Tonight’s stream at 9:00 to 11:30 pm EST…

Well… it’s close to the original hours tonight. But yeah, we’re going to top off the SoulCalibur VI streams tonight.

In other news… I deleted that smurf twitter account. I’m going to use the Google Voice phone number later on to create a twitter account for the brand (RG07 Gaming & Novels) in the future.

Other than that… I can’t donate plasma right now. Apparently some abnormality had been found in my protein. So I had to let them take a blood sample and I have to wait until they’ve analyzed it. The longest time it will take is two weeks, the shortest will be four days. I’ll call in four days to see if it’s been analyzed or not. But for now… I have no source of income. I have two broken dryers and a broken washing machine I could scrap, but I don’t have a dolly (or hand truck as some people call them) to move them from the basement. So… yeah, I’m boned for two weeks at the longest. Hopefully I’ll figure something out.

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