Rant: WordExerpt (Roxism HQ)

Ugh… it’s been a while since I ranted about these guys. I mean, they REALLY get to me. Yet they translate some things I like to read. And no, no stream tonight. Tomorrow night might be open though (with the new hours)

What do I have to complain about? Let’s start with their adblock policy. Hey, I will admit that having your own website isn’t cheap. One of the reasons I still do my stuff on WordPress. Not to mention that translators need money as well. But… these guys take things too far. I don’t mind that they put an anti-adblock on their site, understand that sites take money. But… their ads are out of control. I don’t mind ads on the side of the page, but I do mind when they are banner ads that are between most of the paragraphs. I hate getting into a chapter and suddenly I see an ad! Seriously, it’s annoying! I just want to read uninterrupted.

Next is how money-grubbing they are with work they’re translating. I still follow their old WordPress Roxism HQ because they still use it to announce updates. But there’s usually a mirror that they say to click on under the description “Link that will help me to get more moneycoffee”. Not to mention they fact they will post teasers to try to get people to donate to their patreon. What they are doing is hiding things behind paywalls. I may hate J-Novel Club with a passion, but those guys are translating the LN for Seigensou. They have a policy of pulling a DMCA to the WN translators if they pull this paywall crap. As much as I love Seigensou, I wish J-Novel Club would pull their DMCA crap with Word Exerpt. I don’t mind it when people have patreons, but to hide stuff behind paywalls is just wrong in so many ways. I personally find it no different than extortion. You all may see it differently, but that’s how I see it. It’s not even their work, it’s something they’re translating. I don’t even know if they have permission from the author to translate any of the novels they do.

Next is the chapter splitting. I understand that even with Web Novels that there are some REALLY long chapters. And that there are many translators who split the chapters depending on the length. But recently they split an interlude of Seigensou into four segments. I checked the length and it could’ve been easily spit into three instead. And if you check the length of the scrollbar, the main reason it’s so long is due to the ads on the page. I can’t really understand what these guys are thinking.

And lastly, the site is almost as buggy as a Bethesda game at launch when you try to leave a comment. You can’t backspace when typing out a comment or else the page changes. In order to type out a proper comment is to type it in a word program and then copy/paste in the comments section. It’s just stupid that the site cannot let you type out a comment without issue.

And that’s everything I have to complain about. I personally dislike those guys and their site.

3 thoughts on “Rant: WordExerpt (Roxism HQ)

    1. I have yet to give up on AKM. We’re finally at the point where Shirone knows that Diehart is Kuroki. However… chapter 40 irks me the most. Or was it 39? All I know is that it shows how much of a moronic hypocrite Shirone really is.


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