. Then Demon pulled out a machete. He tried to do a vertical but Carter blocked with his sword. Demon kept hacking and slashing, but Carter kept blocking. Then Demon thrusted him in the heart, but when he did that Carter did the same. Before he died Demon asked, “But how?” Before he could get his answer he died.

Before the fight ended, the love potion wore off and Ann Chovi was crying. But when Carter said Please don’t cry, she stopped and hugged Carter. She held him tightly. But Carter told her it was time he went back to the under world. She cried when the Grim Reaper came to take him back. But when they left, they left the Sword of Ghouls.

The next day the grave keeper found a young girl dead lying on plot 13 with a katana. To this day they say you grab the Sword of Ghouls at midnight on Halloween, Ann Chovi’s ghost will chop your fingers off.

After Note: And this was the first short Story in the Carter N. McNoil saga. I actually had to do minor edits though, because my real name was showing and I’d rather keep what the “N” stands for a mystery. I know it seems cheesy and stupid, but I was young at the time. And yes, I had a thing for pun names at the time. Also, I know it conflicts with some of the info in T.O.G chapter 9.

Believe it or not, it was for typing class that I wrote this for, my own project. There were actually some classmates that thought I should be a writer due to a project back in middle school, but you all know how that ended. And don’t get me started on what others did for their projects. Some of my classmates were in a group, and they were so lazy that they just wrote down the plot from Freddy vs. Jason. Remember, I lived in Boone County, West Virginia at the time.

Though you can easily tell that some of this was inspired by The Crow, there was a little bit of Yu-Gi-Oh that influenced it. In the first ever TCG booster pack I got in my life, one of the cards was called “The 13th Grave”. It’s Zombie-type non-effect monster with the description “A zombie that suddenly appeared from plot #13 – and empty grave”. Meaning that someone was buried and no one knew about it. Now if you pay attention to the year in Japan where it all started, that’s a reference to the third Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. As for the two characters involved… they are named after two hidden characters from 1993 (1992 in Japan) title Shining Force for the Sega Genesis. We had the Sega Smash Pack Vol. 1 for PC at the time, and it was the one game me and my sister were both into. And lastly… where did I get some of those pun names? Believe it or not… the 4Kids dub of the first Pokemon series. Remember, Ash used the fake name “Tom Ato” and Misty used “Ann Chovi”? I didn’t care for Brock using “Caesar Salad” though. So pretty much, “Mac A. Roni” was the only one I came up with 😛

Still, this was one of my earliest writings, even before I did fan fictions. The Sword of Ghouls itself is still something that somehow ends up in my works. Even though it’s currently a powerless blade in LGDK, it’s the same sword. I came up with the Japanese name “Shinusame” when I decided to use it in my SoulCalibur fan fictions. I’m one of those authors with the guilty pleasure of using things from my earlier works in my current ones. But yeah, this short story was the one that got me on the path of the writer 15 years ago.

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