RTMT Chapter 01 – A Goddess Descends?

Author’s Note: A chapter of something out? What sorcery is this? Actually… no magic involved. I finally decided what the chapter will be about. Normally something like this would be saved for later, but it’s a slow-life novel. And before you read… I originally mentioned a character named Ice. However… I decided to change their name and used LibreOffice Writer’s “Find and Replace All” option without thinking. So even words that had “ice” end them had the “ice” part changed to “Ghiaccio”. If you happen to find something along these lines that I didn’t fix, please point it out? I’ll explain the name change later, just enjoy for now?

I Reincarnated Too Many Times Chapter 01 – A Goddess Descends?

Just another beautiful day in the town of Vrede. The birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing, and the sky being clear as can be. I wake up in my bed in my shack near the town walls. Well… not by myself anyway. Everyday, a certain girl with pale blue eyes and pale blue hair tied in a ponytail comes by to check on me. Her name is Neve, the barmaid at the adventurers’ guild. We first met years ago when she was just a little girl. It was… when I killed her father right in front of her. I didn’t kill her or her brother Ghiaccio due to being just children. However… a few years ago she found me. Dang brat wouldn’t leave me alone, even though her intention was not vengeance. Instead she wanted to marry me, a man almost twice her age. I refused her of course. I mean, what kind of a girl wants to marry the man who killed her father in combat? Well… only one with something wrong with her head.

When Neve first appeared at Vrede, I didn’t think I would ever find peace. However, much has changed since then. I got her a job at the adventurers’ guild and she’s been happy ever sense. She stopped trying to get in my pants a while ago, though I never figured out why. Nor do I care, it’s nice to only find the brat only shaking me awake in the morning instead of in my bed.

“Mr. Leon, are you going to have the usual this morning?” (Neve)

She asked me this on our way to the adventurers’ guild as per our daily routine. It’s because she demanded to be my exclusive waitress for whatever reason. Though she rarely cooks, she wants to be the one to serve my food. I swear, she’s like an overprotective daughter.

“If you’re talking about miso soup, then yeah.”

“I will be glad to tell the chef.” (Neve)

She smiled as she replied. In truth, someone else introduced Japanese-like cuisine long before my time in this world. It’s nice when I’m not the one to have to invent it. Surprisingly it was the Beastman Kingdom that introduced it. Though it’s usually found in the rural villages there, it’s a great find. That’s why I’m happy that they import the ingredients to Vrede. And no, they are not a people with a Japanese life-style. They’re actually not that different from the empire when it comes to culture.

We walk to the guild only to find my most recent annoyance waiting there for me at the table next to mine. That annoyance being Sofia Swallow, the daughter of the man who made me want to leave the empire. Ever since she appeared a month ago, she has yet to relent on having me help her restore her family’s reputation. I told her no almost as many times as I’ve reincarnated… or at least it feels like I have.

“Sir Grey, how are you this morning?” (Sofia)

“Girly, it was nice until I saw your face.”

That’s been my reply since the first week ended. Yet she still tries to greet me each day in the rare friendly-noble kind of way. She still refuses to give up, like some female protagonist of a shojo manga. All she does is sit at the table next to mine, giving me stares whenever possible. It’s gotten to the point of–

“Mr. Leon, should I tell the Head Guild Master about this constant harassment?” (Neve)

That’s right, Sofia’s presence has been annoying Neve more than anyone. That’s myself included. As usual, she’s like an overprotective daughter.

“Neve, don’t even think about it.”

The last person I want involved is the Head Guild Master. No matter what happens, I don’t want them involved!

“It was just an idea, Mr. Leon.” (Neve)

“Yeah, a bad idea.”

“Sir Grey, that woman doesn’t seem to like me.” (Sofia)

“And what gave you that idea?”

In truth, Neve has been trying to get rid of Sofia. Not to mention showing her disgust at the noble girl. When Neve’s serving tables, she makes sure to ignore Sofia as much as possible. This made Sofia’s self-proclaimed guard Grave angry to the point where he’s walked up to her and tried to grab her. But he learned his lesson after the first time, when Neve sent him flying through a table and then made him pay for breaking it. And the moment he got up to try and retaliate, almost every single adventurer in the guild pulled their weapons on him. Ever since Grave arrived at Vrede… things have been very grave for him? I know, bad pun. But he’s been more tame ever since he almost made an enemy of the whole guild. Now he just sneers in both mine and Neve’s direction.

As I was trying to enjoy my morning Miso Soup with a side of rice, a random adventurer came running into the guild yelling that there was an emergency. I was hoping to have nothing to do with it, but I should’ve known better. The receptionist girl Laurie took him straight to the guild master before coming to my table about ten minutes afterward. Laurie is a beastkin girl of the orange tabby variety, her hair on her head and the fur on both her ears and tail being orange and stripped in a lighter shade orange. The green-eyed girl is another one of my admirers, though I think of her like a niece. She’s one of the few girls close to me that Neve’s friends with.

“Mr. Gray, the Guild Master is requesting for your help.” (Laurie)

“Damn my luck. Can it wait until after I’m done eating?”

“Of course. The details are on this piece of paper.” (Laurie)

She then placed a piece of paper on the table face-down before heading back to the counter. Though I normally eat slower than the average person to enjoy my food, I sped up a little with my rice before drinking my miso. I knew that the sooner I took care of this, the sooner I can get back to doing nothing. However… the contents on the paper after I flipped it and read it made me scowl.

“Those damn idiots!”

I shouted that before slamming the table, holding back enough to not break it. It shocked everyone in the guild as I rarely raise my voice. It also caused that annoying girl to speak up.

“Sir Gray, what is the situation. Do you need my help?” (Sofia)

“Girly, it’s better for you and your boyfriend to stay outta this.”

My reply caused Grave to spit out his drink. But before he could say anything back, Sofia spoke up again to cut him off.

“Sir Gray, I’m not in that kind of relationship with Grave. But why shouldn’t I get involved?” (Sofia)

“It’s the church.”

“The church!?” (Sofia)

Her shouting caused everyone in the guild to stare. Well… I guess I better explain the situation?

“That adventurer who just ran in spotted soldiers wearing the church’s insignia heading to Vrede. Well… the insignia of the pro-human faction. I can only assume that they’re trying to annex Vrede in Aria’s name again?”

“But… isn’t this going against Aria’s teachings?” (Sofia)

“Girly, the empire mainly goes with the teachings of the pro-unity faction that believes all races are created equal. Well… aside from demon-kind. There’s many factions in the church, but the main two are the pro-unity and the pro-human factions. Though not as big or popular, the pro-human faction has been trying to overthrow the pro-unity faction so their twisted beliefs about human supremacy will be taught to the masses. It’s bad enough that three of the Seven Heroes of Light are in that faction.”

It’s true, those bastards of the pro-human faction are the worse. Then again, that faction was started up by some corrupt members of the church who wanted to twist Aria’s word to their image. If they had their way, anyone not human would be enslaved for a new slave economy. It would undo the last three-hundred years worth of mending that the pro-unity faction tried to strive for. When I was a gladiatorial slave, I both made friends and enemies of non-humans. That’s how I ended up with a different set of views from the rest of humanity before regaining my memories. I even fought alongside the pro-unity faction when it came to the rights of non-humans in the empire. Due to my popularity, I managed to help them out a lot with it. Hell, I managed to get both the empire and the Beastman Kingdom to improve relations with each other. That ended up with the emperor’s son taking one of the Beastman Kingdom’s princesses as a bride. If I didn’t, their tale would’ve been another Romeo and Juliet story because they loved each other despite both countries not being friendly with each other. What can I say, I’m a sucker for young love?

Anyway, the pro-human faction managed to rope in three of the Seven Heroes of Light. The Seven Heroes of Light are seven people blessed by the goddess Aria with a fraction of her power. There’s no more than no less than seven. If one dies, someone somewhere gets the blessing. All three within the pro-human faction are human while there’s only two humans in the heroes with the pro-unity faction. The other two are a beastkin and an elf respectively. And no, I’m not one of the heroes of light. I’m too strong for Aria to give her blessing. That’s why I was just the hero of the empire.

“But Sir Gray, why are they bringing an army to Vrede? To invade?” (Sofia)

I was so caught up in my monologue that I almost forgot about her. But that last bit couldn’t be any more obvious.

“Due to not having control in the holy city and not many countries would even accept their faction, taking over a place would be the best they can do. Since Vrede is not in the jurisdiction of the four biggest countries, it would be the only land they could invade with avoiding any fear of retaliation. And as it’s in the center, they could slowly spread their influence. However…”

“However?” (Sofia)

“This town is my home. I ain’t letting them set foot here. Now everyone, stay out of my way.”

When I said that last bit, all the adventurers nodded. In truth, they would actually fight to the last man or woman to defend this town as it’s their home as well. But I don’t want anymore bloodshed than what needs to be. I alone can take on an army. And everyone in Vrede knows that. Well… the locals anyway. Both Sofia and Grave looked at me like I was insane. But sanity’s overrated.

I get out of my chair and head for the gates on the side that the pro-human faction’s forces were headed. Due to the aura I was giving out, everyone avoided me. Then again, they know when I’m pissed. And boy was I pissed. One thing I hate is to get interrupted during a meal. It’s not Laurie’s fault, it wasn’t the Guild Master’s fault, and it definitely was not that adventurer who spotted an army heading this way’s fault. It was the pro-human faction’s fault, and they are about to feel my wrath.

After I walked out of the gates, I noticed a crowd behind me. It was mainly the adventurers from the guild who came to see the show. They had their weapons with them just in case, but they all knew that they may not have a chance to fight. Even Neve and Laurie were there to watch me. Sofia and Grave were there as well, but I didn’t really care. It was about an hour later that the pro-human faction’s troops came into sight. And among them were the three of the Seven Heroes of Light that were in the pro-human faction. I could only assume that the pro-human faction didn’t want to make any mistakes. And not long after they got a little closer, a commander came out.

“People of Vrede, I am Cardinal Leopold of the Church of Aria! Do not be afraid, we are here to liberate you from the filth living in your town in Lady Aria’s name!” (Leopold)

Go figure, this guy was high on his own status and twisted beliefs. Even I know that Aria doesn’t want them to clean the filth in Vrede. But it’s time to give him a shocker. I walked up until I was a few paces from the front of his horse.

“Who are you? Don’t tell me that you have any complaints about why we’re here?” (Leopold)

“Actually, I do. First off, no one in Vrede wants you here. Due to the insignia, we know you’re with the pro-human faction. Vrede is a place where race nor gender matters. Now if you don’t leave, I’ll make you leave.”

I gave off some killing intent with my words. Leopold’s horse was fighting against it’s urge to flee my presence, but Leopold somehow managed to stop it from doing so. Instead, he tried to keep his composure.

“Y-you d-dare d-defy t-the c-church?” (Leopold)

“I dare. Now if you don’t leave peacefully, then I’ll engrave the meaning of fear in everyone you brought.”

“F-fool! T-the H-heroes of L-light will t-teach you a lesson!” (Leopold)

What do ya know, he managed to start controlling his stuttering? Still the three Heroes of Light he brought came closer and dismounted their horses. Two men and one woman. The first man is widely known as Maximilian, a man with similar features to Grave if you include messy blond hair and the look of an ikeman. He’s known for the mole under his right eye, it’s part of his signature look along with the fact that his teeth have a sparkle every time he smiles. The other man had brown hair and yellow eyes, that’s Jacob. He’s not as handsome as Maximilian, but he’s still a looker. He’s known for his heavy belief of the pro-human faction’s teachings. He’s even slain children for the sin of not being born human in broad daylight. For image reasoning, he’s normally not allowed in public by the order of the current leaders in the church. And lastly was the woman with red hair in a long braid and blue eyes. She’s known as Ava, the Crimson Thunder. Currently she’s the strongest within the Seven Heroes of Light and the most infamous. The reason for being infamous is due to killing the Queen of the Demon Country when the queen arrived at the holy city as an envoy for peace talks. Due to that, the Demon King declared war on Aria’s believers. So yeah, she started the war that I received fame for.

“Do you even know who I am?”

“What’s it matter, you’re in the way of the church! Therefore your in the way of Aria’s will!” (Jacob)

Go figure, the pro-human die-hard Jacob is preaching.

“I’m Leon Gray.”

When I said my name, they all fell silent for a bit. But that’s when Maximilian spoke up.

“Do you honestly believe that you can fool us? The real Leon Gray is a man said to have made Aria fall for him. There’s no way you’re that Leon Gray!” (Maximilian)

“Just like there’s no way that this is Aria’s will?”

I made all three of those heroes give me death glares. Hey, pissing off pompous people is one way I get my kicks. But it was Ava who spoke.

“If you’re really Leon Gray, then duel me!” (Ava)

“I don’t feel like it.”

Her jaw dropped at my reply. But she recovered and tried to attack me with her thin blade. But each strike was avoided, and that was without me moving from place.

“How are you able to avoid my blade!?” (Ava)

“For starters, it’s slow. Even though the Crimson Thunder is the fastest swordswoman in the world, she should know that thunder is nothing more than a noise that comes after the lightning.”

She was pissed, but she didn’t give up. She kept it up for an hour before I finally stole the blade from her hand. Oh how I enjoyed the look on her face.

“There’s no way…” (Ava)

“It’s because I’m Leon Gray.”

I said that before throwing her sword up in the sky. It was out of sight before landing. It almost hit Leopold’s horse, causing it to finally buck him off before running way.

“So you really are Leon Gray. But that does not matter, there’s three heroes here!” (Leopold)

“You could have all Seven Heroes of Light with you and still lose. Now if I can’t convince you to leave, then let’s see if someone else can?”

“Fool, who could convince us to abandon our holy crusade?” (Leopold)

Really, he’s calling it a holy crusade? Well… I didn’t want to call on her, but I have no choice now. If she couldn’t convince them, no one can.


I shouted the name of the goddess that these buffoons claim to be following the will of. And after I did, a ray of light came down from the heavens. It was a chariot being pulled by two white winged-unicorns with manes of fire. The only being on board was a women with long blond hair and green eyes. She wore a white Greco-Roman dress with silver laurels in her hair that was worn in a similar braid to Ava’s. Then again, it was Ava copying her look. Why? It’s because the woman on the descending chariot was the goddess Aria herself. Her presence caused all of those templars as well as the Heroes of Light to bow.

“Leon, it’s been a while. Don’t tell me, are you finally ready to shed your mortal body and become my groom?” (Aria)

“Again, no. I only called you because of this army of buffoons came here to destroy my home in your name.”

When she arrived, she appeared like a young maiden in love. However, my words caused her expression to change. She looked ready to smite anyone in her path.

“You fools! You dare use my name to attack my beloved’s home!?” (Aria)

“But Lady Aria–” (Leopold)

“What excuse are you trying to use, you lowly human!? That someone higher than you in the church said that I wanted you to attack this town? That’s why I don’t really care for humans, they always use my name as an excuse to satisfy their own agenda! I never said to fight wars, but you idiots always attack others due to some fake oracle saying it’s my will! I normally try to follow the rules of the Higher Gods and not interfere directly, but even I have my limits! Look, I never wanted you to cause a war with demon kind. Yet that woman over there killed the Demon Queen to satisfy her own urges and used me as an excuse. If I could, I would’ve taken back the power given to all three Heroes of Light present. But I can’t take back gifts I’ve given the residents of this world. All I can do is hope your successors have better heads on their shoulders. Now I’m only saying this once, leave this place and never return!” (Aria)

She then ordered her winged-unicorns to take off. Yeah, she’s too pissed off right now. But she did leave all those fanatics speechless. If I were mentally younger, I’d be laughing my head off right now. However… it didn’t end there. Both Ava and Jacob both looked like they were about to snap.

“But… it was only a demon? Why was it wrong to slay her?” (Ava)

“There’s no way… that was not our goddess, Lady Aria! There’s no way that the real Aria would condemn our actions!” (Jacob)

Both Ava and Jacob drew their swords simultaneously. Yeah, they snapped.

“What are you two doing!? The Lady Aria told us to leave!” (Leopold)

“That wasn’t Lady Aria! At least the one we know!” (Jacob)

“Jacob is right. If it really was Lady Aria, then that bastard poisoned her with words! He must pay!” (Ava)

Go figure, I’m getting the blame for corrupting a goddess. Then again, it’s not the first time. Okay… it’s the first time in this life I got blamed for it. But this wasn’t corruption in a bad way. Don’t ask, I regret the last time I did that.

Jacob’s weapon of choice is a broadsword while Ava uses a thin blade that is closer to a jian. A jian being a thin double-edged sword used in ancient China. Both are holy swords that can only be wielded by the Heroes blessed by Aria. Well… they can’t use their full power if not wielded by those with Aria’s blessing. And yeah, I could easily break them like I did Grave’s broadsword. However, I don’t want to cause too much drama by breaking holy swords.

The first thing I did was use my speed. I actually have to control it because I cause shock waves if I go full throttle. The thing I hated about that reincarnation program, I always get stronger with each life. The only blessing about it is that my full power is locked until I regain my memories. It’s better than wondering why I’m so OP until I remember why. Anyway, I end up behind Jacob within a fraction of a millisecond. With a controlled Judo chop, I manage to knock him out without breaking his spine. And before the full second is over, I rushed at Ava and removed the clasps of what bit of armor she’s wearing. Yeah… she’s known for bikini armor. But before the second was up, I got rope from one of my inventories and had her in tortoiseshell bondage. It was all over before anyone could fully blink.

“What in the…? Untie me this instant!” (Ava)

“Hey, you’re the one who didn’t leave when Aria herself told you to. You commit the crime, you pay the time. Speaking of which…”

I then walk over to the unconscious Jacob. I place my hand on his forehead and focus. Not long after, a mark resembling a tribal tattoo appears on his forehead. Leopold then asks.

“What in Lady Aria’s name are you doing to the man?” (Leopold)

“I’m sealing his power. As long as the seal lasts, he can never use Aria’s blessing. He is now no different than a normal human being.”

“But… why go that far!?” (Leopold)

“Why did he slaughter innocent children? It was not because it was Aria’s will, that’s for sure. No, that man is a monster with human skin. It’s time he learned what it would be like to not have Aria’s Blessing to protect him. But don’t worry, the seal will go away when he dies. This way that blessing goes to another like it’s supposed to.”

One thing I couldn’t do was disrupt a world’s nature. I’ve learned in the past what happens when you do that and go too far. Fate itself goes off track, and others will pay the price in the end. The only reason I know of this seal is due to the fact that I was once forced to wear it in one of my many past lives. It was once where I tried to take over a world out of boredom. I wasn’t anywhere near as strong as a god at the time, but I was still stronger than those blessed by them. Due to my “Revenge by Learning” skill, I can learn any magic used against me and use it on others. So yeah, I learned it by having my power sealed by it. As punishment, I was confined inside of a coffin made of that world’s strongest metal that was enchanted to keep the occupant alive. I was in there for a thousand years. By then, there was no one to take revenge on as the ones who sealed me had long perished. But it did teach me the price of my actions, most of humanity was wiped out due to my meddling. What was once a world of swords and magic was now an apocalypse due to how fast I evolved civilization. The gods had all but abandoned the world. So as penitence, I taught the remnants of humanity about the gods who once watched over them as well as the lost arts of magic. Thanks to my teachings, humanity rose again and reclaimed what was rightfully theirs while keeping a balance with other races. They called me a great sage, but in reality I was cleaning up my own mess. And it was difficult to teach others magic when I could no longer use it myself.

Normally I wouldn’t use this seal on another person, but he deserved it. However, it does have it’s limits. Like Qi Cultivation for example. Unlike magic or a god’s blessings, Qi is something naturally part of the human body. So if used on a cultivator, the seal cannot affect them like it does a mage or a god-blessed hero. I experimented a little in a xianxia-like world in one of my following past lives where magic is scarce. Let’s say that I caught the eyes of the wrong man and eventually the one in charge of that world cut my fate short after realizing the power I was hiding? But yeah, Jacob can still use martial skills. But without Aria’s blessing to reinforce them, he’s going to have a long ways to go if he wants to be a swordsman that could rival his former self. I predict by the time he gets that far, he’ll be lucky if he’s still alive.

I then walk towards the mostly-naked and bound Ava. I only say mostly because she’s still wearing her gauntlets and greaves. Normally, she should’ve been able to break free from rope. But the rope I used was one made from the hair of “Shaggy Dragon”. It’s a rare species of dragon I encountered in one of my other past lives, it’s well known for being covered in hair instead of scales. Rope made from it is known for being unbreakable by anything less than a god. It’s also nearly unable to be cut after being braided into a rope. Anyway, she finally spoke when I approached her.

“And what do you want with me? Are you to take away my chastity after humiliating me?” (Ava)

I didn’t say a word as I picked her up by a strand of the rope that could’ve been used to hang her for all to see. I walked over to Neve before dropping Ava in front of her.

“Neve, I leave this one’s fate to you.”

“Understood.” (Neve)

Neve then glared at Ava before pulling out a dagger she always had hidden between her breasts. The hilt, the guard, and the scabbard all had engravings.

“What are you doing?” (Ava)

“Did my mother ask that before you tortured her to death?” (Neve)

“Your mother?” (Ava)

“That’s right. My mother arrived at the holy city with no malice in her heart in hopes of peace. Yet you took her and tortured her to death before crucifying her body and displaying it for all to see.” (Neve)

“Wait… you can’t be!? Why is the princess of the Demon Country here!?” (Ava)

Other than those from the pro-human faction of the church, the only ones to gasp were Sofia and Grave. In truth, all of Vrede knows that Neve was the daughter of the previous Demon King. Years ago, she was hiding behind her father’s throne along with her brother Ghiaccio when I slain their father. But I couldn’t kill them as well. I recognized her as the little girl who witnessed me slay the Demon King, that’s why I thought she came to me for revenge. However, she told me that the reason her father died was because he was weak. In the Demon Country, it’s the strong who rule. But she did say that the only person she wanted revenge on was the woman who killed her mother. And now, I’m offering her that vengeance.

“I came to this town because of Leon Gray. In the Demon Country, we follow the strong. However, one of the two people I can never forgive is you. I could kill you, but then you would have the easy way out. I could torture you like you did my mother, but then I would be no better than you are. So your fate is one worse than death for you. Mr. Leon, could you please seal her powers as well?” (Neve)

That girl has grown a lot since I first met her. When she first arrived in Vrede, she almost killed a drunkard for touching her the wrong way. However, I stopped her from finishing him off. I was the one who taught her that killing someone is not the same as getting even with them. That it’s better to humiliate your foe each time. Pirates say that dead men tell no tales. Well… dead men never learn as well. Whether it be to not do something or that they wronged you, they can’t learn if they die. That was part of my lesson in the life where I wore that seal.

As per Neve’s request, I put my hand to Ava’s forehead and sealed her powers. Like Jacob, she will take a long time to get to where she was before. The Crimson Thunder’s speed was due to the enhancement from Aria’s blessing. Now not only could she ever wield her sword to it’s full potential, but she could never be as fast as she was. And to add insult to injury, Neve used that dagger to cut off Ava’s braid.

“What are you doing!?” (Ava)

“Everyone knows that due to Aria wearing her hair in a braid, you tie your hair in the same braid to feel closer to her. This braid is your pride and joy. Now you will know what having what you hold most dear being taken away feels like. Not only Aria’s blessing, but also this braid. You no longer have any connection to Aria, as I no longer have my mother.” (Neve)

I wanted to clap, but I didn’t. I hung the still bound Ava over my shoulder by that strand of rope as if she were a sack and walked over to Leopold and dropping her at his feet.

“Now, take her and that unconscious sack of shit over there and never return. Got it?”

“I understand. I should’ve known that even if I really did bring all Seven Heroes of Light that it would’ve been nothing against the legendary Leon Gray. Having Lady Aria’s blessing and her love are two different things. After I report back to my superiors, I will be sure that they know what transpired here today. I swear by Lady Aria’s name that we will never return.” (Leopold)

Leopold then ordered a full retreat. However, Maximilian didn’t budge just yet.

“What do you want?”

“Sir Gray, may I please shake your hand?” (Maximilian)

I almost did a double-take, but I allowed it. He smiled and his teeth did that sparkle before he joined up with the rest for their retreat. I could’ve sealed away his power as well, but he didn’t try to fight me or anything. Nor does he have a bad reputation like those other two. As for what happened afterward, both Jacob and Ava were excommunicated from the pro-human faction for now being useless to them. Leopold’s punishment was being demoted back to a priest and being sent to a rural town somewhere, but he was happy as he got to witness Aria firsthand. As for Maximilian, he left the pro-human faction for the pro-unity faction because I used to work with them. It’s said that he ended up in a relationship with the beastkin girl who was part of the Heroes of Light.

As for Neve, she finally got her revenge against her mother’s killer. What she did with the braid was add a clasp to where she cut it off and got a preservation spell put on it. She now wears it on her belt as a trophy. But Sofia had the bright idea of asking who the other person she could never forgive was. I slapped my forehead when Neve gave her an answer.

“Your mother.” (Neve)

After Note: And that was chapter one, peeps. And now, that wasn’t a “your mom” joke at the end. Neve knows what happened between Sofia’s parents and Leon. As for why she takes care of Leon and stopped trying to get with him, that will be revealed in a later chapter.

Originally the names of Ghiaccio and Neve were “Ice” and “Snow” respectively. However… I remembered the main girl in Gunota was also named “Snow”. As “Vrede” is actually “Peace” in Dutch, I originally wanted to translate their names to Dutch. However… I wasn’t satisfied with the Dutch translations. I went with Italian instead, like I do when characters in LGDK use magic. I will admit, I’m more satisfied with using Italian for their names. I was originally going to go with “Yuki”, but I’ve already used that name for one of the two protagonists of LGDK. And I wasn’t going to go with “Schnee”, only one waifu in literature comes to mind when you think of that name!

Now why does the goddess of that world want Leon’s D? Raunchy jokes aside, she already knew of him before he was born to that world. Believe it or not, goddesses in my works have high standards when it comes to male partners. Leon actually meets her standards due to his strength and experience. Not to mention she could always give him a new look if he accepts her offer. But Leon’s issue is that he’s lived too long. And… he doesn’t have a good track record with goddesses. Both together, he’d rather just finally fade out of existence when he passes away this time around.

Anyway, I hope that you enjoyed this chapter. Rarely do my creative juices and motivation align these days. But yeah, I’ll try to have some more chapters out before Christmas.

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    1. You’re welcome. And you’re right as well. I was surprised that I was able to do this chapter. Also… thanks for not criticizing that both the goddess and the daughter of the demon king were introduced within the first chapter?

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