Stream tonight? Why the f*** not?

Doing that stream last night (despite Izerio being the only one watching) made me realize something. What I realized was that I miss live streaming. I REALLY miss it. So tonight at 9:30 pm EST, we’re diving back into SoulCalibur VI. I REALLY want to get the Libra of Souls streams outta the way. I still need to finish Fallout 4 and Destiny 2 (up to Warmind) as well. Hell, I’ve been trying to get the Fallout 4 streams done for… going on two years now. I want to get them caught up for a special reason.

The special reason is that I won’t be using my main PSN account for Twitch after I get caught up. I’ve decided on something a long time ago, it’s time I use an alternate PSN to live stream with. This way when I try out games on my main account without multiple save files that I can just start a anew on the alt for when I live stream. Not to mention have less people bugging me for when I appear online on my main.

What about Fallout 76 you ask? Or if I wanna do new CC content on Fallout 4? Well… I didn’t say that I wouldn’t ever use my main PSN for streaming ever again. When it comes to delving into older games, there’s always YouTube. That’s right, I’ll be live streaming the classics on YouTube… along with BUGthesda’s most notorious game. In truth, I don’t have the money to be buying certain things on most in-game stores. So stuff that requires stupid things like “Credits” and “Atoms” (I hate you yet I love you Bethesda) would have to be done on my main. Not to mention Monster Hunter World, I’d have to still use my main PSN if I ever wanted to play as the Oracle again. So yeah, I’d want to still be able to do what I do the best. As for Dragon’s Dogma (if I ever want to stream Bitterblack Isle), it has a feature to change the appearance of your Arisen and Pawn. But… it’s something you can only buy in-game in the post-game part (where you have to explore the Everfall). So I could easily go back to those streams with another PSN.

But before I do any of that, I NEED to finish my unfinished business with SoulCalibur VI, Fallout 4, and Destiny 2. And note, I don’t plan on getting anymore of the Destiny 3 expansions. To be honest, I wouldn’t have bought the first expansion pass if they would’ve made it free with Forsaken in the first place! To do that after I bought the first expansion pass, I don’t know whether to blame Sony or Activision. I’m still salty over that. All I know is that I won’t get Destiny 3 if they ever decide to make a third one!

Destiny ranting out of the way, it’s high time I get everything in order. I just wanted everyone to know of my plans. And I plan on getting my streaming stuff back in order. I also plan on getting my writing stuff in order too. But for tonight, please be there unless I announce otherwise?

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