Pirate of the Mediterranean – Chapters 1-4

Author’s note: A little late on saying it, but posted this as “LGDK 2.0” as an April Fool’s joke. More intel at the after note.

L.G.D.K! 2.0

Chapter 1 – A Japanese Sword?

My name is Nicholas Fazello. But most people know me as Myth. You know how most people say that when you die your life flashes before your eyes? Well its true.

I was raised in Siracusa. It’s a harbor town in the eastern part of Sicily. Some said that I was weird because of my interest in myths and mythological creatures. That was how I was nicknamed Myth. My mother Maria was an innkeeper. Though she had that responsibly, she still managed to raise me. My father was a small time pirate named Giovanni Fazello. He was captain of the ship Medusa. He was good at evading the navies of the mainland Europe.

All my life I dreamed of a life on the high seas. When I was finally of age, my father reluctantly let me join his crew. Most of what I did was swab the decks. It was worth leaving Siracusa. Even though everyone made fun of me because I was the captain’s son and because I carried no weapon. It didn’t matter during the raids we did on merchant vessels. If you’re a pirate while everyone was scared, victims didn’t care. They just want their lives spared.

One day, my life was changed. We found something out of place. It was an Asian vessel, most likely Japanese. It was alone in the middle of the sea. But according to the man with the spyglass, there was no one on board. It was decided that one man was needed to investigate, to see if it was a trap. The problem was no one wanted to. I wanted to get some respect from my crewmates. So I volunteered.

As I searched the ship, I found nothing of much value. Then I found him. He was in meditation. He was just an old man with long white hair in a topknot. And he had a long white beard too. This old man was the first Asian person that I’ve ever laid eyes on. His eyes where still closed when he said, “I sensed that you are the only other person on this ship.”

I was in shock. “Who are you?” I asked. He responded by saying, “Just an old man waiting for death.” he then opened his eyes and said, “By the looks of things you’re a pirate.”

True I’m a pirate, but why aren’t you afraid?”

Because there is no treasure on board this ship and you carry no weapon.”

He had me on the last one. And I did find nothing made of gold or silver during my search of the vessel. The old man then pointed to a thin crate.

Take it!” he told me.

As I picked up the crate, he said, “It’s not a treasure of gold or silver. But your eyes tell me that you are trust worthy to have it. It’s a gift for being the last person that I’ll see in this life. Take care of it.”

When I turned around, he was gone. Vanished, as it seemed. I decided to wait until I got back to the Medusa to open the crate. So I picked up the crate and left the Asian vessel.

When I got back aboard the Medusa, the Asian vessel sank. And when I told the rest of the crew what happened, only papa believed me. Everyone was eager for me to open the crate. When I opened it, the only contents were a Japanese sword and its sheath.

Chapter 2 – A Baker’s Daughter

Everyone had been disappointed that it was not gold in that crate. It was decided that I got to keep the Japanese sword. Now that was one thing less that I was teased about, not having a weapon. Papa told me, “The proper word for a Japanese sword is katana”. When I asked him how he knew that, he said, “Experience”.

I never knew what “Experiences” he’s had. When I was growing up helping mama at the inn, papa was gone months at a time. Years, in some cases. But I didn’t really care at the moment. I was too busy admiring my new sword.

The hilt was black with gold on the pummel. The guard was gold too. On the front of the curve on the sheath looked like someone drawn lighting on it. A full storm of it. The tip of the sheath was also gold. The whole sword was a work of art.

Our next destination was Athens, Greece. It was a good place for supplies. And it was one of the few places where papa wasn’t a wanted man. And I had never been in Athens before. I was full of anticipation.

When I finally got to set foot in the city, I was in awe. It was beautiful. It still had architecture from its ancient days. Most of the crew split up when we got there. My guess was that they were in need of women and ale. I didn’t really care about drinking. I just wanted to explore the city. With my sword strapped on my back with a piece of rope, I made my ascent.

I heard from a local that there was a bakery that baked the best bread in the city. Though I didn’t really care too much, I decided to stop by. A family by the name of Alexandra ran it. Since Athens was such a big city, I had to ask a few locals for directions.

When I caught the scent of freshly baked bread, I knew I was near. It was easy to spot with a wooden sign that had a picture of a loaf of bread hanging over the door. As I walked in, I heard a bell ring that was triggered with the opening of the door. It was a good way to tell when someone was walking in or out. And then I saw the young woman behind the counter.

She looked to be about 5’5”, with fair skin. She had short blonde hair, a cute little nose and green eyes. She was also wearing a white dress that was blue around the shoulders. Her dress went down to her mid thigh. And she had a leather belt on. She was also wearing thin brown hose to cover her legs. My guess was that most of the guys that she encountered were pervs. To me, she looked like an angel.

How may I help you?” she asked with a smile. Amazingly that got me out of my trance. I replied, “I heard from the locals that this place bakes the best bread in all of Athens. I was hoping to buy a loaf.” Her response was, “You heard it alright, just wait a second.” With that, she disappeared to the back. Though it was covered by the bottom of her dress, she had a cute butt.

She came back with a loaf wrapped in a thin cloth. She said, “One freshly baked loath of bread, five pieces of gold.” I laid down the gold and said, “Here’s your money signora, keep the change.” Though I only saw it in the corner of my eye, she was shocked that I gave twenty pieces of gold. I didn’t care; I was a pirate. I could always get more money with my line of work.

As I walked eating my loaf, I learned that the locals were right about the bread at the Alexandra’s bakery. It was really good. If mama could make it that good, it would be all right. Her bread was so hard, that papa would joke about using it as ammunition for the Medusa’s canons. Of course that always ended up with mama almost breaking a rolling pin over his head. With that thought, I laughed.

It was a couple of hours later that something came over me. I didn’t know why, but it felt like something wanted me to go somewhere. Instinctively I was running to whatever was beckoning me. Though I was new to the city, I made my way through without getting lost. I just couldn’t understand why.

After a while of running, I was in front of a flight of marble stairs. Looking up I could tell that it was a temple. I cautiously made my way up the stairs. I gripped the hilt of my sword just in case. I was still unfamiliar with Athens. I didn’t know what could be hiding in that temple. With my interest in mythical creatures growing up, I learned that in Greece the temples of the gods weren’t always a safe place from monsters. And I felt an eerie presence.

When I walked inside, I was surprised. There were no monsters there at all. But there was someone. It was the girl that I met at the bakery earlier. She was screaming at the statue that I guessed was of Hephaestus, the Greek god of fire and forge. I heard her scream, “Why are you doing this to my sister? How can you claim to be an almighty god? Answer me!”

Her voice reverberated through the desolate hallowed grounds. She collapsed on the floor, worn out from shouting. That was when I released the hilt from my still sheathed katana and walked over to her. I had to know what happened. But that was when I witnessed something strange.

It was a fragment of metal she was holding. It was resonating with a nearby sword. I could tell that she was witnessing it too. But I was getting a feeling similar to that eerie one I got before entering the temple. But this time, there was something different about it. Something that was very different.

I started to feel a thirst. It was cold up there because the temple on a mountain. So I wasn’t in need of hydration. But I soon realized that it was a thirst for blood. I wanted blood. I was armed and there was an innocent young woman nearby. I could easily kill her and take her metal fragment. She wouldn’t need it if she were no longer breathing. It was all too easy. And I could take the short sword that was in the temple as well. I could sell something like that for a good price.

As I reached for the hilt of my sword, I realized something. That this thirst for blood didn’t start until I witnessed the metal shard. It was glowing in the color of blood. So I moved my hand away from the hilt. I was feeling guilty for wanting to kill this innocent and beautiful young woman. But I couldn’t let her know what I was about to do. If she found out, I would have been in big trouble. So I decided to talk to her and dismiss that feeling that came over me.

Are you alright signora?” I asked her.

I’m fine, but how long were you here?” she asked be after she jumped from surprise.

Long enough to watch you collapse from all of that screaming.”

So you heard all of that?”

Yes I did signora.”

Sorry, I was just having a bad moment.”

Its alright, do you want to talk about it?”

Amazingly she wanted to talk. It turned out that while she was running errands for her family’s bakery, she decided to visit her sister Sophitia’s home. Earlier that day, someone had given Sophitia’s husband Rothion, who was a blacksmith, a strange metal shard. It caused their children to fight violently over it. She then told me of Sophitia’s two journeys to destroy an evil sword called “Soul Edge”. During the first one, Sophitia destroyed one of the blades, but was injured while doing so. And during the second one, someone else had defeated the demonic blade.

What should I do?” she asked me. I didn’t really know her. We had only met that day. All I could say was, “Follow you heart.” It seemed to cheer her up. As I started to leave, she asked for my name. So I said, “Myth.”

Your real name.”

Ladies first signora.”

Alexandra. Cassandra Alexandra.”

Fazello. Nicholas Fazello.”

She smiled in the same way she did at the bakery. She said, “Well, Nicholas Fazello, I hope we will meet again.” I told that I did too. I then ran off because it was getting closer for the time to leave. I wished I could have gotten to know her better.

Chapter 3 – Beware My Son

When I got back to the crew, someone asked, “Where were you Myth, we have to shove off soon.” My reply was, “I met this girl…” I didn’t even finish when everyone was congratulating me. Most of them were asking me, “Did you do her?” and “Was she hot?”

I was saved when papa came and said, “That’s enough. Nicholas can tell you after we load these supplies aboard the ship.” Papa was the only person that ever called me by my first name. I didn’t really like that he did that, but I could never stop him. Before I started to help with the supplies, he pulled me aside and said, “Report to my cabin later. As your superior and your father, I have the right to know first.” I was really embarrassed because I knew he got the wrong idea when I said ‘I met this girl’.

When we finally shoved of, papa called for everyone’s attention. He said, “Alright me hardies, I have gotten information on two possible raids. No they’re not ships, but there is a mother load of loot involved.”

What are they?” asked a crewman who was picking his teeth with a knife.

I’ll tell you the one I have the most information on first. I have finally gotten the location of the tomb of Vercci. That’s right the Money Pit. But I found out that the rumors of there being an extremely deadly guardian, along with the vast number of traps is true.”

And the other one?” another crewman asked.

I have just caught wind of this one. A rumor has been spread about an enormous treasure hidden in a cave near the coast of Spain. And I hear that no one has been able to claim it yet. The amount of treasure that is said to reside within that cave is greater than the amount in the Money Pit. I don’t know if there are any traps at that cave at all. And I am having a hard time deciding. So I figure, I’d let you decide you scurvy dogs.”

Everyone on board knew that when papa had a hard time deciding and he’d let us decide, that meant that it was dangerous and he didn’t want it being his fault if anyone of us got killed. It was his way of preventing a mutiny. Not even five seconds had passed when the guys and me were trying to decide. A trap filled tomb with a deadly guardian or a cave that we had no information? It was a hard choice.

While the rest of the crew was deciding, papa made me follow him to his cabin. “Do you know why I dragged you away from the others?” he asked after closing the door. I thought for a second and sarcastically said, “You wanted to know more about that girl I met.”

This is no time to be a smart-ass boy. The reason is liability. Do you know why that is?”

It’s because I’m your son and if the raid fails they can use that as an excuse for mutiny.”

He was in shock. He said, “Very good son. You’re smarter than I gave you credit for. But since you mentioned it, tell me about this girl.” I should have known that my sarcasm would have got me in that predicament. I said, “Well, she is not the kind of girl you would find the rest of the crew with. She is a baker’s daughter after all.”

You don’t mean the young woman at the Alexandra’s bakery, do you?” he asked in a serious tone.

Father, do you mean Cassandra?”

Yes. I know her brother-in-law Rothion. He is the best blacksmith I know of. I paid him a visit while we were in Athens. I didn’t want the rest of the crew to know that I broke my rapier again. So I asked him to fix it and to, if possible temper it. When I came back to pick up my sword he told me that some mysterious customer gave him a strange metal shard. It somehow affected his children and they became violent. The violence started to cease when Cassandra ran off with the shard. Son, do you know what that was a shard of?” he now asked with a bit of fear.

After the words ‘Soul Edge’ escaped my mouth he said, “Yes. Look son, if you have any common sense you would not get yourself involved with that demonic blade. Many of men were driven insane in search of it. Vercci himself sought it. Most people in the east have mistaken it for the ‘Hero’s Sword’ or the ‘Sword of Salvation’. Most Europeans know it as the ‘Ultimate Weapon’ or the ‘Sword of Vengeance’. Trust me boy, it is nothing more than a sword of lies. There are people who seek it for power. And there are people who seek to destroy it. I know I cannot stop you. But please try your best to not get involved.”

I could tell by the look in his face that he was serious. I told him that I would try. Not long after his speech on Soul Edge, there was a knock on the cabin door. It was one of the crew. He said, “I was sent to tell you our decision captain. We have decided to go after the treasure in that cave near the cost of Spain.” Papa handed him a piece of paper and said, “Tell the others to set a course for these coordinates.” After dismissing the crewman he reminded me to be careful of people who are searching for Soul Edge.

For the duration of the journey, I would think about papa’s words. But I couldn’t stop thinking about Soul Edge. If one shard could cause two mere children to become violent, then there is no hope for those who wield it. But I did promise papa that I’d try to not get involved. But it made me think of Cassandra. I felt sorrow for her family because of the ordeals that here sister went through. I wished I could help, but I had no reason to go after the sword. Even though destroying it once and for all could increase my chances with Cassandra.

Chapter 4 – The Immortal Pirate

I was swabbing the decks when someone yelled, “LAND HO.” Everyone was excited because we were near the coast of Spain. I had been hearing the others talk about how they were going to spend their shares of the treasure for a few weeks now. All I knew was that papa was going to give some of his share to an orphanage or something else that needed it. He was never greedy like most of his crew. He knew that he couldn’t force his beliefs on them. It would’ve caused a mutiny.

Papa had just given us the order to prepare for anything. He wasn’t sure what would happen. A weak ago one of the crew gave me a belt with a dagger. He had recently acquired a gun belt. His excuse of giving it to me was that he didn’t need two belts. I knew that it was a cheaply made dagger and was dull so he found it useless. I figured that I’d have it sharpened the next time I can get my hands on a stone. So I placed my katana in the belt because I didn’t like using a piece of rope to hold it on my back.

It was almost show time. Any moment now we would find the cave and plunder its treasures. But something wasn’t right. As we were nearing the coordinates, we found a graveyard of ships. Minutes after, a heavy storm was brewing. Only the greedier crewmen ignored it as a bad omen. Fear was creeping in to some of the crew. Then it appeared.

It was a lone ship sailing the ship graveyard. It was sailing under a jolly roger. The crewman with the spyglass saw something when the lightning flashed. He was gibbering when asked to tell what he saw. After papa slapped him aside the head, the crewman said, “That ship. There is only one board and Saint Elmo’s fire surrounds he. That ship is the Adrian. That man is Cervantes De Leon.”

At the sound of that name, papa ordered the ship turned around. Even the ones who ignored the bad omens were starting to scream. Everyone knew that when Cervantes De Leon targets you, you’re dead. But papa said, “If he wants to kill us, he has to catch us first.”

Amazingly we were able to turn the Medusa around before the Adrian could get close. I forget how long it took for the Adrian to catch up with us. As soon as it got close enough, Cervantes himself jumped aboard our ship.

Who will be my first meal?” he asked with an evil smile.

A few of us decided that we wouldn’t go down without a fight. But he attacked all of the crew that was trying to jump overboard first. He moved like a hawk swooping down at its prey. He was so fast, that no one was able to make it over the rail. One-by-one he did away with them. After he had murdered all that he considered cowards, his sights were on those of us who were willing to put up a fight.

Many of good men were killed that day. Some had tried up close with their swords. And some shot him with their pistols. But he didn’t bleed. “What part of ‘Immortal Pirate’ don’t you bilge rats understand?” he asked as he murdered them. Just like the cowards, he chopped them down one-by-one. It was finally my turn.

Before I could act, papa stood in front of me with his rapier drawn. Cervantes looked at him and said, “Well, if it isn’t the great Giovanni Fazello. Your soul should make for a better meal than those worthless pieces of flesh that you called a crew.”

Papa seemed furious. He said, “One of us will be going down to Davy Jones’ locker Cervantes.”

He then gave me a quick glance and said, “Nicholas run.”

My response was “Papa, I can take him.”

No you can’t. Now as your captain and your father, I’m ordering you to run!”

But papa?”

Before I could get a response, Cervantes charged at papa. Papa was doing rapid slashes with his rapier. But he was no match for Cervantes’ duel-sword attacks. Right before my very eyes, my father was cut in half at his torso. That was an image that would give me nightmares for the rest of my life.

My rage had gotten the better of me. I had drawn my katana and charged at the bastard that killed my father. But when I attacked, he sidestepped and grabbed me with one hand. I still can still remember the words he said when he held me off the floor and mockingly sniffed.

Your soul is not ripe yet. But now you now want revenge. I wonder if I give you more time, that you would make a better meal? One way to find out.”

He then threw me overboard. Before I blacked out, he said, “Come back when you’re ripe.” As everything faded, I witnessed my father’s beloved ship sink. The Medusa was going down to Davy Jones locker. And there was nothing I could do about it.

Yeah, this was actually a fanfiction I wrote over 10 years ago. I’m mad that no one even commented or anything when posted as an April Fools joke. I may post up to when I gave up on it? To beleive, it was the top SoulCalibur Fan Fiction 10 years ago before I removed it from FanFiction.Net due to a friend who stopped being my friend at the time demanding that I did because we did a cross over that was canon to both our works. Note, we’re friends again.

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