Had some free time today…

I wasn’t busy with game events today (though some I just ignore regardless), so I did some cleaning up on the site. I finally made a page for my original web novels and moved all my novels under it. This way newer visitors don’t get too confused. So yeah, LGDK!, LSPL!, and TOG! can all be found under that tab.

I also changed my “translations” tab and put my Original Short Stories and Game Reviews under it as sub pages. It’s now my “Other Stuff” page. I don’t really TL web novels, I mainly edit when someone is desperate enough to hire me as an editor. The content on the page itself is still there. And I made a new sub page for my rants under it as well.

I’m gonna try to get back to work on TOG right now. Still trying to figure out what all I wanna rewrite for LSPL because some stuff seems to rushed. Not to mention I need to get back to LGDK.

So yeah, this was just a news post.

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