My Fallout 76 experience so far…

Note, these are my impressions. It’s not a review.

So far… it’s a Bethesda game alright. Buggy as hell. I’ve seen sunlight literally go through a mountain, shining it’s rays to the other side. I’ve seen rad roaches staying in the air, floating and not even flying. I’ve even seen people lose their clothing before entering a building. And let’s not even get started on some things with power armor.

The bugs and glitches aside, it’s been fun. I mean, I got to enjoy my home state in it’s post-apocalyptic glory. Though… I can’t really say that it hasn’t changed as I normally do, a lot of stuff is just a copy/paste from Fallout 4. Then again… even in the viddoc about it, the team working on it were trying to make Fallout 4’s engine work with multiplayer. Yeah, some things are easier to just copy and paste from Fallout 4. But they didn’t have to overdo it!

Yeah, the landscape is different. Buggy, but different. I mean, not all of it was familiar to me. I’ve rarely been north of Charleston. Yet most of the game takes place north of the capitol, with the most southern place being Beckley. Which is weird, because Beckley is in Raleigh County, which is east of Boone County. And sadly, I do admit I’m from Boone County despite my Ohio birth. Still, I didn’t really see anything from Boone County on the map. Actually, most of the map is FAR from accuracy from an actual map of West Virginia. Camden Park should be in Huntington, which is in Cabell County. Yet we don’t find ruins of a Pre-war Marshall University. And the Greenbrier (known as the Whitespring Resort in-game) should be further east… and not north at all from Charleston. So yeah… location accuracy in Fallout 76 is worst than with Fallout 4. Trust me, I know. And now I know how people from Boston felt when playing Fallout 4 when it comes to locations from the real world.

Damn… I have more gripes that I thought I would with the game. Still, I do enjoy playing it. I’m not going to call it a masterpiece, I’d sooner call that novel Arifureta a… wait; I wouldn’t dare call Arifureta a masterpiece!!!

You get my point, the game is far from a masterpiece. But it’s still far from the worst game ever made. Yeah, Bethesda should’ve had their Austin studio (formally Battlecry Studios) do a better job before Todd Howard started running his mouth. However, Bethesda is known for buggy games at launch. So why change now?

Wait… I enjoy a game that most normal people would not play due to bugs being mentally frustrating. Am I a masochist?

2 thoughts on “My Fallout 76 experience so far…

  1. …Maybe? But you haven’t plumed the true depths of masochism till you’ve played through a Dark Souls game. 😉

    That aside, I’ve seen a lot of people who lambast the game for it’s bugs, and a bunch of people who just play the game and enjoy it. I think the most common criticism is that it shouldn’t be a full price game, which from what I can see is a fair opinion. But hey. 🤷‍♂️

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    1. Trust me, I’m not going through that kind of self-punishment. 😛

      People had been blasting the game since it was announced. I’ve gotten into a few arguments on YouTube that people should’ve at least waited until the beta to even start to judge it. Yeah, it’s buggy. And the newest update… only helped with a few bugs. I don’t know if it was intentional, but the devs ruined one of my favorite sources of scrap. And that’s Power Armor parts and the Chassis. You get less of a yield from scrapping the parts and the chassis no longer yields anything from scrapping. Making a Power Armor Chassis only good for either using to wear the armor or storing extra parts in your Stash so you don’t use as much room because the parts count as “weightless” if on a Chassis. So yeah, I had to force myself to not trade it in for RDR2.


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