Rant: The problem with Vic Mignogna…

I know, I kinda messed up with my The Rising of the Shield Hero (Tate no Yuusha) rant. Someone kindly corrected me on a few things. However, I’m getting into a subject that I’ve been trying to avoid getting into. AnimeGate, the whole issue with Vic Mignogna.

Who is Vic Mignogna? He’s a famous voice actor for anime dubs like Full Metal Alchemist and the recent Dragon Ball Super movie with Broly. But what’s going on? The man has multiple allegations against him for sexual harassment and misconduct. He’s a creep, right? Like the worst of the worst who deserves to be fired from both Funimation and RoosterTeeth? Well… there’s no telling as there’s too much conspiracy going on.

I’m not giving exact sources. You can find it all on YouTube with people like Lost Pause, Hero Hei, and The Casual Otaku. There have been multiple videos out ever since the debacle began. I know, it seems like these guys are being biased towards Vic if you watch their videos. But are they?

I didn’t know about any of this until RoosterTeeth tweeted that they are no longer associating with Vic. What he did at RT was voice Qrow in their hit series RWBY. RT is based in Texas, a state that legally allows employers to fire whomever they please for whatever reason there is. When I first heard of all the allegations, I was like “Meh, a perv getting what he deserves. Shame on him”. But then I started researching into the whole scandal. And man… what a rabbit hole.

Where to begin? Monica Rial, that’s where. She tweeted about Vic being creepy with her and touching her. And how she doesn’t want anyone else to go through that. However… she hasn’t given one shred of evidence. And she’s even tweeted that evidence only counts in a court of law. Between that and rumors that she’s taking over Vic’s non VA (Voice Actor) positions at RoosterTeeth and Funimation have caused a lot of people to make a conspiracy. And lately she’s been threatening to take people wanting evidence via Twitter to court, screen-shotting their tweets as “evidence” for her lawyer and the police.

Now we got Jamie Marchi, another VA who made claims against Vic on Twitter. As we all know, she’s a feminist. As I’ve said before, I got nothing against feminists. However… she tweeted that she wants Vic’s head, his balls, and for him to feel the pain that he’s caused others. And in the same tweet, for people to take his d*** out of their ears so they can listen. Victim or not, there’s no reason to tweet such things. Personally, I find it all to be very unprofessional for a “big named” voice actress. She’s even responded to people on twitter in the past who complained about changes she did in dubs to fit her agenda. I’ve even heard about times that she told people that if they don’t like it, then watch the subs. Yeah… she’s very unprofessional in my opinion. Yet she’s still employed at a big named company like Funimation? With that kind of behavior?

Now to Neil Kaplan. This guy admitted that he hates Vic. When this started, he tried tweeting about the first time they met at a con and even showed a video. It was Vic getting on his shoulders. Neil claims that Vic “mounted” him and pushed his groin to the back of his head. However, the video says otherwise. Yeah, Vic showed up late to the panel they were working at. However, Vic walked up to Neil who was off stage, tapped his shoulder, and then proceeded to get on top of Neil who looks like he allowed it. And that’s not all. Some girl named Emily on Instagram posted about her experience with Neil. She was a volunteer at two conventions and was assigned to him. He’s done things that made her uncomfortable at both cons. At the second one, she eventually brought it up with staff and they made it so she didn’t have to be near him. She even posted screen shots of texts between her and Neil as evidence, something a victim would actually do.

I’d get into Christopher Sabot, but the most he’s done was say that he’s close friends with Monica and if a guy ended up under a bus then he deserved it. We know he was talking about Vic, but he didn’t directly say that he was or wasn’t.

Now, for conspiracies. A member of a private Facebook group shared screenshots on Twitter about falsifying evidence. It was a picture of one member getting hugged by Vic and someone said they should Photoshop it to make it look like he’s grabbing her breast. Most of the people in the conversation were saying that they shouldn’t do it because people have ways to tell if something’s been Photoshopped and falsifying evidence wrong. The person who shared everything that happened on twitter was called out for it and they responded about something that happened at a past con. The group has since been deleted. Personally, I think it was the right move for people to tell that person to not falsify evidence. If Vic really did those things and the falsified evidence was brought into a court of law, the case would be thrown out the window. Meaning that the victims would be without closure due to some idiots trying to “help” them.

The Anime News Network, a group that’s supposed to be the best source of news in anime has been caught using images out of context about the matter. They posted a picture of Vic kissing a girl (who’s face has been blurred out) on the cheek and said it was not consensual. The girl in question took it to Facebook and stated that it was at a Vic fan group meeting that her mother was hosting and that she got the consent from both Vic and her mother before posing for the pictures as she was the one who requested that Vic pose for the photos with her. And that there were other parents there at the event. The poor girl felt bad that her picture with Vic was used out of context against him and without her permission. ANN has since removed the picture, but at someone else’s behest. When the girl tried to contact ANN about it before it was removed, they refused to reply to her.

Does anyone see where I’m getting at? There’s much I’ve left out, including a tweet that Vic posted with a picture of cast of the Broly movie (including Monica) and Monica replied with a kissy face. Or the many images and videos of Monica hugging Vic that are on the internet. Or even the video of Vic confronting anti-LGBTQ protesters outside of a con about how they’re wrong about their methods to get people to reach out to Christ, that they should be talking about God’s love for them and not how they should fear him. Yeah, Vic is a Christian. People have tried to use this against him, including how he refused to sign a picture of a gay character he played for a fan. He refused it because it was sexual, not because it’s gay. He’s even narrated a homosexual novel about a gay werewolf before.

Look, I don’t stand with Vic. I don’t stand against Vic either. If he has done what everyone’s claiming he’s done, then he deserved to be fired. However, there’s little evidence to prove that he’s done anything wrong. So if he is innocent, then it’s everyone else who’s guilty of slander. Vic’s denied the allegations and has even asked fans not to attack anyone. Yet there’s the people running Pensacon threatening anyone who stands with Vic that they will be escorted out of the con by the police if they ask for evidence. This was on twitter, the people at Pensacon deleted the account when it got so much attention. There’s a twitter user called GhostShellZen who got shadow banned on twitter for talking about a time seven years ago when Jamie Marchi sexually assaulted them at a con and how they’re finally lawyering up. Just like with Vic, I’m waiting to see how this ends up in court before judging Jamie about this.

Now, it’s time to end this post. Look, there’s many YouTubers reporting on the situation with Vic. If you want more info, look them up. The top four are Lost Pause, Hero Hei, and The Casual Otaku, and YellowFlash2.  There’s also ThatUmbrellaGuy, but I don’t know them that well. If you want to look into this yourselves, that’s where to go. As for me, I’m not a net reporter. I’m just some guy who writes web novels and does rants.


Remember when I talked about people falsifying evidence? Well… one of the girls who claimed Vic touched inappropriately actually did that. Anyone ever hear of Meepy Gal? Well… she showed “Video Evidence” that was edited to make it look like Vic was being a creep. When she was exposed for it, she took down both the video and her Twitter account. I just found this out today because YellowFlash2 reported it. He even had a link to the person who exposed the video, you can find it here.

Also, Vic has made a tweet recently. He’s going to take time off to get counseling and recommit himself to god.

I know I consider myself neutral on the matter between Vic and the allegations from Monica and Jamie. However, he has acted the most adult out of everyone involved. So yeah, he deserves some time off. And personally, I hope things start to look up for the guy.

2 thoughts on “Rant: The problem with Vic Mignogna…

  1. Wow. I actually really appreciate this. I’ve been pretty upset about this since the allegations first started splashing across the web, as Vic is the backbone of a few of my heart animes (FMA & FMA:B mainly), and I was really wrestling with how I was going to wrap my head around still loving the anime considering the scandal surrounding Vic. But it was refreshing to read something that was actually neutral, that made an effort to present a balanced version of events. No one has any idea how this will shake out, but in the internet universe of extremes, it was good to see this all to be something human. Human, I can deal with. Not forgiven, necessarily, but this rant let me take a breath. Thanks!

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