Rant: Well… I’m giving up on The Rising of the Shield Hero getting a dub. Thanks, SJWs.

I’m saying this before I go into the rant, I have nothing about people who are Social Justice Warriors or Feminists. They’re your beliefs, so I’m not going to knock you down about them. However… really? Just, really?

It’s been well over a month, but the dub for Rising of the Shield Hero (Tate no Yuusha) is on hold indefinitely. Though no one will explain why, I’m sure we all know the reason. As we all know, Funimation has the rights to the anime in the west. And what kind of company is Funimation? The kind who puts their own political agendas in their dubs. Just look at Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon for example, they changed a line in order to fit it to the west’s views. Lucoa changed her outfit and said that  “Oh those pesky patriarchal societal demands were getting on my nerves, so I changed clothes.” while in the original it was “Everyone was always saying something to me, so I tried toning down the exposure. How is it?”. They literally changed a character, a sin that 4Kids! has been guilty for doing for years. If you want a source about this line change, click here.

Now, what’s happening with Tate no Yuusha? SJWs attacked the first episode because the main character was male and was falsely accused of rape, thus changing him mentally. They say all kinds of stuff about how it portray’s women as evil and all kinds of junk. For a better source, click here.

Now, why must people have to get up in arms? It’s a story, get over it. People get all up in arms over things too easily. Yet, there’s been many times where men have been falsely accused of rape. There’s even been times were women raped men. Where’s the complainers when this stuff happens? No where, that’s where. People complain about no equality when in reality they don’t want to see the truth. Anyone can be the villain, it doesn’t matter about race or gender. Women can do evil just as men can. Hell, I remember when my uncle Neil (may he rest in peace) was going through his divorce. When he came to get his stuff, his wife called the police on him. He didn’t do anything, he waited patiently for the officer to arrive. She tried to accuse him of hitting her, in which my cousin ended up shouting “Dad never laid a hand on you!”. The joke was on her, the officer had recently went through a divorce himself. But he didn’t side with my uncle, he judged everything impartially as my uncle got his things and was sure to ask both the wife and kids if certain expensive items were his.

Now am I saying that only women can be the villains during a divorce? Hell no! My dad was a bastard during the divorce with mom. He signed all of his cars over to his friends in order to keep her from asking for any of them. She had four cars at the time, so she wasn’t going to do that in the first place. And yes, his “friends” betrayed him and didn’t give the cars back. Hell, mom sold one of her cars to pay for the divorce and he ended up with another one of them as part of it. She lost the other two during her relationship with my step dad, a guy whom I have a few choice words about that I won’t say on here.

My point with the divorces, both men and women can be evil about them. And both genders can be a victim as well. Now with Tate no Yuusha, we all know that Naofumi became one of the biggest bastards because of the false rape allegations. But has anyone complaining ever read the novels? Probably not. It’s a long process, but he slowly starts trusting people again. Hell, Malty (the princess who claimed Naofuni raped her and stole all his stuff) has proven to be a bitch further on in the series. Spoilers ahead, but she manipulates Motoyasu (the Spear Hero), sells party members who could get in her way into sexual slavery, and even abandons him later on. Are all women like her? Nope. Hell, her reasons for being this way are explained way later on (near the end of the novel).

SJWs are offended by the first episode. One even asked the Kadokawa business producer about the controversy in a sub-reddit. The response:

“There have not been any controversies regarding the series in Japan, so it is difficult to say.

“In the case there were any controversy domestically, we will try to address all issues with the staff and people involved to bring our customers a better product the next time. […]”

Yeah, they don’t see things the same in Japan like we do in the west. They even had another response, source here.

So yeah, most of the controversy and outrage is here in the west. What people in the west don’t get is that not everyone shares their views. Not to mention that this takes place in a fantasy world based on medieval Europe. In the middle ages, things like slavery and serfdom existed. The slave factor is another controversy. But people being punished on allegation alone (no evidence) was also rampant in the middle ages. It was another time, so thing were different. The fantasy world that Tate no Yuusha takes place in is based on the middle ages and the writer is from another country altogether. What people need to understand is that you can’t judge everything based on your own beliefs and ideology.

There’s a reason why I consider myself apolitical. Other than being sickened by both conservatives and liberals, I don’t like it when people try to force their beliefs and ideals onto me. I try to look at both sides of a story, not just condemn someone. Heck, I even write warnings in chapters of my novels that have to do with politics that I don’t share any political views written down in the chapter. When I write a story, I write a story without a political agenda.

Yet we have all these activists who are as bad as those they are protesting when you look at it. People, just stop and think before jumping into the fray. Not everyone is going to share your point of view on everything. You can try to open peoples’ eyes, but don’t force them open. Forcing your agenda on others make you just as bad as the people who tried to force theirs onto you. As I said before, I have nothing against SJWs and feminists. And before you aim those torches and pitchforks at me, let me tell you that I have friends who are male, female, transgender, homosexual, other ethnicity, and in other religions. And yes, I am friends with a few atheists as well. My point is that everyone is human. And none of us have the right to judge anything or anyone.


Apparently I messed up and someone kindly pointed out how I was off. It’s Crunchyroll that owns the US rights, not Funimation. They’re not even the ones dubbing it, Bang Zoom is producing the dub. Funimation is only streaming the dub. Though I wish I could find the exact AMA about Crunchyroll proposing the project. But as we all know, the dub was announced to be delayed indefinitely around the same time the controversy started. And Funimation is well known for adding their political agenda to their dubs. Even if they weren’t the ones dubbing Tate no Yuusha, they still have a history of adding their political agenda. So even if part of my rant is off, I still have a few points.

5 thoughts on “Rant: Well… I’m giving up on The Rising of the Shield Hero getting a dub. Thanks, SJWs.

    1. This is why I think political agendas and entertainment should be separate. I understand localization, but at the same time I think politics should be removed from it. I’m just glad the anti-US part of GATE was left alone, though it was pretty obvious that the Americans were going after the people from the Special Region thanks to the scenes from the White House. There was no covering that up.


  1. The entire premise of this post is off. Crunchyroll owns the US rights to Shield Hero, not Funimation, and the dub was being produced at Bang Zoom in LA. Funimation was only streaming the dub, and didn’t have any other involvement beyond that. And you can’t accuse CR of having a problem with it since they straight up co-produced it and, according to a recent AMA about it, proposed the project in the first place.


    1. Thank you for pointing out the flaws. I will correct those in the near future. However, the fact it was announced to be delayed indefinitely did happen around the time the controversy started.


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