Vic Mignogna is finally lawyering up!

This is not a rant. This is something that’s hot on the presses… though I’m no reporter. I won’t cite sources as you can EASILY find this stuff on YouTube and Twitter.

Yesterday, the drama got worse. Someone posted on Facebook that a Vic supporter had swatted them, showing pictures of their door. There are even claims that the person swatted said “I stand with Vic”. However… it’s been proven by AnimeOutsider and many others to be a hoax. The pictures were the exact same ones used by the person about being swatted back in 2016. Yeah… they tried to recycle old photos to frame Vic supporters. So far, the worst use for recycling I’ve seen.

Sean Schemmel, the man who voices Goku called everyone “assholes” again over the swatting before finding out it was a hoax. That man… he’s been a diva about this ever since the beginning. I mean, he called everyone “assholes” the first time he defended Monica Rial. He’s been deleting his tweets (though many people have taken screenshots and archived them) for PR control. But when I call Sean Schemmel a “diva”, I mean he really is a diva.

Other than his lashing out at fans, I found out many things about him. Including in his contracts with conventions that no other Goku English VAs are to be at the con. He was forced to make an exception at KameCon (a Dragon Ball exclusive convention). This man speaks out against TeamFourStar (the guys behind Dragon Ball Abridged), saying that they make things out of his work that he’s passionate about. Well… TeamFourStar were the ones to give us anything Dragon Ball between GT and Super. Sean’s friend and co-worker Chris Sabot (the voice of Vegeta and Piccolo) is actually friends with TeamFourStar and even did minor roles under an alias with them. Sean one did a video parodying Vic Mignogna called “Kip Mangina” (Man-Gina), wearing a wig acting like a drama queen in a recording booth. It’s funny, people have been calling Sean “Kip Mangina” for a while now since he’s been exposed.

We’re talking about a man who was important to my childhood. Vic was important while I was in High School due to Full Metal Alchemist airing during that stage of my life, but Dragon Ball is something I loved as a kid. I was bullied in elementary school. One of my solaces was getting him and watching Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon (hey, I like Shojo as well). Dragon Ball Z on the original Toonami was the shit back in the day. I looked up to Goku as the guy I wanted to be (before I realized he’s just a selfish battle-junkie). A guy who could stand up to bullies and come back stronger after being defeated. But to see the voice of Goku being like… “this”, my childhood is ruined. There were three shows that got me into Anime: Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon (DiC dub), and Pokemon (4Kids! dub). Then again… I didn’t know that the re-runs of some of the stuff I watched as a kid (like the original Transformers and The Mysterious Cities of Gold) were technically anime. So I still credit the three shows I mentioned as my introduction to anime.

Still, my childhood when it comes to my introduction to anime is ruined. It started with finding out about the over-localization done to anything 4Kids. And then the edits done with Sailor Moon to fit younger North American audiences as well (which I found out during my tumblr days). Eventually I learned that the dub to DBZ was edited with Goku’s origins changed to be more like Superman’s to add familiarity to the character. I didn’t fault that change too much, it was done for marketing. It caused the huge “Goku vs. Superman” debate, which I still side with Death Battle’s result of Superman winning due to a man who breaks limits cannot defeat a man with no limits whatsoever. Anyway, to find out that Goku’s VA is such a diva… that was the last straw. If you’re somehow reading this Sean Schemmel, I’ve lost all respect for you. I didn’t mind you standing up for Monica because I’m impartial, but your attitude towards fans is uncalled for.

Now… why did I talk about all this? Because it’s what was reported on before the news FINALLY came out. Vic’s finally pursuing legal action. Anyone watching Yellow Flash on YouTube would know this. YouTuber Nick Rekeita (host of Rekeita Law) had been looking into this. This guy is a lawyer (not the one Vic hired) who got interested in this. The man is all about finding facts if someone can pursue someone in legal matters. He did a live stream the other day talking about how Vic can go after Funimation, Rooster Teeth, and even Anime News Network. The guy is even starting a GoFundMe (I’ll add a link later) to help pay for Vic’s legal team. And note, Mr. Rekeita isn’t even an anime fan. Most of the stuff he works on is in the comics industry.

There are many people whom he can go after. This includes Monica Rial, Jamie Marchi, Neil Kaplan, and Sean Schemmel. In my personal opinion, Vic wouldn’t have anything to go after them for if they kept their mouths shut after he was kicked out. As in not giving fuel to the #IStandWithVic crowd by still talking about Vic and yelling at anime fans. If they hadn’t done all that, not as many people would’ve got curious and looked into the matter as deep. The one thing you never wanna do is anger the fans. It’s supposed to be “Am I worthy enough to have you as a fan?”, not “Are you worthy enough to be my fan?”. All of the people I’ve mentioned belong to the latter.

So far the one VA people say is on Vic’s side is… Todd Haberkorn. Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t like Todd. However, he’s the only one who hasn’t trashed Vic. And… does anyone know of Jessie Pridemore? She’s a cosplayer who people say accused Vic of assaulting her. Due to my dislike of Todd, I looked into an accusation against him. Turns out when Jessie was talking about Vic, she mentioned an assault from an “unnamed voice actor”. Todd came out and told his side of the story, saying that it was “adult consensual sex”. But due to Vic being mentioned, people have been after her saying that she lied about Vic assaulting her. I ended up defending her once against an #IStandWithVic guy on twitter. For the record, I’m impartial. I pointed out to them that the “news” article said that Vic only slut-shamed her. She told me that she wasn’t slut-shamed, but he pulled her hair. This was after she thanked me for looking at facts and not calling her a slut. I’m no white knight, I only got into the Vic situation because I wanted the truth. Though Todd hasn’t said anything in defense of Vic, he seems to be the only one not attacking him.

Now, I’m at two stances about the Vic situation. As a fan of Vic’s, I hope he wins and proves his innocence. But as the impartial guy only in this for the truth, I just want the truth behind it all. I’ve been doing work with Vic supporters, most notably Supergirl. We’ve been working together on this case, her to prove Vic’s innocence and me to find the truth. She’s even shown me things that have not been out to the public, which I’m not going to reveal. Anyway, we’ve been talking back and forth about the Vic situation, sharing information. I’ve even made a second twitter account on the #KickVic side of the debacle in order to look at things from VAs and the #KickVic crowd that privatized their twitter accounts or just blocked us. And note, I got blocked by people I didn’t know blocked me until she asked me to look into it. Hence why I had to make another account. I won’t get into too many details, there’s been nothing interesting enough to share on this blog. All I know is the further I went down the rabbit hole, the more evidence supporting Vic was found over convicting him.

Some of you may ask, “If you’re doing so much research, why not blog about it more?”. I’m not a journalist. I am just a man who was looking for answers. I know, I’ve ranted about Vic’s accusations and PensaCon. But I did both because I felt like it. PensaCon was more due to how they were treating people. Threatening to arrest anyone standing with Vic so they couldn’t “harass” Monica? Most of the people who stand with Vic that planned on going didn’t really plan on harassing her, unless asking her side of the story legally counts as harassment? They revoked GeeksandGamers’ media credentials because Jeremy made a video on the situation that was impartial due to it not fitting their agenda. They even got a bomb threat and didn’t tell the guests or the attendees. Hell, the FBI only knew about it because Ethan Van Sciver asked them. If you want to know more about the time line, click here to look at a Facebook page that Supergirl helped with. Or created? I’m not sure which one, but it has everything in detail about PensaCon and the controversy.

Anyway, I can’t wait for the trial. I want truth, fans want justice, and everyone wants proof. Though much proof has been found, it’s time for it to be taken to a court of law. However, I’ll try my best to remain impartial on the matter. Even if the Vic fan inside will be celebrating if he’s proven to have been innocent and everyone has to apologize to him.


Guys, Mr. Rekeita has got the GoFundMe up and running. As of the time I’m announcing this… it already has OVER 9000!!! Seriously, it’s at $12,370 as of 4:48 am EST on February 20th 2019. And yes, he started it up with Vic’s permission. However, any excess funds will be donated to one of the Salvation Army domestic violence abuse shelters in Dallas County, Texas by Vic’s request. Click here if you wanna check it out or donate. It’s called “Vic Kicks Back”, a very fitting name. And by my suggestion, check out this recent live stream by Nick Rekeita. Near the end of it, he starts listing off whom Vic can sue, what he can pursue them for, and starts running numbers on how much it will cost on their side. As most of these guys live in Texas… I think they would rather Chuck Norris to roundhouse kick them in their faces because it would hurt less than how hard Vic can kick back. And note, there’s no guarantees that Vic will win in court.

2 thoughts on “Vic Mignogna is finally lawyering up!

    1. Thanks for reading. Sadly, I’d probably look on YouTube if I were you. The Casual Otaku has a very good impartial vid from last week. Also… share this on Facebook and/or Twitter please? I’d like it if more people could get impartial news on the matter.


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