I’m back and future plans…

Believe it or not, I was without internet since like Sunday. Well… I got it back recently. Sadly due to my work schedule and lack of internet, I missed out on most of the Fallout 76 beta. To he honest, I’m debating whether or not I should still get it as I owe my mother like $170 out of my Ghoul Brothers paycheck. But if I do, expect me to eventually stream it. But yeah… I have a lot of LN and WN updates to catch up on.

Now for the future. As you guys all know, I had originally traded in my Fallout 76 pre-order for Soulcalibur VI. I actually spent most of my time without internet playing all the offline modes. I even dug out my 360 so I could remember what characters I needed to remake from SCV. But before I lost my internet, I was talking with my two buddies from my fan fiction days. Due to the new timeline, we all had things we needed to rewrite and retcon. Note, I already rebooted my first ever SC fan fiction twice before. In a sense… TOG chapter 9 was a farewell to that version of the main character. But due to all my playing of SCVI, I’m getting back into the mood to write SC fan fiction. To be honest, all three of us are wanting to get to writing.

So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to write my SC fan fiction along with my original novels that need updating. I will go back to FanFiction.Net for the fan fic, but I’ll be posting here a week before it updates on there. Call it a scheme to get more people to read my original works if you want to, but I call it strategy. Back in 2008-09, I actually had the top SC Fan Fiction on FFN. Mainly I made compromise with the readers, I didn’t go the route of my OC getting into a relationship with Cassandra. Instead I had Myth run into the actual game characters while not being of too much importance to them. I did my best to have my own story in that world. But due to losing a friendship with my friend whom I did a crossover with because of a British gal I ended up in a long distance relationship with, I took it down. It was something both me and my friend regretted. Things have cool between us for a while and that British gal and I are now out of each others lives (which is for the best as we were always bad for each other), we’ve been talking about reworking our crossovers for years. You see, we write in a shared fanon universe when it comes to Soulcalibur. I’m at fault as I originally requested to do crossovers with my two buddies. Though they were friends before ever meeting me. Actually, the one whom I’m calling Lyrical wrote the first SC fanfic I ever read. It had Link from LoZ as he was a guest character in SCII, but the story within itself was dark. It interested me. That lead to me asking about a crossover, us becoming friends, and me meeting Lacuna (the one whom requested me to take my fan fiction down). We all consider each other siblings, they’re my out of state family. Well… we’re each others out of state family. Been that way for the past ten years. And damn, I’m droning.

But other than SC fan fiction, I will get back to work on my original works. I want to work some more on LGDK, TOG, and even LSPL. Not to mention that new one I have in the works. You know the beauty of doing so many projects? It’s that you end up getting ideas for one of your others while trying to work on one of them. It leads to new ideas and inspirations. Hell, I ended up using the Sigmund thing that was going on between TOG and LSPL to get back to writing LGDK. Yeah, it stinks when you don’t have time or motivation to continue writing. But you still keep coming up with ideas that get you back on the saddle.

Now for live streams, I plan on continuing them. Other than Fallout 4, I need to finish what I’m doing for Destiny 2 and Soulcalibur VI. I already completed SCVI’s Libra of Souls mode on two other characters, each taking a good and evil path. Other than the trophies, I wanted to see them for myself. And yes, I already remade my LoS Oracle to match the one I originally made during the stream. And I made a regular creation of Lost… though it’s more of his original LGDK attire than the Fallout 4 inspired outfit. And yeah, I do want to stream Fallout 76. So be expecting streams in the future.

For now, I’m signing off and getting some sleep. I have a LOT of reading to do when I wake up.

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