R.I.P Stan Lee…

“Most of the internet thought you died 12 years ago” Jim Henson, Epic Rap Battles of History season 4.

This time, it’s not a hoax. The man who broke the comics code and brought us Spider-Man has officially passed away.

I’m sad. Yesterday, my dog Holly aka “the Doge” died. She was mawed to death by some of our other dogs while I was taking my sister to work. And yes, that was the dog that was occasionally on my live streams. I was upset, she was still alive when I got home and I held her in her final moments like I did with Havoc (her uncle) seven years ago. Trust me, you don’t want details of her final state. But before I even had a chance to get over her death, a legend died.

Stan Lee brought us a lot of happiness through his work, he co-created a lot of the super heroes that we grew up with. I know that I was more DC than Marvel, but even I read some of his works via reprints. He stood up to the head of Marvel and defied him to bring us Spider-Man. Back when Spider-Man came out, there were unwritten rules about Super Heroes. Including that they must be well built adults with good looks in their secret identities, while Peter Parker was a skinny teenage nerd. It went over well somehow and we got Spider-Man. I forgot when I heard about this, it’s been years ago. So don’t take it at face value.

But yeah, along with Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby, Stan gave a lot of us our childhoods. Stan’s even accredited for Dare Devil, my favorite Marvel hero from my own childhood. I always liked how a blind guy could kick so much ass, okay? Anyway, Stan Lee was a revolutionary when it came to how comics are today. Most of them followed a cliched “The good guy always wins” and “evil always loses”. After Lee, Ditko, and Kirby started working together, it was changed to “the good guy always wins… in the end”.

Stan Lee is more than just a guy “who cameos in almost every Super Hero Movie”, he earned that privilege. Even ones he had nothing to do with. Anyone remember Disney’s “Big Hero 6”? It wasn’t an original idea, it was based on a Marvel Comics series of the same name. Though Lee had nothing to do with the that series, he still cameo’s. Or most of the non-Spider-Man moves, he had no hand in their creations but helped revive most of the comics back in the Silver Age of Comic Books. And I’m regretfully mentioning, Teen Titans Go to the Movies. He has a cameo in it as well, with a line “I know it’s a DC movie, but I love cameos!” during the golf cart chase scene and ends his cameo after getting thrown off of the golf cart and exclaiming his catchphrase “Excelsior!”. I didn’t watch that last one, I found that cameo on YouTube.

One of my favorite memories of Stan Lee had nothing to do with comic books. It was at G-Phoria 2004 for when he walked on stage dressed as Revolver Ocelot to give Hideo Kojima the Legend Award. Both Lee and Kojima even hugged it out on stage, something that I cheered loudly at the TV for as two legends of the east and west were already on the same stage and then did that. I’m still a fan of the Metal Gear franchise, okay? But for that moment to happen was amazing. Now the weirdest thing Lee did in my opinion was team up with Shaman King creator Hiroyuki Takei to create the manga Karakuri Dôji Ultimo. I still have yet to read it, despite it being done by the legendary Stan Lee and the creator of one of my favorite manga. It’s on my “to-do list”. But the fact that he had his hand in manga is weird in it’s own right.

Stan Lee is a man who will be missed by millions, yours truly included.

Now for a status report:

I have yet to write for my web novels, but I did manage the prologue and first chapter for my Soul Calibur fan fiction reboot. I just have yet to post them.

2 thoughts on “R.I.P Stan Lee…

  1. My Discord channels have been blowing up about this. I don’t have nearly the visceral reaction that others seem to have — 95 years is a damn good run — but I do appreciate Stan the Man and what he did for the medium. So thanks, Stanley Lieber, for all you have done for us.

    And I’m sorry to hear about Holly as well. Poor pup… 😢

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    1. It’s okay, Stan’s death blew up my Facebook. I wanted a change from all those political posts everyone does, but not this.

      Well… Holly’s in a better place now. She’s with the old woman we originally gave her to as a pup. We ended up getting her back because that old woman died. But now they can be reunited.

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